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  • RIP Liberté Linux.

  • This is perfect for the extremely paranoid people like me. Especially now the such intrusive Orwellian 1984 type spy programs such as the NSA PRISM, GCHQ Tempora and the Global X-Keyscore are now exposed to show that big brother has indeed been watching this whole time like we kept saying.

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  • Liberte is the best! Thanks.

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  • great app, works nicely

  • Great tool! Very helpful for me. Thanks !

  • Review on liberte-2012.3.ova: What can I say about a great and much needed distro like Liberté , I guess I can say you rock (IMHO better than the peers including TAILs)! I downloaded the .ova for the first-time and then imported it into virtualbox. It was a satisfying experience to say the least watching the encryption being setup. After "auto" log-on completed, I was greeted with the now familiar Liberté LXDE UI. I am using Liberté primarily for privacy browsing via Tor, although I am still an avid fan of the Srware Iron browser (--I would personally have liked a more mature browser bundled - so as to be able to add some more privacy related extensions such as "noscript" (FF) or "scriptno" (SRWIron), "Do Not Track Plus" and or "Collision" and possibly even "Safer Chrome" :D), I feel that the GNOME Web Browser included atleast meets the base criteria for which Liberté Linux is intended. Nice to have a Youtube (HTML5) capability that runs glitch free but no sound "out-the-box"... Everything feels, looks and works great except for - when shutting down the VM: everything went well till it started a new kernel. At this point the VM system hung and in the end I had to force-quit to get out (tried it twice and twice hung running Virtualbox 4.1.12 linux). Not sure if it's related to the 64bit Linux sub-system I am running the VM in? Plusses: Strong Encryption Strong Privacy Unobtrusiveness Tor (working well and as intended) Firewall Gentoo hardened Ease of Use Persistance Anti-forensic RAM wipe Minusses (for me personally :) Browser .ova glitch in starting a new kernel when shutting down (tried it twice and twice hung Virtualbox 4.1.12) Final analysis: I am an avid fan for sure (I just need the t-shirt now lol)! Thank you Liberté (=Maxim) for your hard work is much appreciated. Here's looking forward to the next release and it's steady growth (woot - no.76 already on Distrowatch). Viva Liberté Linux! Viva!

  • nice one, I started from Disk and all works fine. but what's with internationalization ? I need a German Keyboard Layout - nice, that there's one in kyrilic and arabic... :-) ggrrr.... but no Printer support ? no cups, no NOTHING ?! can't print anything here... :-( baaad also a Partitioning tool would be nice, like Gparted or the Disk utility - they are also inside of other Linux Distributions. and... of course I need Flash support, so that it is Google StreetView compatible - - it could be 2 or more Browsers inside for best compatibility with every Site -

  • Everything worked out of the box, an excellent and very stable distribution, it managed to be much more lightweight than other similar distros by getting rid of heavy applications and using smaller ones.

  • Tails has some things to learn from Liberte

  • The best system for security and privacy. Secure, anonymous, pseudonymous surfing and communication works out of the box. Same for encrypted data storage. Wonderful!

  • This by far has to be one of the best anonymous live linux distros I have come across.

  • In corrupted countries where censorship is the first interior politic's pillar, Liberté Linux is a vital tool ! Thanks for this Gem !!