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  • Wonderful project.

  • Mon navigateur Internet préféré : Simple, rapide, entièrement paramétrable,compatible "vieux" OS... ET EN PLUS en version portable je l'ai toujours avec moi sur une clé USB, prêt à me connecter sur n'importe quel pc avec ma configuration ! Mon navigateur préféré devant Opera et Firefox en 3ème :-)

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  • thanks for the quality project

  • very good project

  • Really fast! fast as hell!

  • Love it! 10x!

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  • Awesome product, thanks for sharing!

  • Excellent work! K-Meleon works perfectly! Thanks!

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  • K-Meleon is fast, lightweight and uses all modern web plugins - flash, PDF reading, Java, Javascript, etc. It makes for a great portable (and small) browser, can run from a flash drive, is skinnable, has third party plugins, and even works on older computers and OSes (as far back as Microshit's Lose98). It's as good as any of the "major" browsers (read: bloated, oversized crapware) like firefux, google's chrummy, or infernal exploder. The problem is, K-Meleon WAS good, but is now outdated. Like many great independent projects, it has fallen by the wayside. It has been abandoned by its makers, and many websites deliberately write code to prevent anyone from using their site without firefux, chrummy, or IEEEE!!!!!! (For example, some sites will only work in Opera IF you tell it to pretend it is another browser. If it identifies itself as Opera, the site rejects you.)

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  • fast browser, so if you tie from thinking MS IE of Opera- check this one

  • suprisingly good browser and also fast as lightning !

  • Cool

  • Thanks for sharing this wonderful Open Source Project with us. I use and love it.

  • And, it is free for us to use.

  • Very well done.

  • I agree with all, this the best and most convenient uploader.

  • Typically the first thing I install on any new PC

  • Free, very quick, easy to use and rock solid. A top quality application.

  • An essential Windows program.

  • Works OK.

  • Thanks for a good application

  • Thanks for a good application

  • Great software, simple and easy to install

  • nice job!

  • Aaron "Piece of shit" Either this a troll or someone who enjoys wasting other people's time. Your review is worthless because it doesn't state in any useful way why you think it is. Furthermore, all browsers (like IE, FF, Opera) had a beginning and simpler form once, and in perspective, KM has a hell of a lot more features and a lot less bugs than any of them when they first started. If you aren't going to submit helpful information why are you bothering to even write it unless A) you are miserable and want to make others share in your misery or B) you have no life and nothing better to do which kinda goes back to A, or C) you are jealous because you aren't smart enough to create and/or participate in something this wonderful... personally i think it's D) All of the above.

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