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  • It's fast, reliable and easy to use.

  • I've been using for years! Thanks for Developer!

  • I don't know of any programmer that likes writing tests. It's tedious and not much fun. JUnit takes a bit of the pain away but it's still not much fun, despite the authors' attempt to make it sound like fun. :))

  • Great Free Open Source application(s).

  • I have used this regularly for over a year, love it and would be hard-pressed to use anything else.

  • very good app. do what it is asked for. many options available. very easy

  • Great tool. Like it.

  • It's a great!

  • I have been using the book myself and I would say that the concepts are applicable to other programs and OSs, but the book itself is very rooted in the *nix and Java world.

  • Thanks! I will use it!

  • Same already discussed recently

  • Fantastic work ! Thanks for sharing.

  • I have not used JUnit yet, but the idea is good!

  • Fantastic project, thanks a lot for conveying

  • Awesome project, thanks for your time for sharing

  • good job

  • very good project

  • Good Tool. I always use it!

  • Essential tool. I use it to design software in terms of jUnit test cases of what I want the software to do and look. Then code to the jUnit test cases. Writing the end code first, before its actually implemented, lets you design an easy to use API since you can spot messy spots or areas that will give you trouble real quick. jUnit provides an easy way for you to actually do that and in the end you end up with 2 things. Implementation of the code you were designing and a bunch of jUnit test cases that test for the desired capability. jUnit then makes sure any future changes don't break any of your original code capabilities.

  • Very powerful tool to run unit tests. I use it with mockito (mock objects).

  • Very useful and easy to use testing for Java.

  • Really good unit testing for Java.

  • JUnit is the Java testing framework that brought regression testing to all of us. (Test.)

  • ...but I'm biased

  • 这个软件还是不错的. 就是安装烦了点. 需要会用Eclipse.

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