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Notes: These are the release notes for LCDproc v0.5.4, the new stable version of LCDproc. This release includes a lot of bug fixes as well as several new and updated drivers. See below for a brief list or the file ChangeLog for a more comprehensive one. The CFontz633 driver has been deprecated and will output a warning about this on start-up. It will be removed after this release. Please use the CFontzPacket driver instead (setting Model=633 in LCDd.conf). Fingerprint: ------------ SHA1 (lcdproc-0.5.4.tar.gz) = dd20ecbc991f11f9b3fa5526bec2ac8b7081be5f Known bugs: ----------- - If vBars are used together with ICON_BLOCK_FILLED on the same screen and that icon is implemented as a custom char, it sometimes is replaced with a non full block from the vBar. - On Solaris the mtc_s16209x driver fails to compile. Configure LCDproc to exclude this driver. - The server config file LCDd.conf is not installed if 'make install-server' is used to install only the server without the clients. - The svga drivers fails to install. If you have svgalib installed but don't use this driver, configure LCDproc to exclude this driver. Changes: Key: - Something removed + Something added * Something changed / fixed New drivers ----------- + MDM166A for Futaba/Targa USB VFD + SureElec for devices made by SURE Electronics + hd44780 new connection type: usbtiny Updated drivers --------------- * Make all drivers using parallel port fail if they cannot get IO permission * Increase portability for several drivers * hd44780: + Add KOI8-R character mapping + Add a 'none' charmap which does not replace any character * hd44780-lcd2usb: improve performance * hd44780-4bit: Fix bug not checking for keypad rows 7-10 correctly * Fix backlight flickering if keypad is enabled * CFontz633: This driver has been deprecated. Use CFontzPacket with Model=633 instead! * CFontzPacket: + Add CFA-533 * Use HD44780 character mapping for CFA533/633 * Use block character for icon * picolcd: * Fix RC-5 for picoLCD 20x2 + Use module output function to control key LEDs * shuttleVFD: Add support for devices with USB VendorID 0x1308 again * imonlcd: Fix possible lock-up in output (icon) function * pyramid: Fix setting of LEDs and correct escaping and icons Build system ------------ * Fix deselecting of drivers Server core (LCDd) ------------------ * New network input buffering - Remove native win32 support.
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