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JPPF makes it easy to parallelize computationally intensive tasks and execute them on a Grid What's new in JPPF 3.2.3 Bug fixes JPPF-122 JMX connection threads leak in the driver JPPF-123 NPE at driver startup when jppf.ssl.server.port = -1 JPPF-125 Selection in job data panel does not update the buttons state JPPF-126 Job cancelled from the admin console may get stuck in the server queue JPPF-130 Job hang when loading a large number of classes with multiple nodes JPPF-131 JPPF client does not release JMX thread upon connection failure Enhancements JPPF-118 Improvements in NodeExecutionManagerImpl To browse an issue, use the URL<issue_number> JPPF Links: Web Site: Downloads: Documentation: User forums: Issue tracker: project page:
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