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  • I've been using this for years and it is very good. Does what it intends and doesn't get in the way. Only problem is it's easy to miss the first important step - which is to go to the Database settings -> advanced and set the Templates directory.

  • It works quite well with Keepass 2.27 and many plugins. Carefully follow instructions described in usage txt manual, otherwise it doesn't work or makes KP crash. For example, crashes happen if a listbox is not filled with some elements before to use it.

  • Does not seem to work with Keepass 2.26 and other plugins, specifically keefox.

  • The extension has potential but for now it is very poorly implemented. If I rename of any of the custom fields, the old fields remain and are not deleted, which results in data bloating. Worse, after renaming fields KeePass constantly crashes. For now, completely unusable.

  • I am using v2.23 and am also having the problem of the template tab only shows the set template parent. Would appreciate feedback if there is a fix or I am doing something wrong. This is just what I was looking for to really make Keepass useful for me

  • Love the idea but any chance this will be developed for KeePass 1.x or was it written in .NET thus limiting it to 2.x?

  • I'm on KeePass 2.22 the plugin doesn't work, the extra Template tab only show Set Template Parent, then click a new window pup-up but nothing to select. The plugin is not working.

  • kpetemplates is small and works nicely

  • Love using KeePass and would like to know when templates will support version 2.19? States that the current version of Template is not compatible....

  • superb

  • The plugin work well for standalone cumputer, except that corporate computer with Windows XP or Windows 7 using Roaming profile. We receive this error message from Keepass : "The following plugin is incompatible with the current Keepaas version : \\dti-profiles\Users$\homedir\MyLogin\AppData\Roaming\KeePass\PluginCache\sr8M8iv1JEuwuO»Dm_2.1.8.18961\HRi0YObg.dll" I think that the Plugin Compile module did'nt expect an URL path alias for the C: Drive. Is there a method to bypass this problem ?

  • Glad to see 2.18 support! The keepass update manager for 2.18 users with the old plugin installed still isn't reporting that a new version is available? I only found out by checking the site today, weeks after the update was released.

  • I have KP 2.18 - Plugins Page in SourceForge claims it is compatible with 2.x ?? Yet, it appears that it is not when I try to install it ? Will this be 2.18 compatible soon?

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  • Extremely usefull plugin - looking forward to an update making it compatible with KeePass v. 2.18.

  • Important plugin of KeePass.

  • Brilliant plugin! Well done Mitch :) Adds an extra dimension to KeePass!! Keep up the good work.