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******************************************************************************* Version 1.10 release rev.5336 (released on 27. January 2017) ******************************************************************************* 1 - License ******************************************************************************* OpenJUMP is distributed under the GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2). 2 - Installation ******************************************************************************* You can use the shiny installer OpenJUMP-Installer-*.exe (for Windows) OpenJUMP-Installer-*.jar (for Linux & Mac) Or Extract the portable zip file distribution. OpenJUMP-Portable-*.zip 3 - Running ******************************************************************************* To start OpenJUMP run the launcher for your platform from the <appfolder>/bin directory. - On Windows, double-click on oj_windows.bat or OpenJUMP.exe - On Linux/Unix, launch oj_linux.sh - On MacOSX, launch oj_mac.command or OpenJUMP.app 4 - Editions ******************************************************************************* OpenJUMP comes in 2 flavors: CORE application core (only free software/open source components) vector formats read JML, GeoJSON, GML, SHP, WKT write JML, GeoJSON, GML, SHP, WKT raster formats (georeferencing per world file or GeoTIFF) read BMP, DCX, FPX, GIF, JB2, JBIG2, JPEG, PAM, PBM, PCX PGM, PNG, PNM, PPM, PSD, TGA, TIFF, WBMP, XBM, XPM write JPG, PNG SkyPrinter Print Plugin (PDF, Printer) PLUS - extended release, consisting of CORE plus SVG write support DXF read/write support additional image readers (ImageIO Ext) Geoarbores Vertex Symbols Collection ECW and JPEG2000 Read Support for Windows, Linux, MacOSX with 32bit java Spatial Datastore read support for H2GIS*, MariaDB, MySQL, Oracle*, PostGIS, Spatialite**, Sqlite (*jdbc/**native driver not included) write support for PostGIS MariaDB, MySQL, PostGIS, Sqlite jdbc driver (needed for the above) and the following plugins Aggregation PlugIn BeanShell Editor CSV driver Concave Hull CTS extension (reprojection support) DXF driver Five Color Map Coloring Graph Extension Jump Chart JUMP DB Query (advanced SQL shell db access) Jump Fill Pattern KML Driver (skyjump) Measure Toolbox OSM Driver Printer (cadplan) Pirol Csv Dataset SetAttributes Sextante Tools & Algorithms Topology Extension Vertex Note Vertex Symbols WFS Extension 5 - Changes ******************************************************************************* Version 1.10 release rev.5336 (released on 27. January 2017) Highlights * Switch compiler source and target to java 1.7 * GeoJSON read/write support added, sponsored by Jukka Rahkonen * SimpleQuery : spatial queries are now very fast (use of spatial indexes) * Add zoom shortcuts to status bar. a) Double clicking on scale section opens Zoom to scale plugin b) Double clicking on coordinate section opens Zoom to coordinates plugin * new option in EditOptionPanel to select the just drawn geometry * PLUS - Add Sextante Data Explorer, Pick Coordinates plugin - Enhanced Sextante Help New Features * Add a new PlugInClassLoader to keep all classes in one to circumvent issues resulting in non working instanceof's or missing classes * Extended Sextante Raster Capabilities to read Bitmap (BMP) and JP2000 (JP2) raster files * Add brand new shiny SaveWizardPlugin, which is supposed to eventually replace the outdated SaveDatasetAsPlugIn adding the possibility to install further datasource writers allowing to save easily to different datasource stores, hopefully databases, WFS, archives or the likes in the future * FR #237 : add an option in ViewOptionsPlugIn to synchronize/desynchronize selection in LayerView AttributePanel (synchronized by default) * GeometryFunctions : add Visvalingam-Whyatt simplifier * Add two plugins to generate random values in an attribute * Add a selection mode to select features with a Multi-Geometry type * Add 3 functions in GeometryFunction plugin - Simplifier (Remove small segments) - Remove Holes (FR #248) - Remove Small Holes * Make GML/JML reader cancellable and show already parsed featcount * Add a BeanTool to search for a plugin in the menus Improvements * Adopt java 5 style for feature package (generics, foreach loops) * Improve RemoveSpike plugin an move RemoveSpike and MakeValid plugins to Tools > QA submenu * Enhanced version of RasterImageLayerPropertiesPlugIn: 1) New info HTML table "a la" GvSIG style 2) Faster info checker (all cell statistic related to Sextante raster image have been removed as alredy embedded into Raster Statistic plugin 3) Added a limited projection checker < see other details into org.openjump.core.ui.util.ProjUtils.class 4) Added a Raster Transparency panel * Add build-helper-maven-plugin in maven to be able to run tests located in jumptest package * Update JDOM dependency to JDOM2 (used in java2xml) * upgraded junit & imageio-ext to latest stable versions * FR 233: wfs layer, add SRIDStyle using loading crs's epsg id * Rename LineSimplifyJTS15AlgorithmPlugIn to SimplifyWithJTSAlgorithm Now works for every kind of geometry and always use PreserveTopology version * SpatialDatabase : small patch to avoid trying to read wkt as wkb * Add an improved version of Layer Properties plugin * Fix bugs in WritableDataStoreDataSource * Postgis writer : deprecate vacuum analyze as it may takes too much time, must be driven by the server, not the client * Update TopologyExtension to 0.8.2. * Update TopologyExtension to 0.9.0. * Extended coordinate reference system detection on loading files (vector and image) if these have an auxiliary .prj or .aux file. The SRID code is saved as SRIDStyle * Extends WritableDataStoreDataSource capabilities to H2 DataStore * File projection detection: Added IGNF and IGN Géoportail codes * File projection detection: Added measure units * FR #235 : Improved ExtractLayersByGeometryPlugIn * Improve MoveSelectedLayerable to another category * Refactoring of EditOptionsPanel + add single editable layer option * EditOptions are now persistent except rolling back invalid edits which is activated by default (in OpenJumpConfiguration) * Update ImageIO-Ext to 1.1.16 * Downgrade ImageIO-Ext TIFF plugin to 0.1.13 because of a persisting bug from 0.1.14-0.1.16 described on jpp-devel https://sourceforge.net/p/jump-pilot/mailman/message/35425922/ * JoinTableFromExistingLayerPlugIn can now join on any attribute type * autowrap Toolbar if the workbench frame gets too small to fit all entries in one line * Writable PostGIS driver apply a ST_Multi transformation to geometries if it detected that the distant table has a MultiGeometry constraint * Deactivate the misleading disjoint predicate in query and join plugins * #FR 249 - add "intersects interior point" and "interior point intersects" in query and join predicates * New windows exe launcher (2nd trial), that plainly runs the batch file w/o need for jre in path to do so * Create new layer was not active in Aggregation PlugIn (extension analysis) * Join Table : do not join null values any more * Sort the list of SRS in WMS layer SRS chooser + fix some I18N * RotateSelectedItemTool shows rotation center as point shape if this has been set (shift option) * upgrade commons-lang to version 3.5 * upgrade to commons-io 2.5, commons-codec 1.10, commons-compress 1.12 release notes assure backwards compatibility afa we are concerned * Prevent addition of a second attribute with the same name in FeatureSchema Bug Fixes * Fix #414 "Image Layer Resizing lost after loading project" jml save files for referenced images ignored their saved geometry on reopen * Fix regression introduced after 1.9.1 release in shapefile (cpg) reader * Improve MakeValid plugin (correction of geometries in place) * Fix a bug preventing updates with WritableDataSource in some cases * Handling of .aux.xml files associated to tiff files changed: now if the .aux.xml file exists, the statistics are added to it, instead of just replacing its content. * Remove the 1.124 factor to compute -Xmx as the memory used by the os/jvm may vary from one version to another and using that much memory may crash the jvm. * Fix a problem with z interpolation in Noder plugin (note : there is still a bug related to JTS when using a PrecisionModel of 0 decimal - scale=1) * Fix #420 (many feature labels were lost with svg export) * Fix bug: save dataset warns before overwriting an existing file now also when the ok button is pressed only * Save dataset now respects doubleclicking a file and enter like open dialog did already * Fix bug : old postgis driver could not save layer with pk != dbid * Fix bug happening when modifying schema two times with InfoPanel opened * Postgis writer : create the sequence in the same schema as the table * Postgis writer : normalize index name * Make RemoveSpikePlugIn more robust * Dxf writer has been broken for a while. It is fixed with 0.8.1 but it can no more save several files at a time * Fix bug introduced in r5032 in postgis reader * Fix #431 : Save project with unsaved layers * fix #428 (introduced during ProjUtil refactoring) * Fix #433 throwing exception when applying scale limits in bad order * Optimization : changeStyle was applying the new style two times * Fix #432 Non-writable datasource (zipped, datastore...) : add prompt to detach the source in EditablePlugIn * Fix #436 : make invisible layers not editable. * Fix editablePlugIn when AttributeTable or InfoFrame are opened * Statistic tools : clean code, extend capabilities, null handling * Fix dialog box in PlanarGraphPlugIn * Fix #438 Exception while saving the project before closing application * Fix #439 MakeValid now uses SymDifference instead of difference to repair overlapping holes (which corresponds what is displayed on screen) * Fix #442 Missing unsaved layers warning in SaveProjectPlugIn * Fix #441 Missing file overwrite warning in SaveLayersWithoutDataSourcePlugIn * Fix #353 Dialogs do not use preferred size on dual screen * made toolbars nonfloatable, which never was supported properly anyway * #447 fix illegal character writing in jml * fix #440 about shift-selection problem between layerView and attributePanel * fix #449 severe regression in "save project as" introduced in r5178 * fix #450: Zoombar/Edittoolbox checkbox menu item de-synchronized when toolbar is closed manually * fix #453 about closing ChangeRasterStyle dialog (related to #433) PLUS edition * upgrade set-attribute plugin to v0.7.1 * Upgrade cts plugin to 1.4.0 (add finnish projections, fix bugs) * PLUS: update ImageIO-Ext to 1.1.15, GDAL binding to 2.1.0 * Upgraded Sextante (Correct bug #410. Added Sextante Data Explorer) * Upgrade graph extension to java1.7 and jgrapht0.9.2 (OpenJUMP PLUS) * Add SkeletonPlugIn to graph extension (OpenJUMP PLUS) * Add ViewManager extension (v0.3.4) in OpenJUMP PLUS version * October Sextante sprint code: - Added Sextante Data Explorer and Pick Coordinates plugins - Better integration between OpenJUMP and Sextante data model - Upgraded documentation with a new help dialog style - Fix bugs #410 and #427 * Sextante: activated Sextante help for single algorithms * Sextante: Sextante tables are decoded from OJ vector files with all features with empy geometries * new upgrade of Sextante OpenJUMP binding that solves bugs #445 and #446 * upgraded ColorChooser plugin to version 0.7. The plugin adds an extr attribute ("COLOR") with indexed colors for Autocad export compatibility * New version of ColorChooser (0.8) - Added Color picker tool - Rewrite color panel to extend to 255 autocad Index colors - Tooltips now show correct color in 3 ways: autocad Index color, hexadecimal and decimal RGB * Update Aggregation extension to 0.2.10 (fix bug in dialog initialization) * PLUS add Map Coloring Plugin 0.5 (style by Five Color Theorem) * Upgrade GraphToolBox to 0.4.0 for PLUS version
Source: readme.txt, updated 2017-02-06

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