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Version 1.6.1 ------------- * page number out of the range means the last page in the visible signatures (contrary to the first one used in previous versions) Version 1.6.0 ------------- * Added support for changing TSA hash algorithm - default value can be configured in conf/ - new GUI input field added to TSA configuration dialog - new CLI option "-tsh" added to batch mode Version 1.5.4 ------------- * No code change! * Recompiled 1.5.3 - a wrong jsignpdf-itxt library version was used there (=> Broken TSA support) Version 1.5.3 ------------- * Fixed PKCS11 - It didn't work in GUI because of a bug in unregistering SunPKCS11 provider (It was called too early.) * Verifier - added exit code 10 when no signature field is present in the PDF Version 1.5.2 ------------- * Exit codes and usage of -ff option fixed in Verifier * Disable fallbacks for key alias lookup in JSignPdf. Originally if the alias name was given and the alias didn't exist in the keystore, then the first key in the selected keystore was used. Version 1.5.1 ------------- * Added support for signature field placeholders in custom signature text (L2 text). Possible values are - ${signer} - ${timestamp} - ${location} - ${reason} - ${contact} Version 1.5.0 ------------- * Improved Preview functionality * Fixed certificates handling in signature verification - make the OCSP verification more robust Version 1.4.5 ------------- * Fixed non-working --crl option when using CLI (batch mode) Version 1.4.4 ------------- * Newly registered SunPKCS11 security provider is removed at the end of the program (to avoid hangs in accessing security tokens second time) Version 1.4.3 ------------- * Fixed NullPointerException occuring when signing encrypted PDFs in batch mode Version 1.4.2 ------------- * Fixed signing of password protected PDFs Version 1.4.1 ------------- * CLI improvements and bug-fixes for TSA authentication Version 1.4.0 ------------- * certificate based encryption * certificate based authentication (TSA servers) * GUI components visibility improved * Greek translation from Vassilis Michalitsis Version 1.3.0 ------------- * reporting (status messages) are logged by Log4J appenders * GUI components visibility improved (e.g. for WINDOWS-MY keystore) * wildcard (*,?) support in PDF names when using batch signing * Updated dependencies (Java runtime for Windows version 6u30, Apache commons libraries) * Mac OS X test support (dmg) * documentation updates Version 1.2.6 ------------- * fixed bug in handling CLI option "-pr DISALLOW_PRINTING" Version 1.2.5 ------------- * fix for removing existing signatures Version 1.2.4 ------------- * Verifier and SignatureCounter tools description added to documentatio * SignatureCounter exit codes improved in CLI (codes described in documentation) * Verifier updates for OCSP validation * signing fails if PDF version update is not possible (prints only an eror message) Version 1.2.3 ------------- * fix signatures "append mode" processing in command-line version Version 1.2.2 ------------- * program exit codes improved in CLI (codes described in documentation) Version 1.2.1 ------------- * updated French translation (David Ruelle) * fixed handling of misconfigured keystore * chapter "Changing the application language" added to the documentation Version 1.2.0 ------------- * added French (David Ruelle) and Polish (Zbig Wittmann) translations * contact field can be specified from command line * other improvements introduced in beta versions (see for 1.1.9, 1.1.10) Version 1.1.10 test (1.2.0 beta2) -------------- * Bigger Verifier improvements (from A. Stojsavljevic) * new command line tool added: SignatureCounter * fixed wrong spelling of RenderMode.DESCRIPTION_ONLY enum instance (thanks to Jiri Lisicky for reporting) Version 1.1.9 test (1.2.0 beta) ------------- * Support for PKCS11 initialization (additional configuration in * Verifier improvements * Added option to control which layers will be generated in visible signature (Acrobat 6 layer mode) * Font size setting applied also for "Signature name and description" display mode as a maximal allowed size * Java Runtime Environment update (6u24) * setting default OCSP server URL Version 1.1.1 ------------- * checking known critical extensions is disabled by default in * added some "well-known" certificate critical extension OIDs * created l4j.ini files for exe launchers - JRE options are configurable now Version 1.1.0 ------------- * fine grained control of certificate display through file * support for setting custom Policy OID in TSA requests * fixed setting hash algorithm from command line Version 1.0.3 ------------- * additional windows launchers JSignPdfC.exe and Verify.exe * Append mode is the default for not-encrypted PDF documents * added previous/next buttons for changing the page in PDF preview window * fixed page numbering in PDF preview Version 1.0.2 ------------- * added command line option --load-properties-file (-lpf) added * embedded JRE for Windows (Java 6, 32-bit) * improvements of Install Cert Tool Version 1.0.1 ------------- * fixes keystore handling in simple view Version 1.0.0 ------------- * implements PDF preview & selecting position of visible signature using mouse * adds support for Certificate Revocation Lists (CRL) * provides support for selecting hash algorithm (depends on cryptographic provider for selected keystore type) * adds keystore types provided by BouncyCastle cryptographic library * checks if a certificates are valid and if they're intended for signing * includes proxy support for TSA, OCSP and CRL * font used in visible signatures can be changed (using conf/ file) * fixes removing old signatures in non-append mode * fixes embedding font of visible signature if the input PDF is in version 1.2 * adds tool for installing trusted certificate to default Java keystore (InstallCert Tool) Version 0.9.8 ------------- * output prefix and suffix can be empty in batch mode - can use the same filename if output goes to different directory Version 0.9.7 (bugfix release) ------------- * fixes password handling in simple view (caused *KeyException for PKCS#12 keystores) * Output PDF filename field can be left empty in a GUI, then is automatically used the value from Input PDF suffixed with "_signed" (e.g. test.pdf->test_signed.pdf) Version 0.9.6 ------------- * it's version 0.9.5 with small fixes * TSA & OCSP command line switches Version 0.9.5 (not public) ------------- * support for timestamp server * OCSP support * Contact field added * fix non-unique key aliases in WINDOWS-MY keystore * improvements in command-line version: - possibility to load default property file (-lp parameter) - selecting key by index (e.g. because of national character in key alias, -ki parameter) Version 0.9 ------------- * embedded Unicode font for Layer 2 texts in visible signature (fix for i18n and PDF/A specification) * additional option for setting font size in visible signature Version 0.8 ------------- * command line support (batch mode) * upgraded libraries (iText 2.1.5, Apache Commons CLI 1.2) * new launcher for windows with splash screen (using launch4j) * bug fixies Version 0.7 ------------- * support for visible signatures Version 0.5.1 ------------- * fix for Java 5 (version 0.5 used feature available only in Java 6) Version 0.5 ----------- * support for PDF security (encryption, rights) * certification level support * "append signature" support * windows installer (with bundled JRE) Version 0.2 ----------- * initial release * Adding digitally signatures to (not encrypted) PDFs * Add-On * Swing UI
Source: README.txt, updated 2014-09-16