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lbreakout2-2.5.2.tar.gz 2005-01-13 2.8 MB 0
lbreakout2-2.5.1-win32.zip 2004-09-25 3.3 MB 2424 weekly downloads
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2.6.2: - added some new levelsets and updates (2010/10/05 MS) - do not consider grown bricks for warp limit (2010/10/05 MS) - fixed possible highscore loss on write error (2010/10/05 MS) - fixed broken compilation with audio disabled (2010/10/04 Petr Pisar) 2.6.1: - fixed missing font transparency in help screen (24/12/09 MS) - fixed bug in menus's level set list that prevented first few entries to show up (24/12/09 MS) - fixed odd sound sample rates (all are 22050 now) (24/12/09 AM) - fixed english translation issues (23/12/09 CT) 2.6: - added XDG desktop file (09/10/26 PT) - fixed compiling on Fedora (09/10/26 SG) - fixed GNU_SOURCE warning (09/10/26 MS) - added new levelsets (09/10/26 MS) - added hidden config option badspeech to disable swearing by default (09/10/26 MS) - improved french translation (08/08/24 K.C.) - drop group rights on startup (linux only) to improve security (access to highscore) (08/03/29 HG) - bugfix: update levelset tooltip when changing selection with left/right arrows (08/03/29 HG) - added improved spec file for building RPMs (07/10/10 SG) - configure now works for win32 (07/01/20 DY) 2.6beta-7: - french translation added (06/08/27 K.C.) 2.6beta-6: - added a hint for building on OS/2 to the README (06/05/27 DY) - improved some german translations (06/05/26 MS) - create some server bots per default (06/05/26 MS) - adjusted fcntl call in net.c to work with kernel 2.6+ (and hopefully still for lower versions... if not use SDL_net) (06/05/26 MS) - use text from server option "-m" directly as welcome message if a file by that name was not found (06/05/26 MS) - read highscores file before adding new scores for usage with NFS (06/05/12 netfab) - inline removed from function declarations to ensure global access (06/04/01 PM) - removed -Wall from CC arguments for better portability (06/04/01 PM) 2.6beta-5: - i18n for yes/no confirmation by y/n (05/11/29 M.S.) - added some more missing strings to i18n (05/11/20 M.S.) - leaving game by window manager's close button works in quick help (05/11/20 M.S.) - switching fullscreen/windowed mode works in quick help (05/11/20 M.S.) - added gettext-comments for those strings that use % but not as format modifiers to prevent errors when making gmo files (05/11/20 M.S.) 2.6beta-4: - added german localization (05/11/13 R.S.) - removed client/client_game.c from POTFILES.in (05/10/31 M.S.) - changed 'src' to 'client' directory in POTFILES.in (05/10/31 M.S.) 2.6beta-3: - added missing common/gettext.h (05/10/20 M.S.) 2.6beta-2: - i18n support for client (05/10/19 M.S.) - fixed some more s(n)printf bugs (05/05/22 U.H.) 2.6beta: - added several new levelsets (05/05/15 M.S.) - disabled AC_PROG_STRIP from win32 build process since autotools in SuSE does not like it??? (05/05/15 M.S.) - moved AC_CANONICAL_HOST to beginning of configure.in (05/05/15 M.S.) - finished bonus level DEFENDER (05/05/15 M.S.) - added bonus level DEFENDER (05/04/6 M.S.) - added bonus level HUNTER (05/04/01 M.S.) - freakout levelset has bonus levels (05/04/01 M.S.) - original levelset has bonus levels (05/04/01 M.S.) - added bonus level SITTING_DUCKS (05/03/31 M.S.) - made additional bonus levels optional (05/03/30 M.S.) - normal levelsets get a bonus level every four normal levels (05/03/30 M.S.) - setting sound volume has effect (05/03/28 M.S.) - added bonus levels JUMPING_JACK, OUTBREAK and BARRIER (05/03/28 M.S.) - security issue fixed: bad sprintf/scanf calls could lead to crashes or potential security problems (05/02/14 U.H.) 2.5.2: - added a different sound for balls reflected from the paddle (05/01/13 M.S.) - bugfix: acceleration of balls by middle mouse button now works in the testing mode of the editor (previously the balls got stuck in mid-air) (05/01/13 M.S.) - the game will be paused if the input focus is lost or the application is iconfied (05/01/13 M.S.) - when the 'sticky' bonus runs out, all attached balls will be detached (05/01/13 M.S.) - when pressing either left or right shift, the name and score of the first chart entry of this set will be displayed at the upper right-hand side display of the frame instead of your name and score (05/01/12 M.S.) - if a paddle is frozen and the mouse is moved, the paddle will no longer jump after thawing (05/01/12 M.S.) - when a paddle turns invisible due to the 'ghost paddle'-malus, all attached balls will be detached (05/01/12 M.S.) - re-implemented explosion animation for bricks directly hit by an explosive ball (05/01/12 M.S.) 2.5.1: - only levelsets from the install directory are used for Freakout (04/06/25 M.S.) - order of Freakout levels is saved (04/09/22 M.S.) - bugfix: balls will not start in next level with max speed when the middle mouse button was pressed while clearing the last brick of a level (04/09/22 M.S.) - bonus floor uses proper brick image (blue energy wall instead of normal wall) (04/09/22 M.S.) - replaced chaos bricks in level 7 of N_Snapshots with normal wall bricks (04/09/22 M.S.) - to continue when viewing final network stats only SPACE is allowed (04/09/22 M.S.) - re-added continue option for single player mode, however with 100% score loss this time (04/09/22 M.S.) 2.5: - added additional network support via SDL_net for portability (04/08/07 M.S.) - bug fixed: game crashed when quitting testing mode in the editor (04/08/06 M.S.) - removed 5000 points bonus for completing a level. instead the score of the remaining destructible bricks is substracted as a penalty when warping to the next level (04/08/06 M.S.) - generation of bug message is disabled (04/06/24 M.S.) - sounds are played stereo in a local game and partially stereo in a network game (04/06/24 Greg, M.S.) 2.5beta-8: - admin bot commands are documented in the help (04/06/19 M.S.) - number of online users is displayed when logging in to server (04/06/19 M.S.) - the number of bricks to be cleared for warp is not re-computed when a ball is lost but always based on the initial number of normal bricks (04/06/17 M.S.) - saved game is removed when game is over (either all lives lost or all levels completed) (04/06/17 M.S.) - game cannot be quit by 'q' or ESCAPE when all lives are lost (the player would get an extra life this way) (04/06/17 M.S.) - new server option to add some paddle bots (04/06/17 M.S.) - message about continue is not displayed in network game (04/06/16 M.S.) - network bot with variable paddle speed (04/06/16 M.S.) - missing include added to gui.c (04/06/15 M.S.) 2.5beta-7: - configure option --with-hiscore-path has been replaced with autoconf option --localstatedir (04/06/14 M.S.) - data files will be installed to $datadir/lbreakout2 instead of $datadir/games/lbreakout2 (04/06/14 M.S.) - renamed configure option --with-doc-path to --with-docdir (04/06/14 M.S.) - bugfix: test mode of editor crashed when trying to get the total number of levels; there were none at all (04/06/14 M.S.) 2.5beta-6: - network usernames must be alphanumerical (04/06/12 M.S.) - fixed the 'snprintf'-bug that made the server exploitable to formatted shellcode (04/06/12 M.S.) - credits show total number of levels (04/06/12 M.S.) - animations are now built directly from the brick graphics, using their color key, and not from the screen; thus animations are now transparent where the bricks are transparent, e.g. in theme 'Aquarium' (04/06/12 M.S.) 2.5beta-5: - changed URL from www.lgames.org to lgames.sf.net in the README (04/05/15 M.S.) - if a game has been quit before it was over, it can now be resumed (04/05/15 M.S.) - default key 'd' is now blocked instead of normal key 'c' (04/05/14 M.S.) - pressing the middle mouse button or the speedup key will accelerate all balls to maximum velocity until button/key is released again (04/05/13 M.S.) - a 5000 points bonus is added if a level was completely cleared (not finished by warp) (04/05/13 M.S.) - warp option is disabled in network game (04/05/13 M.S.) - added hint on how to switch between the bricks/bonus set when starting the editor (04/05/13 M.S.) 2.5beta-4: - changed URL from www.lgames.org to lgames.sf.net (04/01/31 M.S.) 2.5beta-3: - updated the quick hint of menu option 'Difficulty' (03/06/28 M.S.) - added a VERY easy difficulty level for young kids (03/06/28 Zooko) - invisible bricks do not vanish after being hit if the player dies then (03/06/27 M.S.) - speedup_level initiated correctly (03/06/27 M.T.) 2.5beta-2: - fixed a bug in masking of ball speed vector which had the balls stopped in midair not moving any further (03/06/18 M.S.) - minimum keyboard input speed is now 100 (03/06/16 M.S.) - missing inclusion for FreeBSD added (03/06/16 S.M.) 2.5beta: - complete rewrite of network code (03/05/.. M.S.) - added 8 new levels to 'Original' for a total of 25 levels and renamed it to 'LBreakout2' (03/05/25 M.S.) - correct size of temporary string buffer in write_text_with_cursor() which fixes crash while editing author/title in the level editor (03/05/25 M.S.) - 'warp' and 'disintegrate' do not apply for the levelsets 'Original' and 'LBreakout1' (03/05/22 M.S.) - separated levelset 'Original' from the other sets (03/05/22 M.S.) - added the levelset of LBreakout1 as first add-on (03/05/22 M.S.) - melted 'Original', 'AddOn-1', 'AddOn-2' into a tighter levelset 'Original' (03/05/22 M.S.) - the option of buying a continue has been removed (03/05/20 M.S.) - paddle can drop to 'middle size' 0 (03/05/20 M.S.) - paddle size in medium difficulty decreased by one (03/05/20 M.S.) - plasma weapon can fire permanently at a slower fire rate (03/05/20 M.S.) - modified bonus times to reflect the original values (03/05/20 M.S.) - close button of window manager works in level editor (03/05/18 M.S.) - reduced multiplayer ball respawn time to 5 seconds (03/05/17 M.S.) - backgrounds have no colorkey (03/05/17 M.S.) - multiplayer score table is also displayed if only one player remains or the game is broken up (03/04/27 M.S.) - on entering editor effects of extras are reset (03/04/27 M.S.) - menu option 'key speed' is now in pixels per seconds and has moved to the submenu 'controls' (03/04/23 M.S.) - input is always grabbed and relative mouse motion is always used, therefore their menu options were removed (03/04/23 M.S.) - simplified internal handling of paddle fire buttons (03/04/23 M.S.) - after 10 seconds penalty a player gets a new ball in a non-pingpong multiplayer level when it has lost its (03/04/23 M.S.) - balls no longer 'sink' into the sticky paddle (03/04/23 M.S.) - description of menu options removed from documentation as each has a context-sensitive helpbox at runtime (03/04/23 M.S.) - simplified input handling by dropping all the stupid stuff and sticking directly to SDL's functions (03/04/23 M.S.) - added a 'loading' graphic at the beginning (03/04/08 M.S.) 2.4.1: - unlimited number of backgrounds for themes (03/03/08 M.S.) - if a levelset is selected its highscore chart is shown (03/02/27 M.S.) - the warp icon gets static after it blinked four times (03/02/27 M.S.) - the official levelsets 'Original', 'AddOn-1' and 'AddOn-2' became the first entries in the levelset list (03/02/27 M.S.) - default warp limit is now 80% of bricks (03/02/27 M.S.) - scores are displayed while player changes (03/02/23 M.S.) - loading themes from installation path no longer restricted to the default ones (03/02/23 M.C.) - added an explanation of the 'Warp' feature to the documenation (03/02/07 M.S.) 2.4: - fixed a bug were balls could get caught within the paddle if the 'bonus floor' was active and the paddle wasn't moved (02/12/16 M.S.) - extra balls of upper paddle (multiplayer) are created at proper position (02/12/16 M.S.) - shadows of extras are clipped to the playing field (02/12/15 M.S.) - lost/gained lives are refreshed correctly (02/12/15 M.S.) - decreased corner sensitivity and improved corner reflection (no longer reflected at 45° but at the real perpendicular which makes it much easier for balls to enter narrow passages) (02/12/14 M.S.) - simplified range check for ball velocity vector (02/12/14 M.S.) - the frame's shadow is not drawn twice (thus darker) when a brick close to the frame is removed (02/12/13 M.S.) - difficulty 'Hard' gives 30% score bonus (02/12/13 M.S.) - increased ball speed for 'Medium' and 'Hard' (02/12/13 M.S.) - added a missing check concering the reset position of reflected balls to the target computation (without this they could get into bricks which resulted in a corrupted next target) (02/12/13 M.S.) - extra balls (random initial direction) can no longer move straight up (when they did so they simply left the screen as no target could be computed for them) (02/12/13 M.S.) - reduced number of get_target() calls for balls and shots (02/12/11 M.S.) - improved handling of scrollbars (02/12/11 M.S.) - fixed color key bugs occuring at depth >=24 (02/12/10 M.S.) - when bricks regenerate they are refreshed correctly (02/12/08 M.S.) - player can disintegrate single bricks by pressing 'd' and spending 5% of his/her score (02/12/08 M.S.) 2.4beta-3: - continues always cost 50% of the current score but fully restore the initial amount of lives (02/12/07 M.S.) - fixed a bug in the 'restart' code that could accidently cause the game to quit if you hadn't paid the continue cost twice (02/12/07 M.S.) - updated Jurgen De Backers theme AbsoluteB (02/12/07 M.S.) - shadow creation for surfaces with no color key now works correctly (02/12/07 M.S.) 2.4beta-2: - fixed security holes created by improper use of sprintf (02/11/24 D.B.) 2.4beta: - added a quick help for network game (02/11/03 M.S.) - optimized drawing of balls/extras/shots/shrapnells (02/11/01 M.S.) - removed config option shadow (is always enabled) (02/11/01 M.S.) - 'paddle.png' may provide an additional paddle set for a different upper paddle (02/11/01 M.S.) - audio buffer size became config option (02/11/01 M.S.) - network statistics are sent in one go after game is finished (02/10/30 M.S.) - code clean-ups in establishing direct connection (02/10/30 M.S.) - in the highscore chart the level index is no longer 0 after completing a levelset (02/10/29 M.S.) - levelset transfer improved (02/10/27 M.S.) - fading time decreased (02/10/26 M.S.) - SDL >= 1.1.5 is now required (02/10/25 M.S.) - invalid users are properly removed from server (02/10/25 M.S.) - code clean-ups and performance enhancements (02/10/21 M.S.) - improved chatroom GUI (02/10/19 M.S.) - fixed a network leak that caused 500% more latency in 'Deathmatch' and 900% more latency in 'Normal Multiplayer' (02/10/08 M.S.) 2.3.5: - added pseudo levelset !FREAKOUT! that lets you play all levels (~600) in a random order (02/09/21 M.S.) - moved 'Select Theme' option from 'Advanced Options' to 'Graphics' (02/09/21 M.S.) - bonus stack is cleared at beginning of new level (02/09/21 M.S.) - replaced 'wontgiveup.wav' with 'verygood.wav' (02/09/20 M.S.) - implemented 'warp' option to switch to next level before all bricks where cleared (02/09/19 M.S.) - bricks/bonuses/maluses may have transparency (02/09/17 M.S.) - optional bonus floor graphic (02/09/17 M.S.) 2.3.4: - fixed a crash in 'Classic' theme (02/09/12 M.S.) 2.3.3: - added winning themes AbsoluteB, Oz, Moiree from theming contest and the previous default theme has been renamed to Classic (02/09/10 M.S.) - fixed a bug that crashed LBreakout when there where two alternating players left in the last level and one finished it (02/09/05 M.S.) - modifications to make LBreakout run on FreeBSD (02/09/05 S.M.) - option to display balls above debris and explosions (02/09/05 J.S.) - input bug fixes for win32 (02/09/05 L.R.) - blinking cursor for editable menu items to distinguish them from switches (02/09/05 L.R.) 2.3.2: - added all existing levelsets (27 sets, ~440 levels) (02/08/16 L.R.) - quick help can be opened in game by pressing F1 or 'h' (02/08/16 M.S.) - the 'select theme' hint bubble will show information on a theme (author, version, description) if it provides an ABOUT file (02/08/16 M.S.) - menu graphics and sounds are now themeable (02/08/16 M.S.) - added information about version and author of levelset to the hint bubble in the menu (02/08/16 M.S.) - menu item added to modify challengers game port (02/08/16 M.S.) - ip buffers resized to cover AF_INET6 addresses (02/08/16 M.S.) - bugfix in net talk (02/08/15 M.S.) - levelsets MP_Arenas and MP_Snapshots now have the correct contents (02/08/14 M.S.) 2.3.1: - multiplayer levelsets MP_Arenas and MP_Snapshots are now installed correctly (02/08/14 M.S.) - configure option --disable-network now works correctly (02/08/14 M.S.) - if your challenge is invalid an error message is displayed (02/08/14 M.S.) 2.3: - no warnings when loading a theme (02/08/13 M.S.) - two network levelsets MP_Arenas (deathmatch) and MP_Snapshots (normal) added (02/08/13 M.S.) - added version for levelsets (02/08/13 M.S.) - added commands '/version', '/idletime' and '/userlimit (02/08/12 M.S.) - 'turbo' key that temporarily doubles the paddle speed added (02/08/10 D.B.) - command '/transfer' implemented (02/08/10 M.S.) - bonus info displayed at the right side of the screen is now optional (02/08/10 M.S.) - chatroom commands implemented (02/08/09 M.S.) - chatroom channels implemented (02/08/08 M.S.) - added configure option --disable-network (02/08/06 M.S.) - network statistics implemented (02/08/06 M.S.) - bugfix for networked weapon fire (02/08/06 M.S.) - PNG loading routine updated (02/08/06 M.S.) - fixed an aweful lot of bugs in normal network game (02/08/05 M.S.) - implemented info about running games to chatroom (02/08/05 M.S.) - users are properly unlinked after playing a network game (02/08/05 M.S.) - pause chatroom implemented (02/08/04 M.S.) - normal networking implemented /02/08/04 M.S.) - network bugfixes (02/08/03 M.S.) - screen is grayed for paused games (02/08/02 M.S.) - deathmatch networking implemented (02/08/02 M.S.) - bugfix for shooting bricks (02/08/02 M.S.) - welcome message when entering chatroom and the user name is colored white (02/08/02 M.S.) - score modification for difficulty level is directly added (02/07/31 M.S.) - each level gets a background assigned instead of simply changing the background when the player changes (02/07/31 M.S.) - plain text config (02/07/31 M.S.) - restored compatibility with old layout (02/07/31 M.S.) - for win32: (02/07/18 L.R.) - edit bug fixed - installation details added to README - muched improved installation system - files are always opened in binary mode - added missing screen.jpg in the docs (02/07/18 L.R.) - implemented network enviroment with chatroom - implemented second fire key - added check for libz to configure as this is required for PNG - option to modify audio buffer size to fix sound problems 2.2.2: -LBreakout2 is now compileable with MinGW for Win32 (thanks to Claudio Chimera) -if a ball has an invalid target it returns to the paddle (instead of exiting the program) -own graphics and sounds my be used as theme -autoreturn of balls is now optional -updated trouble-shooting -fixed a bug where the bonus floor didn't disappear after the bonus expired (thanks to Trevor Spiteri) 2.2.1: -added another animation level -if a ball didn't hit a destructible brick or the paddle within ten seconds it moves back to the paddle to prevent 'endless loops' -changed the ball's size to 12x12 which is supposed to fix most of the remaining reflection bugs (thanks to Linus Gasser) -moved the level 'Be Smart!' from second to tenth position in levelset AddOn-2 -corrected a check up in line_intersect() (thanks to Linus Gasser) -when a level is completed it's the next player's turn (thanks to Linus Gasser) 2.2: -added some icons -grown bricks are not removed when reinitating level -all highlighted chart entries are cleared before adding players to chart -new levelset AddOn-2 using the new extras (10 levels) -new animations -new extras (thanks to Dante): -TIME_ADD: adds 7 seconds to the duration of all active bonuses/maluses -DISABLE: disables all active bonuses/maluses -EXPLOSIVE BALL: if ball touches a brick it explodes and destroys it's neighbors -BONUS/MALUS MAGNET: either bonuses or maluses are attracted by the paddle -WEAK BALL: if active there is a 40% chance that a brick isn't damaged -new bricks: -CHAOS BRICK: chaotic reflection of balls (thanks to Dante) -REGENERATIVE BRICKS: this brick will restore one point duration within 4 seconds if not hit again (thanks to Dante) -SHIELDED BRICK: indestructible even for energy balls -new beautiful explosions (thanks to Dante) -added quick hint system -lbreakout2-level directory is created properly -highscore is not overwritten when updating -/var/lib/games is created when not existing 2.1.2: -disabled double-click for confirmation -increased sensitivity of the reflection check-up introduced in 2.1.1 -fixed a bug that caused reflection on an already removed brick (and propably some crashes) -added a grid to the editor for easier editing -added advanced option 'Key Speed' to modify speed of keyboard input -energy balls pulsate faster -'exploding brick' list cleared when initiating next level -using new backgrounds from the Arianne project (thanks to Dante) 2.1.1: -added an important check up for ball reflection to fix a bug that caused a crash when using a 'bonus floor' or a 'growing brick' 2.1: -new levelset with 15 levels -fixed a nasty reflection bug where the ball got stuck at the bottom of the screen making a loud noise -fixed a bug where the ball was attached to the wall instead of the paddle (Thanks to Patrick Hohmeyer!) -invisible bricks -explosive bricks -fixed a bug in the menu -added a 'quick help' -modified bonus times -manual updated -'blue' balls are fading in and out -two more colored bricks (gray, white) -added three new maluses: -'Lights Out!': total darkness (except ball, paddle and bonuses) -'Ghostly Paddle': paddle disappears when not moving (won't reflect balls) -'Chaos': balls are reflected randomly at bricks -attached balls keep contact with paddle while resizing -each levelset got it's own highscore chart -jumping of paddle after smooth resize fixed 2.0.1: -new optimized reflection algorithm (supposed to fix all remaining bugs) 2.0: -reflection bug fixes: -stated another (less) important break condition for multiball reflection -range tolerance for edge reflection increased -additional checkup for 'neighbored bricks' reflection 2.0-pre2: -player scores modified correctly in the end of the game -fixed bonus floor deadlock -fixed a reflection bug -you may also quit a running game by 'q' now -faster paddle movement when keys are used -added dummy array to config file so no corruptions will occur when new options are initiated 2.0-pre1: -ball is drawn correctly when moving up/left -modified paddle reflection conditions -normed the perpendicular vector of brick edges -balls are properly reset when destroying a brick with the 'metal' bonus (and no reflection occurs) -highscore chart saved directly after game over -new advanced option: ball below/above bonuses -fullscreen/windowed switch by 'f' now allowed everywhere -added a spec file for RPMs (thanks to Dennis Bjorklund) -added some very important range checks for reflection 2.0beta: -smooth paddle resize -bonus shadows drawed correctly (doesn't overlap other bonuses) -modified brick reflection and hopefully fixed the 'through walls like a ghost' bug -fixed the wrong color key of frame (thanks to Andre Trindade) -restart is allowed even with no life left if you got enough points to buy a continue -added a missing include in config.c and fixed some newline warnings 2.0alpha-2: -bit depth is adjusted to the settings of your desktop (instead of 16bit hardcoded) -correct color key for paddle and balls at bit depth > 16 2.0alpha: -major code redesign and clean-ups -C++ -> C -structured source -resolution changed from 512x288 to 640x480 (no black frame in fullscreen) -up to 4 players (alternate) -fading improved -score counting improved -optional constant frame rate (to prevent LBreakout from consuming 100% CPU time) -event handling improved: -paddle does not slow down if framerate drops -moving paddle and firing weapon at the same time now works for Linux (problems with Mac and BeOS - therefore added an --enable-warp option - see the README for more) -usage of 'invert mouse' and 'motion modifier' improved -shadow added -graphics improved -ball velocity specified by difficulty instead of level -added a grab option to keep mouse in window (thanks to Mark Rowe) -time of a bonus (if any limit) is added to current time (instead of setting it) -new bonuses: 'End Of The Rainbow': while this is active each brick without a bonus will release 1000 points 'Joker': destroys all malus' and collects all bonus on screen doubling time limit and score (if any) -added and changed sounds -new menu -fixed a bug in shot handling (wrong bricks removed) -the global highscore path is no longer hard-coded in the configure script (option: --with-highscore-path) -improved the paddle: -works perfect! (balls won't go through the paddle) -real convex behaviour -improved the brick reflection (though edges need a better reflection behaviour) -in the menu ESCAPE takes back to the previous menu instead of leaving the game -integrated feature-packed level editor -PNG is used for graphics (to beat the 1MB limit of the SDL competition) -new documentation 010315: -when a blue metal ball destroys a wall its score is no longer uninitialized (No chance anymore to get a BILLION points within minutes! ;) -twinkling of bricks is disabled when animations are turned off -fixed a bug occuring when loading own levels -score is counted faster -better example of own level in the manual (added as single file 'test.lbr' as well) -two charts: 'Highest Scores' and 'Highest Levels' (thanks to Jean-Philippe Martin) 001104: -added 5 new levels -remaining time of a bonus is displayed (optional) -added speed-up/speed-down bonuses -a blue ball now goes through indestructible walls as well -freeze duration now is one second instead of two seconds -changed the logo (thanks to marko kjellgren) 001022: -when paused resume game only if 'p' is pressed -mouse invert option -random starting angle (-60 to 60 degree) of a ball (optional) -if starting angle is not random press left mouse button to fire the ball to the left (right button to fire to the right) -paddle can shrink below its original size (absolute minimum of 30 pixels) -changed the indestructible bricks from level 03 to destructible ones -moved option 'Paddle' from menu 'Controls' to 'Game' 001018: -fixed some bugs -$(DESTDIR) now is used in Makefile.am (thanks to daniel burrows and lauri korts-parn) -spec file improved -highscore path changed to /var/lib/games 001014: -selecting fullscreen via menu works again -added a spec file for redhat linux (thanks to lauri korts-parn) -paddle works much better -'shrink paddle' and 'expand paddle' bonuses can be distinguished better -you can choose between a 'flat surface' and a 'convex surface' paddle behaviour -position of a ball will be reset when it is attached 001006: -fixed various bugs -checks for SDL and pthread libs now -timer improved -removed some more egcs 2.91.66 problems -sound is default (configure) -added --disable-install option (configure) -if SDL 1.1.5 is found -DSDL_1_1_5 is defined automatically (configure) -if the paddle is resized attached balls will keep contact -levels changed (25 now) -weapon fires continuously while 'Fire' is pressed -mouse pointer hidden when playing in fullscreen mode -resolution no longer changed everytime entering a new level (in fullscreen mode) -you can enable/disable sound and transparancy, set the animation level and turn on/off 'Fullscreen' while playing -if a ball hits two bricks at the same time both will be removed -paddle works better 001002: -works with egcs 2.91.66 now -mouse pointer hidden when only keyboard is used 000930-2: -high score chart installed correctly -no request for SDL_INIT_AUDIO if -DSOUND undefined 000930: -improved the installation process 000929: -works with SDL version 1.1.5 (or better), too 000928: -fixed the 'infinite loop' bug -added a fullscreen option -source path correctly set now -changed some levels 000924: -initial public release
Source: readme, updated 2010-10-05

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