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  • Excellent

  • Kompozer for Windows is great, we are currently moving from Dreamweaver. Many thanks to the Mozilla Team, I hope you will continue with this splendid project.

  • Been using Expression Web 4 and tried this for its ease. Took a couple of minutes to learn. Haven't attempted CSS yet. But it's a pretty slick. Thank yo Source Forge.

  • Editor insists on reformatting my html source even though the "do not reformat" option is selected. No way am I going to go with a tool that does not cooperate with my development process.

  • Installed it as a possible replacement for Dreamweaver CC 2015 which is just so slow in the latest releases. Kompozer just crashes opening large files with many Includes.

  • Show!

  • this is what i needed

  • Great contribution, thank you very much for sharing.

  • I'm not a html developer at all. This program made it pretty simple to bang out a quick page to keep track of data. Well done guys!

  • This does'nt work with HTTPS-Sites. There are nothing but error messages. I think COMODO certificates are reliable.

  • I have used the old version of Kompozer for years. Overall I found it really good but it had quite a bugs. Now I am using this new version and so far it seems really good! Thank goodness this great app got revived before it died!

  • The best 'portable' HTML designer.

  • Where can I find a very detailed procedure for installing Kompozer in Kubuntu ? Pierre

  • It is one of the best.It works for the time being.

  • It looks like a great project that is able to be higher quality than Frontpage. I tested a few web editors and this one is able to copy and paste the content of a web site. Strangely it does not work pasting source code, it works pasting graphic. Not so good for publishing files. It's always better to to it with a software for FTP transfers. I suggest giving instruction about what to do when downloading linux based software. I was able to use Komposer with Windows and now I am using Ubuntu and nothing happens after the download. It's important to understand that many newbees are unable to install a linux based program unless such program is in the package list. Komposer does not appear to be in Ubuntu's package list.

  • Nice tool but cannot pase images from clipboard. I guess this feature bring new life for the tool.

  • Best WYSIWYG editor ever - super lightweight, fast and has all the features and options I need. I use it for work every day, it saves me a lot of time. Most integrated HTML editors on websites (e.g. TinyMCE or similar applets) rarely work properly, they don't contain the needed functions and often have compatibility problems. Thanks for developing this nice tool :) Keep up the good work!

  • Unimpressed. I needed to take a section of HTML and indent it all one level. There seems to be a feature for that, but it turns out it only operates in the "Normal" (WYSIWYG) mode, so what it is indenting is what the person viewing the pages sees. The function won't work on the HTML code. How very, very lame. Additionally, this is one of those products that wants to change the underlying HTML (and I have the "Retain original source formatting" option selected). It inserts line breaks where I did not have them and does not seem to handle the ASP characters correctly even after trying to set the options accordingly.

  • Nice work ! Great project.

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  • The best WWW WYSIWYG, i'm really impressed, that kompozer much better than dreamweaver, really nice and good at all :)

  • Great software, thank you.

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  • Great software, thank you.

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  • Kompozer is a very fine program.

  • Nice improvement from 0.7 to 0.8. Just donated to this project. I like your work guys! I have co-installed v0.7 & v0.8, but I notice the publishing web address cannot be remembered, i.e. every time I publish/upload, I have to type in again. quite inconvenient.

  • very good project, thanks!

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