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README ====== Information on the files: - kepler-weka-release-20090409.tar.gz binary release of the Weka actors, can be added to the Kepler build mentioned above that does not contain the Weka actors. See instructions listed in the INSTALL file contained in the archive. This archive already includes the Weka classes, no need for a separate download. - kepler-weka-src-20090409.tar.gz contains all the sources of the Weka actors, released under the Gnu GPL 2. You will need Weka as well to compile the code. Note: this release requires Weka rev 5221 at least of the developer version, release 3.5.8 is too old. The easiest way is to download a snapshot of the developer version from the Weka homepage. If you don't want to compile Kepler yourself, then you can just install the unofficial Kepler release 1.0.2 from the 2008-10-07 release without the Weka actors (= kepler-1.0.2-without_weka-20081007.jar). FracPete, 2009-04-09
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