Synchronize KeePass database with Google Drive using Google API.


  • Manual sync from Tools menu
  • Enable / Disable auto sync on save
  • Enable / Disable auto sync on open
  • Download, Upload, and Bi-directional Sync

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User Reviews

  • I love the plugin, but unfortunately it stopped working with the latest relase (3.0) I had to revert to the old version and now it is working again...

  • Works fine!!, but I was not capable to sync througn a proxy.

  • Great. It's been helping me sync to google drive for a while now. Only problem I now experience is I started using Keepass2Android app which also allows a sync. The following problem occurs - I sync with kp-googlesync and it downloads, merges and uploads the file. Next, Keepass2Android syncs by downloading, merging and uploading. Then kp-googlesync downloads, merges, uploads etc.. It's a loop. Is there anyway to change the way this works? Maybe by collaborating with the android app maker? Nothing actually changes - the entries in the database are all the same but I presume it checks to see if the file has changed at all rather than if the entries have been changed. Thanks!

  • Works great. Took me a little while to figure out that the login info for Google had to be an entry inside the key-pass file itself, set up in the way described. Once understood, it actually makes a lot of sense to do it that way. Also, works without a problem.

  • The directions are self explanatory is you understand the settings for Keepass. The only thing that could be clearer and it is an understanding of Keepass is that the plugin folder is the folder where keepass.exe is. Set up was straight forward and it is working like advertised. The fact that it also works with Keepass2Android was a big plus.

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