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OpenJUMP-Portable-1.9.1-r4840-PLUS.zip 2016-03-13 53.4 MB 181181 weekly downloads
OpenJUMP-Portable-1.9.1-r4840-CORE.zip 2016-03-13 20.0 MB 77 weekly downloads
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OpenJUMP-Installer-1.9.1-r4840-PLUS.exe 2016-03-13 54.1 MB 169169 weekly downloads
OpenJUMP-Installer-1.9.1-r4840-CORE.jar 2016-03-13 21.1 MB 33 weekly downloads
OpenJUMP-Installer-1.9.1-r4840-CORE.exe 2016-03-13 21.2 MB 22 weekly downloads
OpenJUMP-1.9.1-r4840-src.zip 2016-03-13 8.7 MB 88 weekly downloads
OpenJUMP-1.9.1-r4840-apidocs.zip 2016-03-13 12.2 MB 11 weekly downloads
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******************************************************************************* Version 1.9.1 release rev.4840 (released on 13. March 2016) ******************************************************************************* 1 - License ******************************************************************************* OpenJUMP is distributed under the GPL license version 2. 2 - Installation ******************************************************************************* You can use the shiny installer OpenJUMP-Installer-*.exe (for Windows) OpenJUMP-Installer-*.jar (for Linux & Mac) Or Extract the portable zip file distribution. OpenJUMP-Portable-*.zip 3 - Running ******************************************************************************* To start OpenJUMP run the launcher for your platform from the <appfolder>/bin directory. - On Windows, double-click on oj_windows.bat or OpenJUMP.exe - On Linux/Unix, launch oj_linux.sh - On MacOSX, launch oj_mac.command or OpenJUMP.app 4 - Editions ******************************************************************************* OpenJUMP comes in 2 flavors: CORE application core (only free software/open source components) SkyPrinter Print Plugin PLUS - extended release, consisting of CORE plus SVG write support additional image readers (ImageIO Ext) Geoarbores Vertex Symbols Collection ECW and JPEG2000 Read Support for Windows, Linux, MacOSX with 32bit java Spatial Datastore read support for H2GIS*, MariaDB, MySQL, Oracle*, PostGIS, Spatialite**, Sqlite (*jdbc/**native driver not included) write support for PostGIS MariaDB, MySQL, PostGIS, Sqlite jdbc driver and the following plugins Aggregation PlugIn BeanShell Editor CSV driver Concave Hull DXF driver Graph Extension Jump Chart JUMP DB Query Jump Fill Pattern KML Driver (skyjump) Measure Toolbox OSM Driver Printer (cadplan) Pirol Csv Dataset SetAttributes Sextante Tools Topology Extension Vertex Note Vertex Symbols WFS Extension 5 - Changes ******************************************************************************* Version 1.9.1 release rev.4840 (released on 13. March 2016) New Features * Add new GroupByPlugIn in Tools>Analysis menu * Add a plugin to remove spikes from polygonal geometries * Deactivate RemoveSpike plugin for 1.9.1 release Improvements * If a datastore table has several geometries, secondary geometries are read as AttributeType.OBJECT attributes rather than STRING so that datastore driver can easily write them back as a byte array. * Better handling of readOnly attributes in PostGIS writer * Add Boolean and Long AttributeType in AttributeCalculator (beanshell) * Null boolean was not handled correctly in datastore datasources. * Refactoring of DataStore framework. Prepare writing capabilities for multiple kinds of drivers. Bug Fixes * Quick fix for NullPointerException when loading a project containing raster(s) when no other projects (tasks) are open. * Fix for missing layers problem when loading projects that include rasters. * Fix bug #415 throwing exceptions in AttributeTablePanel * Fix bug 416 in FillPolygonTool (regression due to JTS change) * patch SpatialiteValueConverterFactory to transform ogc-wkb geometry z to postgis ewkb, as this is the only way to parse geometry z with JTS currently. * JML format did not preserve null attribute values * Fix new aggregation plugin for point and/or linestring unioning Version 1.9.0 release rev.4795 (released on 18. January 2016) Highlights - updated to JTS 1.14 - "Raster styler" to edit, load and save raster symbologies (contributed by Alberto De Luca) - RasterImageLayerPropertiesPlugIn (display file, raster properties and cell data statistics) - Layer tree info tooltips, Measure Toolbox, CutFeatures Tool (courtesy of Giuseppe Aruta) - introduce new commandline parameter to switch log verbosity '-v, -verbosity' utilizing the new Logger PLUS edition - read support for MariaDB, MySQL, Oracle, Spatialite, Sqlite, H2GIS DB Datastores in PLUS (mainly contributed by Nicolas Ribot) - coordinate transformation with CTSPlugIn (Michaël Michaud) - WFS 1.0,1.1 access via WFSPlugin (based on deegree2 by lat/lon) New Features * Add on Layer menu "Export layer envelope as geometry" which exports the envelope of any type of layer supported by OpenJUMP (Layer.class, ReferencedImageStyle.class, WMSLayer.class, WFSLayer.class, RasterImageLayer.class) as geometry. Layer name, layer datasource (if any) and CRS (only for WMS and WFS) are saved as layer attributes * Add a "Style" plugin to WMS Layer dialog. Currently only Visibility by scale is available * Substituted ExportEnvelopeAsGeometryPlugIn Raster plugIn with more general ExportLayerableEnvelopeAsGeometryPlugIn * RASTER: Add Layer Statistics Plugin (on submenu "Statistics") * Drivers for esri ASCII and Floating Point grids: added capability to write asc and flt files. Some bugs fixed. * RasterImageLayerProperties.class. Upgraded display as HTML instead of TXT (used HTMLPanel.class), Info can be saved as HTML file * Added very first version of Oracle Spatial Support in Data Store Layer Wizard, based on Geotools gt2-oracle-spatial.jar to load geometry from ORA structure efficiently. Current features: - Lists geometry tables grouped by schemas (user connection schema is considered as the default schema) - Loads Oracle geometry tables storing POINT, LINESTRING, POLYGON and MULTI*. Does not manage other Oracle spatial types (topology, raster etc.) - Handles several geometry columns (other geometric columns are converted to WKT) - Efficient data loading based on Larry Reader DB Plugin code * Replaced DataStore Combobox displaying each layer in a DataStore by a TreeTable based on Netbeans Swing Outline component. Multiple layers can be selected in the tree. Layers are grouped by schemas in the tree. Limit, Where Clause and Caching properties can be edited in the table * Extended inspection to multiband raster layers. - Multiple measure are now displayed (and saved) by default. Press SHIFT to cancel previous and display only last measure. - Moving cursor on image shows raster cell value on lower panel * Add new Compare Raster Grid layers to Raster plugins * Add 2 new plugin to manage nodata values on monoband DEM - Change No Data Value: it changes default nodata value of file - Set input value to no dta;: it changes an arbitrary cell value to default nodata * FR 215 : don't open a new ViewAttributesFrame if there is already one open for the selected layer Layer * Manage new attribute types BOOLEAN and LONG in jml and shp drivers (also manage other datatypes so that they can be written as one of the well-known datatype instead of throwing an error message) * Hide unused AttributeType from the schema. Add a way to nullify attribute values in the Attribute panel : - String and boolean : press left button, and click on null menu item before releasing - Date and numerics : just empty the field * Added ChangeRangeValuesToNoDataPlugIn. This plugin allows to change a range of cell values (of a Sextante single band raster layer) to nodata value. An option allowas to extract only the input range of value (and set the other values to nodata) * Layer tree tooltip is now configurable via "Configure tooltip" in Option panel - 2 options : - original minimal JUMP/OpenJUMP tooltip - advanced info tooltip Use different colors (red and blue) to display layers with no datasource and modified layers with datasource in the tooltips * FR #220 : add an option to snap on feature being edited. Indeed, the new snap policy is applied on LineString edition only as snapping on a polygon being edited tends to create invalid polygons * Raster Color Editor Panel. Added an option to invert color range and an option to set values outside choosen range to transparent. Optimized color ramp. Added more color ramps * FR 218 : implement new attribute types in RandomTrianglesPlugIn * new select tool to select one or several overlapping features * Add WMS Legend plugin to WMS layer context menu * read/write cpg file (codepage for shp/dbf) * added Raster Styler to manage symbologies for 1-banded raster (available from raster layer contextual menu) * Add Measure Selected Features plugin to Select Items context menu-> Other tools submenu * Add 4 morphologic indices to GeometryAttributes plugin : - polygon width - polygon length - circularity (Miller) - compacity (Gravélius) * Added "Change Style" plugin to WMS Layers - currently only general transparency and scale visibility are available * Added CutFeatures tool into the editing toolbox - This tool partially derives from SplitPolygonPlugIn.class from Kosmo SAIG - modified to be used both with selected Linestrings and Polygons * add new plugin EraseLayerAWithLayerB in Tools>Analysis * add MakeValidPlugIn in Tools>Analysis to repair invalid geometries * Spatial Databases support enhanced: support for Oracle Spatial, MySQL/MariaDB, Spatialite added. - FilterQuery and Adhoc queries supported for these databases - Error detection in case of bad WHERE clause detected when loading a layer (layer removed from Panel) - New connection icons according to database type - Oracle Spatial: reads SDO_GEOMETRY with geotools code, reflection used on com.oracle.* methods to avoid jar dependence (ede code) - MariaDB: supports WKB and natives binary types, thanks to code from Larry Reeder - Spatialite: supports Spatialite binary type, WKB and WKT. supports several geometry_column metadata table layout (code from Larry Reeder DB Plugin) * Add support to H2GIS spatial database of licensing restrictions * add explicit mysql datastore for mysql jdbc * Raster symbologies now saved in and restored from project file * add support for spatial datastore layers to EditDataStoreQueryPlugIn allows finetuning the SQL query created with Open->Data Store Layer * Info feature tool: added a pane to show WMS info. * EditWMSQueryPlugin allows now properly changing of _all_ parameters of an existing wms layer * new OJ Logger, abstracts the actually used logging framework from the logging components - adapted existing log4j calls to the new logger - streamline console & logfile formatting - streamline WorkbenchFrame.log() methods to use new logger Improvements * now possible to use negative values in MultiRingBufferSelectedPlugin * WFS respects global proxy settings now * Rewrite ChangeRasterImagePropertiesPlugIn as a Multi dialog Added Transparency, Scale transparency and Color Editor panels * WFS dialog needs much less desktop space now * fix WFS bbox issue * disable autoprefixing WFS properties with 'app0' etc. * fix WFS attributes had distorted chars due to wrong encoding issue minor wfsclienthelper restructuring * HTMLPanel. Added Option to save window to HTML page * RasterImageLayerPropertiesPlugIn. Updated to advanced options. - Displays File, Raster properties and and cells data statistics - of Sextante Raster Layer. It allows and allows to save those information as TXT file. Internationalized * WorkbenchFrame. Add the list of layers with no datasource when confirm the close of a TaskFrame or the close of the application * LayerNameRenderer. Add Layer name and extension of layer at layer tooltip * WMS support - added user/pass input fields - url field linebreaks into multiple rows on long urls - EditWMSQuery plugin can now change auth&url and reiitialize WMS service * MultiInputDialog: fix doubleregistering listener, layout issues * Reworked Sextante Raster Image handling: - support for loading only the visible part of TIFF files; - support for TIFF files overviews and subsampling; - support for external .aux.xml statistics file; - centralized symbology. * Modified layerable tooltip, check if layerable has datasource and distinguish between Layer.class, ReferencedImageStyle.class WMSLayer.class, WFSLayer.class and RasterImageLayer.class * Extended "Zoom To Scale" PlugIn to any layerable * TIFF rasters: added ability to read statistics saved as GDAL_METADATA TIFF tag * Add modified "palette" icon with semitransparency to Style plugins * New icons to copy and paste style plugins * TIFF rasters: replaced code for reading TIFF tags with Apache Commons Imaging functions * RASTER: Rearrenged Create Lattice and Create Polygon grid of Raster images in a submenu ("Vectorialize") * RasterImageIO: added a method to get the nodata value for a grid. * RasterLayerStatistics.class. Upgraded statistics to all bands * Add plugin icon. Change name to "Raster statistics" * ProfileGraphPlugIn. Add new Icon * ProfileGraphTool.class. Add new panel which display profile info: length, mean slope, coordinates of starting and ending points, cell dimension, cell statistics. * Add RasterImageIOUtils.class, with various methods to perform some raster image Input/Output operations * SaveRasterImageAsImagePlugIn. Rewrite class using new RasterImage I/O components, allows to export no nodata cell value to the output tif * RasterImage nodata management plugins: added layer statistics resume panel and an output file chooser field * RasterImageLayer Plugin: added Raster Layer statistics tab with several info about cell values * DEMStatistics: added header with the number of selected raster layers * update commons-compress, xz libs * unify archive listing, fix 7zip with new commons-compress version * Use long/boolean attribute types in jdbc converter * Recognize geometry type in more situations * Reworked dialog for rasterimage layers with no georeference info. Now images are opened into the view, by default, with original file width/height proportion. Option to warp image into the view * oj_linux.sh - java version check now more robust, warns only if version cannot be detected properly - follow links to oj_linux.sh now indefinitely - resolve JUMP_HOME now without . and .. * Repair and improve SaveViewAsBeanTool * Sextante raster layers: added ability to handle rasters with different x and y cell sizes. * Arrows to go to next/previous row now also select next/previous feature * Replace layerManager.remove by category.remove to sort layers : much faster and partly solve FR 217 * increase readTimout delay of WMSService from 5 to 10 * LayerView / AttributePanel selection synchronization * improved legend handling for rasters (via RasterStyler) the legend is now integrated in the layer tree of the TOC * AttributeTablePanel : simplify code, avoid useless selection clearing and avoid a recursive loop [could not reproduce a case where features can be deleted from the editing mode] * Reorganized Select Item context menu: move some plugins to a new "Other tools" submenu * Uniformed Plugin icon ("Palette.gif") and name ("Change Style") to Layer.class, RasterImage.class and WMSLayer.class Styling plugins ( DeeChangeStylesPlugIn, WMSStylePlugIn and ChangeRasterPropertiesPlugIn ) * Rearranged Style access on the main toolbar, now, depending to selected layer (Layer, WMSLayer, RasterImageLayer), the plugin opens the corresponding style dialog * Improve ColorThemingStyle : can now set transparency and lineWidth globally or individually in ColorThemingPanel * add Date in XmlBinder to be able to persist Dates in a project file * Added "TXT" among the accepted extensions for raster loader. * DatastoreDataSource now present tables in alphabetical order * Raster styler: added options to save and load symbology as SLD file, added option to invert ramp for stretched symbology, added given interval classification method, added some more default symbologies, fixed some bugs * extensions can hold messages now (eg. tell why they are not activated) * Improved CutFeatureTool * moved editable, selectable, readonly attributes into (Abstract)Layerable in order for Layerables to be editable etc. in the future * Switch pom to official jts-1.14 release * move WFS language files to language/wfs/ * added I18N support for giving a plain path as "category" * added icons to the datastore query chooser's combobox * "static"alized a part of ConnectionManagerPanel w/o redesign consequences * Raster Styler: updated Italian and Spanish language files (thanks to Peppe) * Raster Styler: added check to ensure a valid number of classes has been selected. * move dbquery dependency postgis into it's proper subfolder * linewrap and overall cutification of the extensions about panel * GenerateLogPlugIn shows last 1000 lines of all logger file appenders * fix NPE in JUMPFeatureFactory.createFromDeegreeFC(JUMPFeatureFactory.java:415) * updated log4j to latest stable 1.2.17 * update commons-io to latest commons-io-2.4 * update commons-logging to latest commons-logging-1.2 * update just released mariadb jdbc to 1.3.4 Bug Fixes * fix #383 about project files and gml-fme files encoding (writing) * fix #381 about angle constraint dialog box * fr #212 add "exclude empty geometries" option to "select feature by geometry type" tool * fix #383 about project files and gml-fme files encoding (reading) * fix "OpenJump NB 4256 - Bug on opening Option Dialog and clicking on "OK" button. The panel freezes." reported by Peppe * Fixed WarpImageToFence. Now the plug-in creates a new, warped, raster. * Fixed a bug in WarpImageToFencePlugIn (extension for temporary output file wrong when input is not a TIFF file) * fix WMS auth access * fix #386: ExtractSelectedPartOfImage fails to work when extracting a part of ASC or FLT monoband raster. * fix #387: RasterImageLayer class seems not working anymore with JPG files, occasionally also with some PNG. * Some other bugs fixed in ExtractSelectePartOfImage * Some other bugs fixed in RasterImageIO * Fixed GIF format support in RasterImageLayer and ExtractSelectePartOfImage * Fix Save dataset as Postgis Table (insert all Features as New Rows) * RasterQueryPlugIn. Fix minor bug on lower panel * Fix bug #388 shrinking columns in infoFrame and attributeTable when the schema has changed. * Fix a regression in kml driver introduced by a change in OJ API * fix #393 : simple query plugin did not do a deep copy of features improve boolean handling in simple query plugin * fix #394 : bad geometries produced by CutPolygon Cursor tool * fix #391: Regression on RasterImageLayer about alpha channel * fix #392: Color transparency option on RasterImageLayer.class doesn't work * fix #396 on ShapefileReader so that it can read shapefile from shx as other GIS software do (committed in r4395) * oj_linux.sh fix Gentoo java version '' insufficient bug http://sourceforge.net/p/jump-pilot/feature-requests/221 * Fix a horrible bug in Buffer plugin (attributes were not preserved) * #393 : SimpleQueryPlugIn : the bug was not completely fixed : features must be cloned to be added to new Layer but not for Selection or InfoPanel * Fix #400 : Layer changed category untimely * Fix #401 : replicate selected features replicated 2 times * #319 and #399 deactivate the ctrl feature used to limit selection to the selected layers because it is buggy and it is not compatible with quasi-mode tool (ctrl already used to switch to select tool) * Fix #390 : selection lost if layer is moved * Fix #402 : (regression after the fix of #390) * shx file was not closed * Sextante raster layers: fixed bug in nodata color handling when using symbology. * fix bug in dbf writer described in http://sourceforge.net/p/jump-pilot/mailman/message/34210973/ * fix bug #406 wrong message "layers not saved" * fix a bug in shapefile charset management (dbf field length was sometimes too short to store strings with accentuated characters) * Raster styles: some bugs fixed. * SelectOneItemTool : fix #404 (could select a feature juset deleted) * improve .cpg handling for shapefile/dbf format * fix a bug with charset option (could be checked but not visible in "save dataset as" panel) * fix #408 bug about ColorThemingStyle * fix "WFS plugin does not set Content-Type for GetFeature" * Fixed bug when reading ASCII grid cell value * Fixed bug when reading esri ASCII grid with .txt extension * Small fix in BeanshellAttributeCalculatorPlugIn * workaround for OpenJUMP bug 410 (Sextante), If nodata value is -3.40282346639E38 and min value -9999, -99999 or 1.70141E38. Those two values are displayed in red on DEMStatistic table * esri Floating Point grid header writer: bug fixed * RasterImageLayer: fixed few bugs related to overall and single cell transparency * Removed reference to IndentingXMLStreamWriter class in SLDHandler class * Fix bug #411 : plugins in attributeTable context menu was deactivated * fix inconsistency between sld management and new XBasicStyle * bugfix "renaming layers or editing attributes in attribtab executes plugin/cursortool erronously via shortcut" and bugfix #366 "Copy/paste not working in LayerNamePanel" * bugfix #403 "Make layer editable from AttributeTable..." * Fixed bug in GridFloat class: now channels and streams are closed after writing of grid is completed. * fix FeatureInfoTool did not respect wms 1.3.0 axis order PLUS edition * add CTSPlugIn in PLUS distribution * added WFS plugin to CORE and it's libs to PLUS, will hence be enabled in PLUS only * Upgraded Sextante PlugIn * update kml driver to 0.2.4 - reenable loading of kmz files * update SetAttributes extension to version 0.6 : right-click on the button now displays a rich text tooltip containing the button parameters. Add a backgroundColor attribute for the buttons * update SetAttributes extension to version 0.6.1 : shorter initial delay for right-click tooltip * update SetAttributes PlugIn to 0.7.0 * Added Measure Toolbox Extension version 11 to OpenJUMP Plus Documentation is available here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/opensit /files/Openjump/PlugIn/MeasureExtension/Measure%20toolbox_11.pdf/download * added Nicolas Ribot's Oracle Spatial Datastore Extension to CORE activates in PLUS as it needs DBQuery's *gt2-oracle-spatial-2.x.jar* also *ojdbc6.jar* must be downloaded and installed manually because * add MariaDB jdbc to lib/plus/dbdatastore/ * updated to sqlite-jdbc- * updated to mysql-connector-java-5.1.38-bin.jar * moved db datastore jars to lib/plus/dbdatastore/ * MySQL/MariaDB improvements added @r4687: Added support for OGC spatial metadata layout (geometry_columns table listing geometric tables) Kept native support if OGC tables not found (extent, srid) Changed query to get layer extent, now based on aggregate query on table. Changed native geometry binary format detection: MySQL format stores SRID in the first 4 bytes of the blob. * SQLite OGC GeoPackage support added @r4701: binary geometry type and metadata tables support. * finetuned wfs httpclient access, unified proxy and auth handling * wfs request is now buffered to disk for optimal performance * wfs item count is now limited by RAM only
Source: readme.txt, updated 2016-03-13

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