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KnProxy Lambda Level 5 =============================== If you only wish to upgrade the client side (pure user). Please only download the highest version in the /client/ directory. 如果你是一位纯用户,或者只希望获取客户端的最新版,请从 /client 目录下载。 If you are a service provider and wish to keep your servers up-to-date, you can find the latest server files in the /server/ directory. 如果你是一个服务供应商并希望自己的服务器软件保持最新,您可以在 /server 下找到最新的服务器文件。 If you host private knproxy servers and wish to upgrade both while maintaining greatest compatability, please download the files in the root directory (this directory). 如果你架设私人 KnProxy 服务器,请下载根目录(这个目录)下的文件包,它会是最好的兼容版本! About the Sources 关于源码 =============================== Sources are now released in the corresponding folders: /client/src/ for the netbeans project in a ZIP package /server/ for the PHP server files (already source) in a package 源代码现在放置于相应的文件夹内: /client/src/ 是Netbeans工程目录的ZIP打包 /server/ 是相应的APJP服务器端 About Images Used in Source 关于某些源代码图片 =============================== The project logo is generated by to-aru generator at http://to-a.ru/ and is released into the public domain (where available) The connect/disconnect taskbar icons are from the Thunderbird project and presumed to be useable here. On Encryption 加密 =============================== Due to export policies for encryption, the default method restricts key lengths. Please download strong encryption patches for your Java Virtual Machine if you wish to use longer keys for the RC4 Encryption... The KNEN encryption, when completely implemented, will be under the GPLv2 and freely available for any length key.
Source: release_notes_readme.txt, updated 2011-10-26