KeyPaws is a background task that detects when your cat is "using" your keyboard. When a cat starts typing on the keyboard the system is locked.

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  • My boyfriend & I are DYING laughing- you have no idea- one of my cats, Binkies, is absolutely OBSESSED with walking on my laptop- while i'm on it. The more i try to say no, the more she wants to do it. Problem is, she ends up pulling up, deleting, moving, starting, stopping & running...all KINDS of applications, sounds, files, folders...etc- things pop up that i didn't even know existed on my laptop! However, the biggest issue is when she does it while I'm doing design work with Adobe Ps, Ai or ID. Look- i am TOTALLY co-dependent when it comes to my cats- i love them to bits & cannot yell at them- I try to say "no noooo" in a stern voice but she just looks at me like, hayeah. She just wants my attention (well, aside from the allure of doing something she knows she's not supposed to be doing) Either way this is fantastic- love it- and i can take breaks now to pet my baby without worrying about what her paws have opened or deleted during her back & forth walks across my keyboard. (my boyfriend & I can't believe that there are other laptop-walking cats out there too!) Thank you!!

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