Liberté Linux is a secure, lightweight, and easy to use Gentoo-based Linux distribution intended as a communication aid in hostile environments. Liberté installs on a USB key, and boots on any computer or laptop.


  • User-friendly and pre-configured (LXDE & GTK+)
  • CPU: Pentium Ⅲ+ with PAE, Memory: ≈192 MiB, Image: ≈210 MiB
  • Free space on USB or SD is accessible from any OS
  • All connections are either firewalled or Torified
  • All persistent data is encrypted in OTFE volume
  • Full internationalization and multilingualization
  • Secure and reliable email-like communication between users

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Email, Live CD, Security

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User Reviews

  • This is perfect for the extremely paranoid people like me. Especially now the such intrusive Orwellian 1984 type spy programs such as the NSA PRISM, GCHQ Tempora and the Global X-Keyscore are now exposed to show that big brother has indeed been watching this whole time like we kept saying.

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  • Liberte is the best! Thanks.

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  • great app, works nicely

  • Great tool! Very helpful for me. Thanks !

  • Review on liberte-2012.3.ova: What can I say about a great and much needed distro like Liberté , I guess I can say you rock (IMHO better than the peers including TAILs)! I downloaded the .ova for the first-time and then imported it into virtualbox. It was a satisfying experience to say the least watching the encryption being setup. After "auto" log-on completed, I was greeted with the now familiar Liberté LXDE UI. I am using Liberté primarily for privacy browsing via Tor, although I am still an avid fan of the Srware Iron browser (--I would personally have liked a more mature browser bundled - so as to be able to add some more privacy related extensions such as "noscript" (FF) or "scriptno" (SRWIron), "Do Not Track Plus" and or "Collision" and possibly even "Safer Chrome" :D), I feel that the GNOME Web Browser included atleast meets the base criteria for which Liberté Linux is intended. Nice to have a Youtube (HTML5) capability that runs glitch free but no sound "out-the-box"... Everything feels, looks and works great except for - when shutting down the VM: everything went well till it started a new kernel. At this point the VM system hung and in the end I had to force-quit to get out (tried it twice and twice hung running Virtualbox 4.1.12 linux). Not sure if it's related to the 64bit Linux sub-system I am running the VM in? Plusses: Strong Encryption Strong Privacy Unobtrusiveness Tor (working well and as intended) Firewall Gentoo hardened Ease of Use Persistance Anti-forensic RAM wipe Minusses (for me personally :) Browser .ova glitch in starting a new kernel when shutting down (tried it twice and twice hung Virtualbox 4.1.12) Final analysis: I am an avid fan for sure (I just need the t-shirt now lol)! Thank you Liberté (=Maxim) for your hard work is much appreciated. Here's looking forward to the next release and it's steady growth (woot - no.76 already on Distrowatch). Viva Liberté Linux! Viva!

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Intended Audience

End Users/Desktop, Security Professionals, Non-Profit Organizations

User Interface

GTK+, X Window System (X11)

Programming Language

C, Unix Shell