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  • sager63 , welcome to official forum ( and let's help you together! No big problem to add Pinterest button, really! And basic translation service interface is built-in there in K-Meleon!

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  • I have almost tried all the browsers just so I can play certain games on Facebook and this has been the best. Fast load, no lag but problems start when I need to translate something from my non english speaking friends, there are no add-ons or extensions for this browser. Can't even add a pin button for Pinterest. Trying to get help doing this is terrible.

  • IMHO, Firefox, I.E., or Chrome do not compare in terms of speed and ease ....extensions are a minor issue at present, but I use Firefox if I need to use an extension.....K-Meleon is my default browser....looking forward to seeing more development on this project....(new post)>> I just installed k-meleon v76 and I cannot believe that k-meleon is not ranked above firefox and chrome....especially chrome, which I find intrusive and bloated.

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  • verry gôd

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  • i love this browser! i just found it tonight and have been using it to stream video on a older computer... its light fast and stable.... my one and only concern... is about the last stable release... is kmeleon still under devlopment or is it dead? if its dead..... then ill keep using it until i find a current light browser... however i think ill be hard pressed to find anything like this any where else... the only other browser thats close to this is light firefox.... in any case... is this guy still beaing worked on or naw?

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  • Awesome!! Definitely going to be my default if it continues to be developed..... :)

  • Needs addons

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  • 75RC2 Thanks a lot for picking up on this project. I've used K-Meleon for many years (though I have 15 or so browsers installed - some are experiments, but others are best for individual things) and keep using it for specific purposes. I find it great for forums and some other things. It has always performed well and this release continues in that tradition. The criticism of mholzer is unfounded. Either he/she should get a computer with sufficient memory so that monitoring such is not a need, or if a memory criticism is valid, what, specifically, did this consumption of memory (and I'm sure there was some and the developers are acutely aware of the actual amount) cost in terms of system responsiveness or problems?

  • I use a 2000 Dell computer tower, with 256 meg RAM, XP, SP3, IE8 and Opera 8. Newer browsers like Chrome, Firefox, etc, don't work well at all with 256 RAM !! K-Meleon 74 is a WONDERFUL browser, working well and FAST with my computer. Sites like Publishers Clearing House, Yahoo email, Gmail, and others, who have changed their programming so much that older versions don't work well at all anymore, now can be used with this great K-Meleon. Thank you for this Browser. !!!!

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  • Thats one awesome

  • Whatever! The K-Meleon is my favorite browser in Windows and Linux!

  • Apparently dead, last release notes 2008, last update maybe working on older platforms 2010 is older than Firefox 10.0.12esr 2013, leaving one last update 2014 with unclear hard- and software requirements. If your connection does not suck you could of course simply try if this version works for you.

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  • Great

  • Great app!

  • After 1 week of tests, K-Meleon 74.0 consumes more memory than the current Firefox release 35.0.1 - at least for my own usage (I mean with lots of tabs)! So I've uninstalled it and went back to FF.

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  • Excellent browser, faster, nice and simple. All you need in a browser. Excellent project.

  • I didn't know such a thing existed as a 'snappy ' browser, but at last I have found one. It is my default browser now because it is super fast, easy on the CPU, easy on the memory, customizable and I like the appearance. I am fair. If I could think of anything unpleasant about it I would mention it, but I can't think of anything bad about it. I gave a 5, but honestly can't rate support. Support has never been required, the online documentation has been more than adequate.

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  • I'm a software developer with 15yrs in I.T. Imho I have a keen, critical eye when it comes to testing & reviewing apps. I'm also relentless in my pursuit of increasing the speed & performance of my computer. That being said, K-Meleon is the fastest browser I have found yet. I love the minimalist approach to memory usage. The old school 'Klassic' toolbar theme is just sick, looks like IE or Netscape Navigator from '99. Excellent work, K-Meleon devs. I highly reccomend this browser.

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  • Thanks for Kmeleon, it's perfect!

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  • Kmeleon works perfectly.

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  • Fast and full featured but a tiny memory footprint, perfect for me to quickly offline-browse the zillion HTM files on my hard disk.

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  • K-Meleon is the fastest browser with the lowest memory usage. It is by FAR the one browser that lets the user implicate and modify the HTML (complete) settings to that users needs. You can change whatever you want and you can add over 200 extensions and idle with one process running; not 3-6 like the norm and use an average of 22 MB (not 500 MB!). I have tested compared to Chrome, which I do enjoy as it links to tablets, etc., but as the examples are shown above there is a major difference in run time apps and usage to comparable memory. Plus the test was without any extensions to the other product mentioned herein. I have been using K-Meleon on different versions of software and have no issues. I have reconfigured to my liking as a professional hacker and have no urge to remove this fine browser. If you have been looking around then "stop" and quit wasting time rebooting & removing endless amounts of wasteful time-consuming browsers that have no measurement or high standards as the K-Meleon Browser. Keep the Meleon crawling! Thanks to the whole team for such a great browser, R.MACKEY

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  • very good project, thanks!

  • Two words: LIGHTNING FAST!

  • Very useful and effective. Exists on all platforms!

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