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JXplorer Version 3.3.1 Release Notes ====================================== * minor tweak to support multi-media loading in html forms 3.3.1 * Updated JXWorkbench sister project to keep code in synch * tweak to maintain backward compatibility with old config files * fix to use OS specific temp directory for temp media files 3.3.1 (rc2) * Added support for 'read only' connections * Added a config value 'lock.read.only' which forces *all* connections to be read only * cosmetic tweaks to logging for rc1 3.3.1 (rc1) * LDIF RELEASE!! * * Added support for LDIF change files * Added 'preview' for LDIF files to assess changes before importing them into the live directory. [NOTE: 3.3.1rc1 - these LDIF additions, especially LDIF change files, should be considered experimental until the official 3.3.1 release) 3.3.03 * Added 'sorting' to JXWorkBench, allowing for complex queries which sort by attributes other than the DN * Reports now automatically exported using the report name as the base 3.3.02 * Changed display of operational attributes; now included in main table display. * extended CBSaveLoadTemplate to allow saving UI elements by name, rather than position. * added $JXOPTS to batch scripts to allow config settings to be passed to batch (e.g. to set config location with -Djxplorer.config) * work on batch scripts - using java 1.6 classpaths with wildcards * more work on packaging * fix for passwords cached within session not correctly filling out connection window in some instances * support for commercial JXWorkBench plugin (http://jxworkbench.com) - integration with Jasper reporting engine for LDAP reports. 3.3.01 Bug Fixes * Fixed schema problem with binary syntaxes, mis-identifying some syntaxes (e.g. telephonic ones) as binary rather than string * Correctly saved 'return_attributes.txt' in variable config files location (along with usual files such as jxconfig.txt) 3.3 Stable Release * packaged JNDI LDAP test provider (junit directory mock) as part of release * made 'official' stable release on JXplorer.org downloads page 3.3rc1 Release Candidate * JXWorkBench Add on - Support for commercial jxworkbench.com plugin 'applet' as optional add on * password vault * csv import/export * non-indexed & regexp client-side find and replace * fix for default config files; move to application config directory on Win 7, or if -Djxplorer.config='user.home' used. * set -Dfile.encoding=utf-8 for consistent x-platform behaviour * set window title to template name * included Mock LDAP JNDI provider for JUnit tests (see jxplorer.org/downloads/jndimock.html) * updated Chinese language (both traditional and simplified) 3.3b6 * fixes for windows 7 installation * ability to save config in 'natural' platform locations on Win7, OSX if security prevents access to install location, or if -Djxplorer.config=home is used. * save size and divider state of multiple windows on save * JXPlorer Help files now also on http://jxplorer.org website 3.3b5: * hungarian language file 3.3b4: * add JXworkbench 3rd party plug in to build * EXPERIMENTAL support for internal node renaming (== move). Not applicable for opendirectory, which will fall back to copy/delete 3.3b3: * fix to language file bug * allow language to be set in config. 3.3b2 New Features: * Multiple Windows * Copy-and-Paste between Windows * Paged Results * Window name set to data source (directory or ldif file) used. * Editing LDIF files with schema. (2 Step process; first, connect to a directory with the schema you wish to use. Then either disconnect or open a new window, and edit your ldif file) Bug Fixes: * numerous problems with naming and multi-valued naming, particularly in LDIF files * 'copy DN' enabled for LDIF files * improved tree selection after copy/paste/delete tree events CREDITS ======= Many thanks to our translators who've worked so hard making JXplorer multilingual: Chinese: For *both* Traditional and Simplified Chinese; Evereasy (Evereasy@gmail.com) -awesome work. French: Luc and Serge, and more recently Bruno Haleblian (bruno_haleblian@carrefour.com) for updates. Hungarian: Richard - many thanks. And thanks also to many others who wished to remain anonymous, or whom we've lost track of, including those who did the original French and German translations!
Source: README., updated 2014-05-14