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This is libmtp 1.1.4 A bug fix release. Changes from 1.1.3 to 1.1.4: - Soname - binary compatible. - Lots of revamp in the device database. This is churning like hell with all the new Android devices. I don't know how much longer I will be able to contain it :-( hopefully I will be able to start doing more of autodetection. - Set most SonyEricsson and SONY devices to DEVICE_FLAG_NONE and let the autodetection code handle them. This is now absolutely unavoidable since SONY released a device which has two different MTP stacks (Aricent vs Android) depending on firmware, but still expose the same VID+PID. Please test with SonyEricsson and SONY devices and see if this works satifactorily. We can not (hopefully) detect the presence of the Aricent stack as well as Android. - Fix libusb detection script error. - Minor fixes in the example tools. - Fix around VCARD v2 and v3 variants (yay, long standing bug!) - Avoid probing Atmel JTAG adapers, that look like MTP devices... - Fix around get_all_metadata_fast() regarding storage ID. - Improve on UTF-8 detection. Catalin Patulea helped out with some of the nice bug fixes!
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