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  • thanks.

  • GPL licence? where is the source?

  • Tested successfully on brief run under Windows 7 SP1 x64, but Capture Area hard to understand - why just one set of co-ordinates plus width/height and how to calculate latter instead of manually inputting x/y co-ordinates for each of top left and for bottom right? Setting capture area with mouse doesn't seem to work, at least with frame of video output of WinFF 15; mouse drag capture area interferes. docs.txt says how to disable graphics overlay to enable video recording from a media player but can't see how with ffmpeg etc for which WinFF is gui. Seems overall stable.

  • It is nice, but it "forgot" where I left the windows, or the values that I always use to take my videos. So, I added a memory system that memorize the position of all its windows on the desktop, as well as the settings that were used the last time a recording was made (maybe... don't ask, I won't tell), as well as a resizing preview, for when the preview window (or screen) is smaller than the capture area. I'd like to send the code to the original writers, but the email jonasostby at, that was listed in , doesn't seem to work. If someone wants to try it, contact me at spamholder.fake at gmail dot com .

  • Fantastic project. Source was pretty easy to compile. Works from the CLI. Doesn't crash or require install like every other recorder. Easy to mux or re-encode using ffmpeg. I definitely recommend this project.

  • It's the only video screencast software I've found that doesn't crash my Ubuntu workstation.

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  • i want to know that the krut supports solaris???

  • Found it very useful and very helpful. A great tool.

  • Simple, easy, awesome. Works great and doesn't even require installation.

  • Easy to use, Very little size. Thanks, krut!

  • useful program, thanks

  • It's a pretty powerful recorder. There are some bugs - it seems like the file size grows really large really quickly, and so does the encoding time, but it's actually a pretty powerful, high-quality program. I really do hope that it continues to be developed - there's a massive shortage of cross-platform screen recorder programs.

  • I use this software. Thank you for your work.

  • Very interesting project!

  • The best (best framerate, sane output format, no watermarks. and free.) screen recorder I've found, but it still doesn't save it's settings.

  • Amazing tool. Found it very useful and very helpful.

  • excelent project, the best to see,

  • Pros: 1. Does what it says. Works like a charm. 2. Options available are really helpful: like audio sampling rate etc. 3. Extremely light weight: Uses very little CPU and HDD resources. 4. Remarkably fast for a Java program! Plus small memory footprint. 5. It is like they say, just sophisticated enough for my liking. YMMV. Cons: 1. I couldn't get to record D3D output, as in 3D game videos. But I never expected it to either, would have been just a bonus. Kudos to the developer 'jonasostby'! Thanks!

  • I use Krut to record gaming videos. I haven't tried 3-D games yet, but it records 2-D games great! It even works on my hunk of junk computer!

  • Works like a charm. Really low processor overhead, and once you get the hang of setting the record space on the screen--it's really straightforward. Thanks so much for making this and keeping it open! Mac OSx.6 user

  • I use this program all the time to avoid using proprietary locked down apps for the same purpose. Way to go, Jonas. You're my hero.

  • very good project

  • i tried every audio configuration on my comp and the program but could not get anything but noise to export. +(...

  • Finally an open source tool that doesn't sell me a lite version of a "pro" tool and that doesn't force me to set up some stupid online account. This tool really works, great job!

  • Promising videorecorder with such needed features as setting capture area by it's coordinates.

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