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= About = JSLint Plugin for Notepad++ allows you to run JSLint (The JavaScript Code Quality Tool) against your open JavaScript files. Website: JSLint Plugin for Notepad++ Copyright 2010 Martin Vladic. Based on JSLint by Douglas Crockford ( JSLint Copyright 2002 Douglas Crockford. = Release Notes = This is beta version. Tested and works with Notepad++ version 5.7+; it also may work with older versions. = Installation = Copy JSLintNpp.dll (or JSLintNppA.dll if you are using ANSI version) into your Notepad++ Plugins folder. You will need to re-start Notepad++ afterward. = Getting Started = 1. Open your JavaScript file in Notepad++ 2. To JSLint your file select menu option "Plugins - JSLint - JSLint Current File" or press shortcut key Ctrl+Shift+F5. 3. All errors (if such exists) that are found in your file will be displayed in list in dockable window at the bottom of Notepad++ main window; document is automatically scrolled at the position of the first found error. 4. Double-click on errors in the list to view them inside document; or you can press Ctrl+Shift+F8 repeatedly to view errors. You can play with different JSLint options by choosing menu option "Plugins - JSLint - JSLint Options". = Files = README.txt - This file JSLintNpp.dll - Unicode version of plugin JSLintNppA.dll - ANSI version of plugin = History = 0.7.1 - Bug fixed: version 0.7.0 doesn't read JSLint options from version 0.6.0 0.7.0 - JSLint plugin now reports unused variables. ("The variables that are declared in the function that are not used. This may be an indication of an error.") - JSLint script updated to version from 2011-10-11 0.6.0 - V8 JavaScript engine replaced WScript.exe, meaning *major* performance boost - JSLint script updated to version from 2011-08-15 - JSLint plugin is now able to handle HTML text and inspect CSS files - Changes in JSLint Options dialog to reflect changes in updated JSLint script - New Settings dialog (choose menu option Plugins - JSLint - Settings); here you can download latest version of JSLint to experiment with newer version of JSLint, before plugin is updated. 0.5.0 - JSLint script updated to version from 2011-04-28 0.4.0 - JSLint script updated to version from 2011-01-28 - Added context menu in list control - Easily add predefined globals (Ticket ID 3159082) - Bug Fixes 0.3.1 - Bug fixes - List control now supports multiple selection (use Ctrl+A to select all lints) - Added clipboard copy for the selected lints (use Ctrl+C) 0.3.0 - New option "Predefined (, separated)" added in Options dialog; this option should be used to specify the names of predefined global variables - Added toolbar button that opens Options dialog - JSLint script updated to version from 2010-12-23 0.2.1 - Configuration is now saved in AppData directory (or in whatever directory is returned by NPPM_GETPLUGINSCONFIGDIR message) 0.2.0 - Memory leaks fixed - Toolbar added to the JSLint dockable window - Visibility state of the JSLint dockable window is now preserved after restart - Shortcuts changed (to avoid clashes with existing shortcuts of Notepad++) 0.1.1 - Bug fixes 0.1.0 - Initial release
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