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  • Great Job Thanks :D !

  • Very well written code and easily extensible too. Great piece of work.

  • Thank you for your work.

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  • Very useful. Thanks.

  • Thanks for Jung, it's perfect!

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  • This is great. My son loves it. Thank you for your work guys!

  • Works and fast.

  • Very nice and powerful framework. But the documentary could be more comprehensive.

  • really nice framework! Might need some more algorithm implementations though.

  • It's a really nice graphing library for Java, what more to say?

  • i am new to this library, i wnated to use this laib for my project. so will you please help how i can use this. give me a simple program for that. any1 can help me on JUNG to do some new graphics. give me some java code to implement JUNG. it my gmail id Thanking you all .... Siddharth Sankar

  • I love this library, actually used it for quite a while. fantastic!

  • Saved me loads and loads of time and the examples are excellent in showcasing the features of the API. Awesome visualisation and works like a dream!

  • very good project

  • Excellent library. Very flexible to use and designed ingeniously with object orientation. The is great. Fun to work with.

  • Great flexible library. Easy to use and customize.

  • Great library with a good design, clean abstractions, and plenty of features out of the box. Pity the documentation is so poor - hard to get started with this library but once you do it's a joy to work with.

  • Very powerfull library, clean and robust design allowing to inject your work easily. Many thanks guy for providing such an excellent framework with BSD licensing!

  • I am beginner creating some trying to represent owl/rdf ontologies jung graphs. I got some nice results.

  • JUNG 2.0 is by far the best graph library.

  • Great project! But they need help! Please help if you can with the documentation (esp. the javadoc, too but also contribute manual if you have used it). So, help them! This project is immensely useful.