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  • it apparently wont sync with other computers. So when I change a PW on the laptop, I have to email myself the change for my desktop, not exactly user friendly. I've tried to read the stuff that they have on their website and I guess they think everyone is a IT person. I dont have a clue what they're talking about and I dont care. How about speaking to the ordinary person who would just like to use your product? Open source? right, get I'll get right on it. I rated it poor in most respects because of the reasons I just gave, I don't know what you're talking about. How does anyone else use this thing if they have more than one device? I'd like to know. In plain english.

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  • search function is terrible

  • Keepass has SO much potential to be a really great password manager and more, but unfortunately, it lacks a lot of key functions that are present on other managers. For instance, integrated two factor authentication, no integrated browser/mobile connection, and lacks a proper ability to store form and identity data (credit card info, for instance). The real advantages that Keepass has going for it is: open-source, good password generator, and good encryption. I really think that the developers should start charging for the service so we can get some of these key features going. I would gladly pay, as I think many would. What we need is a full open-source password manager that has the abilities of managers like 1password or LastPass.

  • I was looking forward to using KeePass Password Safe and thought it would be useful because I could add custom fields. However, if I select the fields for one group or file, I can't select a different set of fields for another group or file. That makes the program useless for my requirements. If the developer would build that functionality into the program, my rating would change to 5 stars.