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  • Does the job when you need to maintain hundreds of auths in rotation.

  • Excellent tool

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  • The best password manager application.

  • I've been a long time user of KeePass. It is simple, reliable and fast. Usually I open the program and with the cursor already placed in the search field, type a few characters to quickly find what I need amidst hundreds of entries. I also use this as a simple database for home equipment maintenance. I create entries for the lawn tractor and keep data on normal use parts to save time when maintenance is needed. I enjoy that you need not have this in the cloud. I want it centralized on a home server, where I can get to the database from any machine I own. One last thought - I could probably create a functional application myself, but this guy, Dominick Reichl, provides us a very good product at no cost. I periodically send him some funds through PayPal. Michael

  • Synced my database file on my Google Drive account across multiple devices. This thing makes my life at ease and peaceful. Also have this on my usb (portable ver.) and on my mobile

  • Best password manager, from security conscious developers who are always up to date in their field. Easy to use, smart detection of sync conflicts, and has versions for other platforms. What's not to love?

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  • Perfect! Full featured & well maintained.

  • it apparently wont sync with other computers. So when I change a PW on the laptop, I have to email myself the change for my desktop, not exactly user friendly. I've tried to read the stuff that they have on their website and I guess they think everyone is a IT person. I dont have a clue what they're talking about and I dont care. How about speaking to the ordinary person who would just like to use your product? Open source? right, get I'll get right on it. I rated it poor in most respects because of the reasons I just gave, I don't know what you're talking about. How does anyone else use this thing if they have more than one device? I'd like to know. In plain english.

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  • Ive been using this for years. I made my kids use it (and the iOS) version. It has all the features I want, and I have not run into any of the bugs . This Windows version is solid, but I wish there were native linux and Mac OSX versions, because running KeePass in wine causes network and GUI bugs.

  • Project is very useful and robust. In Android version finding the default database is crude and clumsy.

  • Excellent

  • Great

  • Really nice and usefull piece of software

  • Una excelente herramienta tanto potable como de base

  • very good tool. l'outil indispensable aujourd'hui

  • Very helpfull tool for passwords and small makros.

  • search function is terrible

  • A great product!

  • wow! great password manager - tried many others, but always went back to keepass...

  • Parfait

  • I am using KeePass for over 10 years now, never had an issue with program itself. Only slight issue is integration with browsers and automation of website registrations/creating new entries.

  • My review will be unpopular but it's based on real, long term and intensive usage of this software. I've been using LastPass extension for Firefox for years, with great satisfaction, and recently I wanted to try KeePass, convinced by the large user base and so many good reviews. So I installed Keepass on my dropbox and also installed Keefox estension to my Firefox portable. After trying it for about 4 months I am now able to say my opinion. KeePass fails to suggest the login credentials 8 times on 10. The most times I have to manually search for the current website in the database and pick up username and password manually. And each one separately, because even selecting the same website from the db (same URL of current website) Keepass does not fill in anything. Inserting / creating a new website also fails many times; Keepass does not recognize the new registration / login and I have to insert manually. There are other minor issues I faced, too. I switched back to LastPass, that is working like a charm on all website and all situations. Cant' really guess the reason of so many positive opinions abut KP.

  • Probably the best solution for keeping and managing credentials offline encrypted

  • The one and only (free) password manager. I use it on my PC and Android devices.

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