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================================================================================= # Welcome to Koha Virtual Box VM! # ================================================================================= Thanks for trying koha on Virtual Box. This instance of koha has been created using Debian Squeeze bare bone installation, i.e. there is no GUI interface. This will ensure minimum possible size though it may be cumbersome for those used to graphics. The koha instance is ready to use. Download the .ova file, import it to your Virtual Box and it will start working. ================================================================================ # Access Details # ================================================================================ You can access koha as under, OPAC Staff Client =============================================================================== # Authorization Details # =============================================================================== Login credentials for staff client are, Username* = kohaadmin Password = dbadmin123 *You can also access the OS with the same user and sudo priviledges are enabled for this user if need be. =============================================================================== # Known Issues # =============================================================================== Known Issues: After importing the network settings may not work at first. You may need to shutdown the virtual machine and open the Settings >> Network and change the option from NAT to Bridged and select your NIC to make it work. There is a thread on virtualbox forum on the issue that can be handy for you. You can find it here https://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=24383 Warning: The installation is not meant for production, its only for test environment as it is not optimized for performance and security. However, you can develop it further for production if interested. ============================================================================== # Contact Details # ============================================================================== In case you face problems or want to make any suggestions you can write to me at amandeep.kapila@gmail.com For updates follow the support page at http://publications.punlib.net/publications.php?id=40 Best of Luck
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