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  • A great thank you for this very useful piece of software. I use JavaVi in Eclipse and Netbeans since years. It's quite simple: An Editor without vim mode is inefficient and therefore unusable, at least in my opinion. I hope, JavaVi never will breake with newer Versions of the mentioned IDEs.

  • It'd be helpful for Netbeans bozos like me to put a note at that the provided version doesn't work (at least not with NB8.0.2). Downloading the zip from SF and installing all npm-s does the trick. Big thanks for providing the Vim plugin!

  • Absolutely the best!

  • good job!

  • Perfect!

  • Jvi works perfectly.

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  • Very useful. Thanks.

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  • Simple, setup. Great word processing, and presentations. Wonderful export options. However, the spreadsheet processing has some room for improvement.

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  • This is most advanced piece of open software I've ever used

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  • a truly excellent vi plugin.

  • Really cool.

  • Great software, simple and easy to install

  • I tried quite a few so called VIM clones. But jvi is definitely the best and it is free! And support is excellent.

  • Netbeans now finally begins to feel like a hacker's home. Awesome!

  • This is great. I've tried some vi plugins for eclipse but this is far superior and netbeans is better for my needs anyway. Also err has been extremely nice and helpful and very quick to respond to all my bug reports and requests.

  • Great stuff.... *thumbs up* ;-)

  • A magnificent work, keep it up! The lack of decent ViM plugins had kept me away from modern Java IDEs for a long time. I switched from plain ViM to NetBeans only when I learned that there's a good ViM plugin around. Now that even :vsplit has been implemented, there's really nothing more that I miss from ViM.

  • Love the vim interface on Netbeans

  • This plugin is the single reason why I chose NetBeans over the other IDE options. It comes the closest to a full-blown embedded Vim and is getting closer with each release.

  • This plugin is a must-have in any Netbeans, since VI is a great productivity enhancer and the IDE offers you the resources you want and when you want. Only wish there was an option to use the same configuration as default in any new document. Perhaps I just need to look better. :)

  • ice

  • Very well done. I've always wanted to have a vi based editor in NetBeans. I'm using NetBeans 6.9.1 and the plugin is working as I want it. I'm a longtime vim/gvim user and this feels very natural. The jVi plugin is definitely up to daily production work. The reference website is also well done, making it clear what's different from the usual vim experience. The only significant changes are the added commands to interact with the IDE. The author(s) did an excellent job, making the functionality nearly complete and that goes for the documentation as well (at ), which saved me a lot of time compared to the weak docs that go along with many other plugins. My only suggestion is to add NetBeans plugin installation directions, or add a link to this page: Although this was written for NetBeans 6.7.1, the procedure is the same for version 6.9.1

  • must have for anyone that loves the quick edit capabilities of gvim. If your not a gvim user learn it, you will never go back!

  • Super plug-in makes editing that much more enjoyable. Now if only I could map the Backspace to do a «dh».

  • Much better than the vi plugins available for if someone would just port Bazaar and Mylyn support to Netbeans...

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