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Documentation is included in the software package, but online versions as well as other documents are available here: http://judoshiai.sourceforge.net/ Versions: Windows: judoshiai-setup-n.n.exe Linux (Debian based): judoshiai_n.n-1_amd64.deb Raspberry Pi: judoshiai_n.n-1_armhf.deb ============================================== RELEASE NOTE VERSION 2.7 JudoShiai ---------- + Year 2018 rules. + Support for right-to-left languages like Hebrew. + Max number of tatamis has been increased to 20 (requires powerful hardware). JudoTimer --------- + Year 2018 rules. JudoWeight ---------- + Scale calibration table. ============================================== RELEASE NOTE VERSION 2.6.1 JudoShiai ---------- + Team event related bug fix. + Team event round robin system three way tie is resolved by match times. + Uploading results to a server supports protocols FTP, HTTP PUT, and HTTP POST. + Properties window made a scrolled window. + Competitor import from a text file detects UTF-8 coding automatically. ============================================== RELEASE NOTE VERSION 2.6 Common ------ + There are new rules starting from the beginning of the 2017. Both JudoShiai and JudoTimer has been changed accordingly. There has been lots of old setting to support past rules. Some of them have been removed for clarity. It is quite unlikely that for example koka will ever come back (well, IJF is unpredictable...). + Support for Chinese/Japan/Korean and other UTF-8 supported fonts. JudoShiai ---------- + Support for year 2017 rules. + Some legacy settings removed. + No possibility to manually give points any more. Give scores and they will be translated to correct points. + Easier category properties editing (open category, click Edit button). + Properties per category. + JudoShiai display layout setting per category. + Team event setup improved ("wizard"). + If team event match set ends with same number of wins and points an extra match will be created automatically. + Support for Lisp language in SVG files. + Automatic software updates from JudoShiai. + Page size selection for accreditation card printing. + Maximum number of competitor increased to 4096. JudoTimer ---------- + Support for year 2017 rules. + Some legacy settings removed. + Sonomama removed. Logic of the clocks has changed a little bit: stop the clock and also osaekomi clock stops. Start the shiai clock again and osaekomi clock starts, too. + Score points flash on the board while osaekomi clock is running. A separate score letter is not needed anymore. + timer-custom.txt has been modified to resemble IJF scoreboard. + Country text and leg grab added to timer-custom.txt. + Customized scoreboards can use pictures (yellow and red cards) for shidos instead of numbers (like IJF scoreboard). + Clocks can be set using mouse wheel. + Display layout file can have preferences data. Web based JudoInfo, JudoWeight, and JudoTimer --------------------------------------------- + Web based applications have been rewritten using Javascript. Applications utilize Websockets, that is supported in the most recent browsers only. IE is not supported at all, but it may or may not work. Basic testing has been done using Chrome and Firefox. ============================================== RELEASE NOTE VERSION 2.5 Common ------ + Communication changed. JudoShiai ---------- + Moved (freezed) matches are shown on Category tab. + Menu added to Category tab (show sheet, move matches, unfreeze matches). + Menu item added to Competitors tab (move matches to other tatamis). + Properties option added to restrict available places in knock out systems. For n competitors only places 1...n are used. + Matches tab shows round number of the match. + Match order by round number. + IJF round robin points supported. + Brackets show score points instead of round robin points. JudoTimer ---------- + Match round number information added. JudoInfo ---------- + Bracket display added. In addition of displaying the next matches it is possible to display the bracket with the ongoing fight highlighted. Browser based JudoInfo ----------------------- + Info can show one tatami with a bracket where the ongoing match is highlighted. It is possible to have your own layout design. ============================================== RELEASE NOTE VERSION 2.4.1 Common ------ + Web browser based timer and info. Connect to port 8088. + Bug fixes. JudoShiai ---------- + Match time editing. + Optionally resolve 3 way tie by match times. + Printing does not block other operations. JudoTimer ---------- + Problems with transparency related menu texts visibility fixed. ============================================== RELEASE NOTE VERSION 2.4 Common ------- + Migration from GTK2 to GTK3. + More SSDP sending for node discovery. + German translation enhanced JudoShiai ---------- + Better communication information. + Competitor's index visible in the header. + DB writing faster. + Accreditation card printing to default printer without dialog. + Window theme tuning using CSS files. + Customized competition systems. + Team events. + New double pool system for Finnish team events. + Database backup is made after each remote weight setting. + JudoInfo texts get update if competitor's name is changed. + Pool letters added to knock-out systems. + Page numbering added to sheets. + Category parameter change is updated to JudoTimers immediatelly. + Number of the category's contest area added to SVG templates. + Bug fixes (grade printing). JudoTimer ---------- + Judogi control display. + Country flags, first name, and control added to competitor advertisement. + Master mode removed. Now normal mode works like master mode. + Most of the mouse and keyboard input is disabled in slave mode. + Better communication with slave timer. + Layout template enhancements (transparency, background picture, conditional visibility). + Unnecessary features removed (VLC control, blue first, no koka). JudoInfo --------- + JudoInfo can send its display as a mjpeg stream that can be further processed by ffmpeg. JudoWeight ----------- + SVG based label printing. + Password protected manual weight setting. + Better feedback display. ============================================== RELEASE NOTE VERSION 2.3.1 Common ------- + German language added. + Support for 64 bit compilation. + Result texts language bug fixed. JudoShiai ---------- + Coach display enhancements. + Program is a little bit faster. JudoInfo ---------- + Support for SVG templates. ================================================= RELEASE NOTE VERSION 2.3 Common ------- JudoShiai ---------- + Settings divided to Properties (saved in the database) and Preferences. + Comment and Coach ID fields added to database. + Setting for 3-way tie. + Double/Triple/Quad pool doesn't continue if 3-way tie. Category name turns red. + Support for customised SVG sheets. + Sheets in web results can be printed in SVG format. + Web page for coach info. + Weights can be imported from another shiai. + Best of three is now a separate competition system. + IJF double repechage has been renamed to IJF quarter final repechage. + Categories starting with underscore (_) are ignored from drawing and results. + Categories starting with '?' are ignored from results. + Competitors from the same club will have the first match in pool systems. + Score points printing added for SVG brackets. + Flags printing added for SVG brackets. + Brackets utilizes javascript to be more interactive. + Built-in FTP client to copy results to a server. + Support for Estonian one bronze system. + New rule: If equal score less shido wins. + Results in Polish. + Competitor can be moved to a drawn category. + Blue category name background if extra competitors in category. + Extra competitor's name in blue. + Category draw editing added. + Competitors position visible in Competitors tab. + Score points editing added (tatami tab). + Score points format changed from IWYKS to IWY/S. + Category default values partly updated (ages for cadets and juniors, no timelimit for golden score). + New property: Win in golden score always gives one point. + Danish defaults updated. JudoTimer ---------- + Support for video replay. + Possibility to give hansokumake. It means losing only the match, not disqualification from the tournament. + New rule: Shorter osaekomi times. + New rule: 'Equal score less shido wins' added. + New rule: 'Shido gives no score to the opponent' added. + New rule: Golden Score option 'No time limit' added. + VideoLAN control to embed score points and clocks on video screen. + New keyboard shortcuts. JudoWeight ----------- + Grade added to competitor data.
Source: README, updated 2017-12-31