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  • So fun to use it. I will spend hours editing my pictures. Editing generally is quite boring, with Lazpaint you fell like an artist .

  • Nice and speedy. A single window interface would be nice to have.

  • Very good, lightweight and with very useful tools and effects. But please, add an option to reset changed sliders in floating windows (like the double click in Pain.NET), a checkbox to enable or disable the preview of the effects in the same floating windows, and shortcuts to change the brush size.

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  • Buenísimo, tiene muchas más opciones que el Paint de Windows

  • Fast and Responsive, very good product

  • Keep up good work!

  • Simple, efficace et léger ! Gère les calques.

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  • Отличный проект! Отдельная благодарность за BGRABitmap! -- Excellent project! Separate Gratitude for BGRABitmap!

  • LazPaint is the best entry level raster graphics program I have tried. It's support for layers makes it the ideal alternative to Paint in Windows 7. If it provided thumbnails of selected images in the Open dialogue box it would be perfect.

  • Good effort.

  • Exelente programa, bastante completo, ligero, facil de usar y rapido. Solo hay una caracteristica faltante, y creo con esto podria volverse una alternativa exelente a editores como gimp, photofiltre, etc y es el trabajar con capas y que tenga su formato de trabajo, para que asi se pueda guardar proyectos en este. De resto todo es muy bueno ademas de ligero una gran ventaja ante gimp y muchos otros. English (with google translator) Excellent program, very complete, lightweight, easy to use and quick start. There is only one feature missing, and I think this could become with a excellent alternative to publishers as gimp, photofiltre, etc. and working with layers and having its working format, so that projects can be saved in this. For the rest everything is very good addition to light a great advantage to gimp and many others.

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  • The BGRABitmap enables Pascal developers to make a quality graphic editing programs and it will come really handy for my future projects. Those guys who work on this project should go along with Chuck Norris.

  • Excellent work.

  • Good work! I've been using BGRABitmap and I'm very happy with it. Keep up the good work guys.

  • Very impressive! Already does so much in such a short amount of time. This could be very useful in the future. Thanks for creating it and keep up the good work!

  • I like this because bgrabitmap it's a powerfull library and LazPaint now is my default image viewer.

  • Another seed of photoshop killer, very possible to grow into a more powerful one.

  • Excellent open-source software, a fast start, will become soon a real good alternative to & gimp in my opinion