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  • esta muy bueno, el unico problema es que en algunas maquinas recibe mas no envia archivo y en otras envia mas no recibe archivo alquien que me ayude!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • easy super!

  • It is amazing software. New version 1.2.37 is available at

  • It is quite awesome and i would like to list few of the best lan messenger

  • This is an amazing SOFTWARE. Me and my family LOVE it. We use it at HOME on our HOME NETWORK which is perfect for communicating around the house if you don't have a PA System. And even if you do have a PA system it couldn't give you the options this software offer. We give this Software ***** (Five Stars). As a designer and lite programmer. I would love to work more in HELPING to develop more features within this great application. And because the creators offer the source code, this should make it much more easier to work that type of thing out. If you are a programmer, code writer, etc feel free to reach out to me so we can work on this.... Thanks again for this amazing software.

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  • Just what I always wanted to communicate with all other family members at home! :)

  • not bad, but ... of the downsides - often crash, takes a lot of memory (up to 1.8 GB), and then crash, writes the system logs that are not disabled, and logs take up a lot of disk space (gigabytes)

  • I use this within our home network due to being upstairs out of ear shot...its perfect for us to communicate within the it

  • Hi Team, I am provisioning LAN messenger for my staff. However, I am wondering if text color could also be implemented. Hope next update will have this feature. Issue : When we change the color and size of the font in chat other person see the text in black color and in normal font only.

  • Great software. I have implemented it in our enterprise and we couldn't be more happy. Sad it's abandoned now, yet it works perfectly. Would be willing to donate for further development too

  • Great Software... successfully implemented in 3 different organizations and being used by 100+ people. i wish if they were updating the software... or if someone can pick it up and update.

  • I successfully applied in my office. But software not updated last 2yrs.

  • Very easy to install and use. Very good software. But, the software versions must be same so file transfer can work. File transfer between different versions don't work.

  • The Best LAN messenger, simple and wonderful . Icons are very good and options in preferences are the best. Expecting this messenger in android too.. Thank You

  • Great software, excellent work!

  • Excellent app! I'm loving it. Recommending for others.

  • This is an excellent LAN Messenger tool. I prefer the non-installed (zip) version because it's easiest to use. Thank you so much. Just, please update it!

  • Exactly what we wanted. Simple and direct within a LAN environment. Excellent software. I doubt you need support for a software this simple and amazing as this. ;)

  • Just perfect .. Thank you

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  • Thanks. This is very simple software. I can chat and share file to my mother on other PC in my home. Just install and use it.

  • Great application!

  • Great! Thank for this amazing tool!

  • Its one of our daily useful lan messenger. Very lightweight and easy to use software. Drap and Drop file transfer and group chat are awesome features, which I like that most.

  • The features are wonderful!, but there's no support for Terminal Services.

  • very satisfied using it on +20 pc's with different win OS's app simple, stable and runs smoothly compared to earlier used squiggle - this one more stable :)

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