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  • Excellent, merci beaucoup. I use it often. A search tool in files list would be great. A summary of stats after a huge analysis too.

  • Extremely useful diff-tool which i use often. It seems as if it is not longer supported/updated, not even pull requests for bug fixes are merged :(

  • great work

  • Superb tool.Thank a lot Joachim.

  • Hello KDiff3 Team, I've been using KDiff3 for years and always loved it and recommended it to others. I'm shocked to to see the latest version kdiff3-0.9.98-MacOSX-64Bit.dmg released without adequate testing. When I try to compare 2 directories, the Processing dialog is so wide that it is goes beyond the screen - about 2-3 screen widths!! The Open File/Dir dialog is so ugly that the alignment of controls, buttons, text boxes, captions, etc are so out of whack!

  • cool but still needs a bit of features such as multiple synchronization points when diff'ing and if you could diff pasted text rather than only files

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  • cool but still needs a bit of features such as multiple synchronization points when diff'ing

  • Cant find create patch option

  • Good one that does the job done. Could be even more useful if Text can be provided directly without files.

  • The best program within its category.

  • Works as advertised.

  • Great tool, helped me a lot to compare two directory trees with generated source code.

  • Excellent merge and diff tool with unique features. Both the folder comparison and inline differences are most welcome. Manual editing features simplify three way merge. Easy to integrate into development tool-chains and version control system. The windows explorer integration also rocks! And I could go on quite a bit, if I would want to spend more time on this review! (It also easy to build on platforms with access to qt, in case you want to learn a bit about its internals.)

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  • The greatest diff GUI I've ever seen! Once I learned how to use it, I found that its method of inline editing (which I needed under KDE) was the best.

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  • This is a great tool for easily comparing configuration and code files.

  • Hi there, I'm a software developer and programmer and I have been testing all major diff N merge tools out there and while Kdiff3 look out-dated plus doesn't have a nice "visual" appearance and it may be a little difficult to learn at the beginning, it's comparing skills did surprise me!! it compares on a character level, not line level like beyond compare or code compare from devart, and once you learn to use it even directories synchronization becomes easy. Overall I would recommend this to every developer or programmer it is Free and Open source! big plus! Easily the best Free ~ OSS Diff/Merge Tool.

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  • Very good

  • The best file compare application around. Thanks

  • Very good automatic merge tool in the free software world.

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  • Best diffing tool I have used

  • Thanks for updates ;)

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  • very good project, thanks!

  • I use Kdiff3 for comparing PHP and Android projects when I've done extensive changes, so I know I'm on track and haven't introduced any bugs (my current project consists of 100s of PHP files). I start the day with making a backup copy that I compare against. I actually prefer this instead of version control proper when I'm the only one on the project and I don't make branches. There's one important thing I lack though: A possibility to create an overview document (printed to PDF) with the changes/differences file per file to store with the backup and for easier review.

  • Very nice and light tool. Great job!

  • kdiff3 is very nice!!. I was just wondering if a last used files option would be valuable for other users.. Thank you again.

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