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KeePass Enhanced Entry View (KPEnhancedEntryView) ================================================= This is a plugin to KeePass <> to provide an enhanced entry view for the selected entry. Features * All fields (standard and custom string) shown in a grid view * Field values and, for custom strings, names, are in place-editable * Easy to add new custom fields through in-place editing * Protected (password) fields can be edited, or their value shown through the in-place editor * Attachments can be dragged and dropped to and from files in Windows Explorer * Metadata properties shown on a separate tab to details field * Original textual entry view still available, through the "All Text" tab Installation ------------ Place KPEnhancedEntryView.dll and ObjectListView.dll in your KeePass Plugins folder. It is recommended, though not essential, to use Side by Side window layout; to do this go to the View menu and choose Window Layout, then Side by Side. If you are seeing no entry view at all, ensure that the "Show Entry View" item on the View menu is checked. Uninstallation -------------- Delete KPEnhancedEntryView.dll and ObjectListView.dll from your KeePass Plugins folder. Usage ----- To in-place edit a field value, double click on it, or select it and press Enter. To rename a field, double click the field name, or select it and press F2. To delete a field, select it and press Delete. Drag and drop files from Windows Explorer into the Attachments pane to attach them. Drag and drop files from the Attachments pane to Windows Explorer to extract them. To rename an attachment, select it and press F2. To delete attachments, select them and press Delete To edit the Notes for an item, click in the Notes pane and start editing. It will enter edit mode automatically. Edit mode is indicated by a sunken border. To exit edit mode, press escape, or click anywhere outside the Notes pane. If you need to re-enter edit mode and the Notes pane still has the focus, double-click it. Other non-field information is available from the Properties tab, where the icon, tags, and URL override properties are also editable. To get back to the old textual entry view, select the All Text tab All other operations are available through the context (right-click) menus. Bug Reporting, Questions, Comments, Feedback -------------------------------------------- Please use the SourceForge project page: <> Bugs can be reported using the issue tracker, for anything else, a discussion forum is available. Changelog --------- v0.1 (2013-04-03) Initial release
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