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  • Installed on every mac I use.

  • First utility I install on every Mac. Please compile it at 64bit for High Sierra compatibility.

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  • Excellent application. Only we need an actualization for retina support and Mac OS X 10.10.

  • So simple, just works. Thanks

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  • Just want to say thanks to the Jumpcut team. This simple product is such a great concept and super easy to use. Our developers are content marketers are able to get so much more done with the support of Jumpcut. Thank you!

  • Overall I'd say this is a very good product. As far as comparing to similar products, it's really lacking in features. The biggest ones I'd like to see is support for copying pictures and the ability to copy the text to match the font/style of the body of text you are currently in. Again, overall, still a very good application though. Definitely could become a 5 star app.

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  • Simple app that does the job realy well. And still works in Mountain Lion. There's only one small bug: I recently bought a Thunderbolt display. The Jumpcut window nicely displays in the center of the monitor. But if I disconnect the external display, the Jumpcut window doesn't ajust to the new MacBook internal monitor and is unreadable in the botom right corner.

  • Great piece of software!!! I am dreaming about making a right-click and being able to select my paste content... Thank you ;-)

  • Dear Jumpcut. My name is Tyler. I am a hyper-effective computer user. I spend 4 hours a day tuning my process to maximize efficiency. Am I perfect? No? Am I close? You better believe it. When I stumbled across Jumpcut, it threw me. I stumbled down my path of absolute excellence, because, for the first time in my life, I found the missing link. Jumpcut is the light at the end of the tunnel of magnificent computing. I have come home. Thank you Jumpcut. Thank you.

  • A super little gem of a program. Does exactly what you want it too. Saves you going back and forth endlessly when you want to copy a few relevant paragraphs and the URL that goes with it. Or copy an address into an address book in separate fields. And it still works perfectly under OSX Lion, hurray!!!

  • 1. Every computer user working on a project needs a large buffer to store copy/paste extracts, paragraphs, links, pics to which you can quickly go back: reading some texts for your project, visit some websites, copy all the parts that are relevant and later on recuperate ten = paste them in articles & emails. A real time saver. I don't understand why it isn't standard built-in in every operating system. 2. I've been using it for a couple of weeks. It works. 3. Requested improvements: a find function. When working on a project and copied about 50 items that are relevant, a find function that narrows down to the letters you type in the search function quickly brings you to the relevant texts/links/paragraphs you stored.

  • Nicely done. I recently damaged three keys on my keyboard, and when I don't have an external keyboard, Jumpcut let's me type regardless. I really appreciate the simple functionality.

  • awsome

  • very good project

  • One of my favorite utilities. Use it all the time. ('Would like if it saved up 399 items)

  • That's my clipboard backup. I can't live without it.

  • Does exactly what it says: Minimalist clipboard. Works as expected. No frills, no worries.

  • Love the program! Definitely one of my top 10 free programs! Thank you so much for creating it! One question though.. is it possible to hide the menubar icon which I never use?

  • I was looking for a solution to Synergy's problems with the clipboard and found Jumpcut. It does exactly what I need and nothing more. Thanks.

  • GREAT SOFTWARE! elegantly simple... very unobtrusive- doesn't get in the way... just what i've been looking for, for years... thank you!!