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LittleFoot Elegance Photo ASCOM Driver For help, feature suggestions or bug reports you can visit the forum at the following address: Release notes ============= 1.5.3 (2016-04-29) (by Armando) =================== Small bugfix about encoder resolution not properly shown. Thanks to Michael Merkert for the bug report. Improvement: Added support for H-beta and S-II filters Bugfix: handbox focuser Get button now works also with no caliper in use. Bugfix: focuser movement command to invalid position is now discarded. Bugfix: mount parameters are properly stored. Bugfix: West/East toggle by telescope now causes Dec inversion if the mount is not aligned. Bugfix: all mount parameters are now properly stored. Bugfix: short LX200 coordinate format causes no warning message at startup. Small bugfix: Added two sleep calls to solve possible issues at startup. Improvement: To solve possible time related communication issues an overloaded CommandString function is now implemented to wait for the length of the expected answer. Currently it's used only to get latitude and longitude. Improvement: overloaded CommandString with two new parameters (expected answer length and a timeout multiplier). Currently only some commands make use of them. Bugfix: LF_SyncToEncoder. Bugfix: TelescopeMove now works also with encoder AutoSync enabled. Bugfix: changing tracking rate when mount is parked causes no crashes. Improvement: Added 2x, 8x and 16x paddle speeds. Selecting these speeds or guiding rate will cause no LFEP internal memory writings. Bugfix: Dec 16x speed setting is no more overwritten by 16x RA speed by Stop function. Improvement: Added warning message as soon as a new moving speed that will cause EEPROM writings has been selected. New feature: Added sound notification on slewing end. New feature: Added Silent mode to reduce traffic (useful while guiding by ST4). Improvement: RA and Dec coordinates are now updated every 1s while telescope is slewing. Improvement: RA and Dec coordinates are updated as soon as a manual moving command ends. New feature: added weather panel. Temperature, dew point, humidity and cloud values are properly shown. New feature: a right click on the log panel will keep only the last 10 log lines. Improvement: Small GUI changes to reduce the GUI size. Changes: Focuser Get button replaced by mouse double click on focuser position. Changes: Focuser Fast/Slow button replaced by mouse double click on focuser speed. Bugfix: wrong encoder autosync tolerance check. Improvement: disabled LF_GetPECstatus call when not required. Small BugFix: wrong values of SYNC distances were logged. Small Bugfix: parking status is properly shown/updated when a parking/unparking command has been sent by Telescope setup. New feature: added reverse pier side mode. Small BugFix: flip button status is no more affected by autoflip settings. Small bugfix: CaliperRes, FocThreshold and StepSize decimal separator format. Improvement: added _ManualSlewing to properly manage/update position while pressing a moving button (by ASCOM handbox). Small bugfix: whatever the SideOfPier, MoveNorth and MoveSouth move the mount in the right direction. BugFix: SideOfPier by ASCOM and by hardware handbox are the same. (*3) New feature: drift compensation. Small Bugfix: KingRate and PEC status caching didn't work. Improvement: implemented emptyInBuffer to discard unexpected data and process coordinates sent by hardware handbox. Improvement: each command is resent if unexpected data is still available after the readout. Bugfix: #14:VX# answer length is 8 bytes - LFEP BUG. Bugfix: 89.90 as FlipPointToPole flipDEOver parameter value to be sure meridian is not crossed before FlipCrossMeridian execution. Bugfix: MoveNorth and MoveSouth modified to manage LFEP bug (wrong Dec direction on West Side of Pier). New feature: flip through South Pole. Improvement: flip should cause no pillar collision. Improvement: IntellyTrack can be kept disabled if marked by the user as buggy. Improvement: manual flip is now always possible. Small bugfix: SetAutoguiderRate. Improvement: no display status check (display causes issues no more) and no long format switch at start-up. ============================================================================= ===>>> New feature: partial FW5 support <<<=== ===>>> FW5 LFEP can be configured only by handbox! <<<=== ============================================================================= Improvement: manual flip is now managed by a timer. Bugfix: async slewing command didn't return immediately in case of autoflip. Now all async slewing steps are managed by a timer. Bugfix: slewing state kept on during the entire slewing time (including Pole cross and final slew required in case of autoflip). Small bugfix: flipping kept on during all flipping time. Small bugfix: slewing distance check if enabled is active even if horizon check is disabled. New feature: added alternative parking position. Reorganized all LFEP ASCOM profile settings related to flipping and parking ============================================================================= ===>>> Check driver configuration after <<<=== ===>>> updating from previous releases! <<<=== ============================================================================= Redefined flip and parking options: - Removed Controller parking mode. - Flip through N, S and N/S (N/S mode requires confirmation). - Independent auto flip option for GoTo (with/without confirmation). - Independent auto flip option for parking (with/without confirmation). - Independent horizon check options for parking and slewing. New feature: focuser speed is stored/restored upon connection. New feature: focusing not possible while parking/slewing. Small bugfix: focuser speed is equal to value shown/set by LFEP handbox. Small bugfix: time was not properly stored (because of wrong time format). New feature: added fan button to control fan by handbox. Small bugfix: SyncToTarget sets _Aligned. Small bugfix: UnparkTracking option was ignored - added sleep call in _AtPark. Improvement: horizon check, if enabled, occurs also when setting parking positions. Removed EPEC support. Several bug fixes and changes. A new option is available to enable/disable slewing management by the driver. (*6) Keeping the Enhanced slewing control option enabled can be useful to prevent pillar collisions but the LFEP is to be properly configured according to the instructions available at the following address: Notes: 1. In case of no LFEP communication issues I would suggest to set a lower timeout value (750 - 1000). 2. Implementation of PulseGuide is not ASCOM compliant. As for example, If you're using Maxim DL you have to enable Auto Pier Flip (in guide panel) and Reverse X in Guider Motor Control settings (Guider advanced settings) to eliminate the need of new guider calibrations after a flip... 3. SideOfPier by ASCOM and by hardware handbox are the same only if Dec motor rotation is not reversed. 4. If you guide by the ST-4 interface then LFEP guides only at pad guide speed. So guiding speeds grater than 1x are only available by ASCOM pulse guide! 5. ASCOM pulse guide speeds greater than 1x are affected by a bug: guiding to East is faster than guiding to West (if n*x is the expected guiding speed the effective speed isn't 1x+-n*x but +-n*x). 6. Enhanced slewing management has been developed by taking care of telescope distance from pillar for users on the Northern Emisphere. Previous releases: 1.5.2 (2013-03-21) (by Armando) =================== Fixed _ForceRightAscension and -Declination update in remote controlled mode Added polar scope led brightness control - Focuser Position Readout Extension required 1.5.1 (2013-01-12) =================== Added help file (by Stefan) 1.5.0 (2012-12-17) =================== Changed dome driver to be compatible with ACP Several fixes by Armando related to the caliper 1.4.97 (2012-10-24) =================== General: Fixed an error where the handbox stops refreshing occasionally Telescope: New: Added SlewSettleTime and a new GUI field in SetupDialog (Backlash tab). Tested with ACP. Fixed Google Maps URL for southern hemisphere New: Support for GuideRateDeclination and -RightAscension. Necessary for SmartTrack (see Focuser (mostly caliper relevant changes by Armando): Moved caliper communication to a different thread. Added caliper reading delay. It will be user defined later. Added max allowed focuser movement (with caliper in use). It will be user defined later. Added GUI command to set focusing filters offset values; Firmware check (for SilentMode support) only with LFE connected Added focusing shift command (useful in case of filter change). Added the ability to set current focuser position by the handbox when caliper is enabled Set LastReading and LastShift to 0 if not set, check Firmware >= 6.2 for caliper silent mode Added the ability to keep the absolute focuser position when a caliper power cycle occurs. 1.4.96 (2012-07-07) =================== Changed PierEast and PierWest. This was necessary to be conform with ACP. The nomenclature of ACP states: PierWest = telescope is on the west and facing east PierEast = telescope is on the east and facing west The ASCOM / ACP designation for the meridian side is therefore inverse to the LFEP's handbox ============================================================================= ===>>> The park position needs to be re-saved because of this change <<<=== ============================================================================= Added optional delay to automatic westbound tracking stop procedure improved meridian flip time calculation changed ASCOM display fields from red to Windows system color for better readability fixed "Invert DEC" button added checking to TrackingOffAfterMeridian: must not change tracking state while slewing Set "not aligned" state only at startup Caliper PIC addons (by Armando) Improved caliper PIC communication Added GUI setup commands to properly manage caliper data Improved focusing management with caliper in use Added support for focuser position by caliper 1.4.95 (2012-06-03) =================== Fixed horizon limit check during parking when meridian flip is necessary 1.4.94 (2012-06-03) =================== Handbox: Added HOME status to handbox Telescope: fixed AtHome function Added option to stop tracking after passing the western meridian limit (Setup/Telescope/Safety) fixed isParking state when manually stopping the park procedure 1.4.92 (2012-05-31) =================== Pulseguide: Ingore zero duration guiding commands Added option to log received pulseguide commands to a CSV file (see Setup/Telescope/Extras) Dome: Added option to check AtHome for moving restrictions Telescope: Modified AtHome function to check for parked PC position Ignore Pulseguide command during slew process (goto, park, flip) I2C: Disabled user editable I2C addresses Dew heater: Fixed percentage calculation for sending, too Handbox: Fixed displayed solar/lunar tracking rate 1.4.8 (2012-05-22) ================== Telescope: do not park when reaching the home position failed Dew Heater: fixed percentage calculation, addition logging, fixed trackbar 2-4 Dome: No status polling while telescope is not parked (optional) 1.4.7 (2012-05-11) ================== This version passes the ASCOM conform validation with all tests (incl. meridan flip (SideOfPier) and Alt/Az control) Fixed DestinationSideOfPier Fixed SiderealTime format localization issue (01:00 PM instead of 13:00) Added Elevation value validation Added SlewSettleTime value validation Fixed Home() command when PC parking mode is active Fixed isFlipping state when user aborts slew Fixed writing independent AutoGuide rate to controller Meridian flip (the merdian crossing part) now occurs at 16x speed Permit GOTO if mount is not aligned Added DewHeater I2C module Removed connection settings from all setup dialogues except telescope Removed obsolete focuser handbox Removed LFEP Client Added LogToFile option (creates a file "LFEP-ASCOM.log" in "My Documents") LFEP Starter is now part of the setup Updated LFEP Starter to 1.2 Set mount to parking state at disconnect when AtPark=true. This handles an issue when the controller was not explicitly set to parking at the end of a session. Check controller "aligned" state for automatic resync Solved an issue where the process does not exit after disconnecting 1.4.5 (2012-04-18) ================== Bugfix: Re-align to parked position only when AtPark Implemented AltAz ASCOM methods Added elevation to location tab 1.4.4 (2012-04-17) ================== Fixed bug at detection of possible manual interruption 1.4.3 (2012-04-16) ================== Added safety limits (horizon limit, max. slew distance) fixed bug in angular distance calculation 1.4.2 (2012-04-10) ================== Check Alt/Az coordinates against parked position, if distance is greater 2° then consider telescope has lost alignment Increased tolerance after slew for parking/meridian flip from 0.5 to 1° Changed log message for SyncToCoordinates to display delta in degrees. Dome: Changed parked telescope validation to messagebox instead of exception 1.4.1 (2012-04-05) ================== Better detection of lost alignment. Added logging to Resync procedure. Improved detection of user interrupted meridian flip and parking procedure Tracking now raises an exception whent AtPark only when going to true (for ACP) Removed the main form Telescope Handbox Menu: Corrected dome setup menu trigger Telescope Driver: Corrected PierSide (set) 1.4.0 (2011-02-28) ================== ASCOM 6 required! Dome/Roof added option to Dome Setup: "Check for parked telescope" and "Movement confirmation" Added I²C commands for roof controller Added asynchronous I²C communication Added I²C Bridge class added Dome class Virtual Handbox Added focuser and dome controls Added focuser speed control new design (includes new ASCOM 6 elements) Added option to save size, position and selected boxes Handbox is now sizable Remote Control Added option for remote controlled telescopes (reduces traffic to controller) Meridian Flip Fixed hour angle calculation Other Added language independent numeric format settings (Thanks to Armando) Better validation of received data Added delays setting to Telescope setup Focuser "move" command now runs as background task Query Focuser position only if it's moving, otherwise return cached value Added caching of values for Kingrate, IntellyTrack, PEC Tracker, PEC Status Install script updated for Inno Setup pre-processor 1.3.5 ================== MeridianFlip bugfixing new flipping/parking method Resync fix (Pierside) Added New Project: LFEP Starter (ASCOM6 Replacement for Standalone Mode) 1.3.0 (17.8.2011) ================== #FIX Established ASCOM 6 compatibility 1.2.7 (28.6.2011) ================== #FIX AutoPark confirmation fix 1.2.6 (28.6.2011) ================== #NEW Option to confirm AutoPark #CHANGED Moved some text to tooltips in Setup/Parking #CHANGED Moved the Park/Unpark buttons 1.0.26 - 1.1.25 ================== #NEW Handbox: Tracking #CHANGE Disable "Flip" and "Log" groups in handbox at startup #NEW Handbox: Show/Hide indiviual groups #NEW AutoFlip (Automatic Meridian Flip) #CHANGED Modified AutoPark to work with AutoFlip (if a meridian flip is necessary before parking). The home position must be set again in this version (Additionally stores the pierside) #FIX Changed Connect/Disconnect logic #NEW AutoResync - Aligns to parked position if the controller lost it's alignment #NEW Check coordinates after any slew. If target coordinates are not reached, a user abort is assumed #CHANGE Disable "Flip Telescope" Button if telescope did not yet reach the meridian limit #CHANGE Network communications delay increased from 250 to 300 ms #NEW Manual meridian flip (180°) #FIX Ethernet reconnect; New: Trigger "Resync to parked position" by button #FIX Disconnect didn't work in standalone mode #NEW AutoUnpark #NEW AutoPark #FIX detect last instance #CHANGED default values for Ethernet #NEW Compute Alt/Az and LST on PC (instead of pulling from controller) #FIX Telescope: ManualMove moved to correct position #CHANGE Handbox update interval increased #CHANGE Update Handbox only when scope is not slewing #FIX Allow target RA=0 #FIX Lat/Long is not DMS but floating point #NEW Focuser handbox #NEW Telescope handbox #CHANGE load values for each tab only on first click (telescope setup gui) #FIX Locking mechanism corrected 1.0.25 (11.01.2011) ================= #New - Switched to new ASCOM.LFEP.Communicator communication library. Added Ethernet support. Some minor bugfixes here and there. (rajiva) #New - Updated PEC Tab (rajiva) #HinzugefÌgt - Added Ethernet (Rajiva) #HinzugefÌgt - Added blocked reading (Ethernet) (Rajiva) #GeÀndert - Added a pause before sending a new command on the ethernet interface (Gerald) #GeÀndert - Close serial port only if this is the last instance () #GeÀndert - Delay before writing to the serial port for before sending a new command. This delay is only made if necessary, depending on the real connection speed and ensures stable connection if the controller is directly connected via USB/RS232 to the computer. (Gerald) 1.0.24 (3.1.2011) ================= #Fix - some bugfix in telescope connect method (added profile settings checking) (Gerald) 1.0.23 (2.1.2011) ================= #New - Added camera module (to open/close DSLR shutter) 1.0.20 (29.09.2010) =================== #HinzugefÌgt - Added "Extra" tab to Telescope for fan and external port settings (Rajiva) #HinzugefÌgt - Added option to reset controller (Rajiva) #HinzugefÌgt - Added reset controller settings (Rajiva) #HinzugefÌgt - Check firmware version > 6.1 (Rajiva) #HinzugefÌgt - Show version info (Rajiva) #HinzugefÌgt - set focuser limits and current position (Gerald) #HinzugefÌgt - set focuser position (Gerald) #GeÀndert - Changed completely the motor current readouts and settings (Rajiva) #GeÀndert - Changed options for V40 Booster (Rajiva) #GeÀndert - Check Firmware > 6.1 only for new features (Gerald) #GeÀndert - permit focusing while scope is parked (Gerald) #GeÀndert - set max position (limit) in controller instead of PC (Gerald) #Fehler - Fixed a bug in Focuser module when using FocusMax (Gerald) #Fehler - Fixed readout of PEC status, validity and training mode (Gerald) #Information - FocusMax 3.4.40 tested successfully (Gerald) 1.0.17 (07.07.2010) =================== #HinzugefÌgt - Added option to set side of pier in setup form #GeÀndert - Encoder resolution can be set negative to reverse direction #Fehler - Fixed enumeration error in TheSky6 #Fehler - Fixed erratic behaviour in multi-instance environments. Access to serial port communication is now thread-safe. ASCOM compliance test completed without errors while MaximDL and TheSky6 were also connected (so 3 programs in total accessing the driver) 1.0.16 (06.07.2010) =================== #Fehler - Corrected traffic throtteling when using heavy polling applications #Fehler - Multi-instance issues (DE/RA goes zero, Tracking/Slewing state changes) 1.0.15 (2010-07-05) =================== #BUGFIX (Telescope) - While getting PEC status there was a possibility for an endless loop #NEW (Telescope) - Show PEC valid/invalid #BUGFIX (Telescope) - Buttons "Start PEC training", "Start PEC TouchUP" and "Stop PEC training" did not have actions #BUGFIX (Telescope) - Read Alt/Az values at startup (for caching) #CHANGE (Telescope) - Use #>:CM# to sync mount to encoders #BUGFIX (Telescope) - Do not sync to Encoders while Slewing #BUGFIX (Telescope) - No more communication errors in StarryNight v6.3.9 #INTERNA (Telescope) - LF_SerialBinary (replaces local serial communication and traps errors) #INTERNA (Telescope) - SharedResources.IsFresh (replaces local age computation) 1.0.14 (2010-07-04) =================== Beta status reached # NEW (Telescope) - Encoder supplied Auto Syncronization # BUGFIX (Telescope) - Fixed PEC Agressiviness and -Factor setting # NEW (Telescope) - Added more parking options to setup form 1.0.13 (2010-06-30) =================== # NEW (Telescope) - Option to start tracking after Unpark # BUGFIX (Telescope) - Get RA/DE frequently, even if Tracking=ON to detect manual moves # CHANGE (Telescope) - Set combobox width for Backlash mode automatically 1.0.12 (2010-06-28) =================== # NEW (Telescope) - Save only changed settings back to controller. Changes are visually marked in GUI # NEW (Telescope) - Save settings for Wormwheel, Gear ratio and motor angle to controller # NEW (Telescope) - Link to Google maps in location setup 1.0.11 (2010-06-28) =================== # BUGFIX (Telescope) - fixed setup connection state # CHANGE (Telescope) - some cosmetics in setup GUI # NEW (Telescope) - "About" information added 1.0.10 (2010-06-27) =================== # NEW (Telescope) - Location (Lat/Long) settings in Setup (read, write) # NEW (Telescope) - Backlash settings (read, write) # NEW (Telescope) - Automatically set daylight saving time switch, when "Set controller's date/time ..." is checked. 1.0.9 (2010-06-26) ================== # BUGFIX (Telescope) - Fixed reverse/normal motor direction display # NEW (Telescope) - Park, Unpark, SetPark now possible to trigger from setup # CHANGE (Telescope) - Show parking state in setup # CHANGE (Telescope) - setup GUI will not change tracking state if telescope is parked (warning is displayed) # BUGFIX (Telescope, Focuser) - profile.xml error at startup when no com port was selected before connecting # CHANGE (Telescope) - Exception handling for serial port timeouts # CHANGE (Telescope) - Set autoguiding mode and rate at connection 1.0.8 (2010-06-25) ================== # CHANGE (Telescope) - Disabled alignment methods "Polar" and "Alt/Az" as long as Alt/Az is not implemented. # BUGFIX (Telescope, Focuser) - Check for other running instances of host processes at connection time. Some disposing process may still lock the COM port. # BUGFIX (Focuser) - Check only the first 5 characters of FV000000 # BUGFIX (Telescope) - Return correct value for DriveRate # BUGFIX (Telescope) - Show correct speed rates # CHANGE (Telescope) - Store autoguiding rate in Profile.xml # BUGFIX (Telescope) - Show correct tracking rate in SetupForm (TrackingOFF was never displayed) # BUGFIX (Telescope) - Corrected LF_Alignment() method # BUGFIX (Telescope) - Corrected CommandBool() method # INTERNA(Server) - Added SharedResourcesConstants class for static strings 1.0.7 (2010-06-22) ================== # BUGFIX (Telescope) - Slewing state (again!) # BUGFIX (Telescope) - Different speeds ranges for different mounts (LF_Speed1..3) # CHANGE (Telescope) - Correct labels for autoguiding rates (0,33x ... 16x) # BUGFIX (Server) - Self-elevate administrative privileges when registering COM object on Vista and Win7, if needed # CHANGE (Telescope) - Cleanup in driver.cs # NEW (Telescope) - Added option to enable/disable V40 Booster # CHANGE (Telescope) - Rearranged motor/mount settings in setup GUI # NEW (Telescope) - Hide settings when controller is offline # NEW (Telescope) - Added function to select autoguiding rate between "same as handbox" or an independent speed 1.0.6 (2010-06-21) ================== # NEW (Telescope) - added an Apply button # NEW (Telescope) - Show current tracking rate # NEW (Telescope) - Show current state for PEC Tracker, IntellyTrack, King rate # NEW (Telescope) - Show current motor direction in Setup # NEW (Telescope) - Show current guiding rate in Setup # NEW (Filterwheel) - Added FocuserOffsets property # CHANGE (all) - Removed ASCOM.Helper and ASCOM.Helper2 (incl. references) # CHANGE (Server) - Added SharedResources.DriverVersion to replace all static definitions # CHANGE (Installer) - Changed GPL text file 1.0.4 (2010-06-20) =================== # BUGFIX - (Telescope) Corrected TrackingRates # BUGFIX - (Telescope) Clear serial line after CommandString() # BUGFIX - (Telescope) Return Altitude() only if it has been set before, otherwise returns 0 # BUGFIX - (Telescope) AxisRates(TelescopeAxes.axisTertiary) implemented # CHANGE - (Telescope) Return true for CommandBool("") 1.0.3 (2010-06-19) =================== # BUGFIX - (Telescope) Corrected regocnizion of slewing state # CHANGE - (Telescope, Focuser) Added version number to title # CHANGE - (Installer) Deleted source code from setup (since it's available through SourceForge SVN) # CHANGE - (Installer) Changed license file to GPL v2 1.0.0 (2010-06-18) =================== Initial release
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