Java Wiki Bot Framework helps with wiki (MediaWiki) site management. It allows to build robots to edit and dump information from Wikis. For more information and features see project homepage.

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  • This version doesn't currently support MediaWiki version 20. In order to make it work, run those two lines in your Terminal and recompile the source. cat net/sourceforge/jwbf/mediawiki/actions/ | sed 's/MW1_09, MW1_10, MW1_11, MW1_12, MW1_13, MW1_14, MW1_15, MW1_16, UNKNOWN, DEVELOPMENT;/MW1_09, MW1_10, MW1_11, MW1_12, MW1_13, MW1_14, MW1_15, MW1_16, MW1_20, UNKNOWN, DEVELOPMENT; \/\/ added MW1_20 /' > net/sourceforge/jwbf/mediawiki/actions/ mv net/sourceforge/jwbf/mediawiki/actions/ net/sourceforge/jwbf/mediawiki/actions/ Other than that, great app, works smoothly!

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  • great app, works nicely

  • JWBF makes it a lot easier for software running on the JVM to access MediaWiki installations. I run bot edits on different wiki projects and have used the library in multiple tools written in Java and Scala. It has allowed me to focus my efforts on the unique functionality of my tools.

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