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  • Everything I could ask for, in a image viewing program.. very happy user here. It has a massive amount of functionality, for a very small size. Very small, and effecient and works great. Signed up on SourceForge just to leave this comment (and post in the discussion section). Keep up the good work.

  • This is very handy image editor. I now make a "best of" compilation from family old video archive. To generate bright and loud mp4/h264 videos I use Mp4 Video 1 Click for Windows. To make cover images for videos, I use JPEGView.

  • One of the best image viewers out there: great design--both interface and functionality, pretty fast navigation, and very lightweight. It should be noted that the option to browse pictures with the mouse wheel (i.e. "NavigateWithMouseWheel") instead of the built-in mappings--MouseX1/X2 and PgUp/Dn, is _not_ in the KeyMap.txt but rather in JPEGView.ini, which needs to be assigned true. Thanks.

  • Spartan, loving it.

  • Hello, this is very useful application. 5 stars for me. Furthermore, recently I used KrojamSoft PhotoViewerPro so I strongly recommend it for Windows 10 as it has great features. Thanks.

  • Hello, I write them because it is mistranslated into Spanish, where it says "Máscara de Desenfoque" is exactly the opposite, a "Máscara de Enfoque". Please correct.

  • I use JPEGView as my first program to quick sort my pictures fresh from the camera and make some basic edition, crop, resize, rotation... I have not found anything that simple and that effective to do so in Windows! It is possible to add some more key combinations in order to access functions without going through the menu by editing the KeyMap.txt file (well described in the "Readme" file.) I just needed to add a line with "Ctrl+G IDM_CHANGESIZE" to the file in order to go strait to the "Transform image>Change size" pop-up window. A very good piece of software!

  • Have been looking for an open source image viewer for awhile to replace ACDSee. This comes close to the speed of ACDSee and works very well as a simple viewer. Being able to customize the interface (keyboard mapping and program behavior) makes this a very useful viewer. It would be nice if the pixel size of the image could be displayed in the window title.

  • Very fast viewer with basic features like "Crop", "Resize" and "Rotate" (also lossless for JPEGs). Perfect for people like me, who don't need a big GUI or toolbar to open images. It is just incredible fast, even on slow systems.

  • This is everything I would want from a image viewer. It's simple, minimal and has a good feature set. The only two problems I have is the nav bar, I personally disabled it. I found it took too long to hide, and all its functions could be performed through the right click menu. Some bitmap images don't render correctly, A few that I took with a mod in GTA San Andreas, render with discolouration all over the image.

  • Everything I ever wanted from an image viewer so far.

  • Firstly, excellent program. It's my default viewer. Secondly, I'd like to echo the request below for "always on top." I was quite surprised to find that it wasn't present when I needed it.

  • It's my favorite image viewer by far. Even as a recent linux user (I could leave Wind*ws behind at last!) I keep using it. It's simply unbeatable! Thx so much!

  • Thank you for your outstanding work, This app is very excellent. but, Can you add some more feature? 1. I like "always on top", I always work with an image as a reference. 2. I hope I can click and drag to move it, not select a region for now. 3. Last, I hope I can double click middle button to close it.

  • Superb little piece of software. I cannot stand Windows 7 image viewer with it's horrible clunky borders, I just want a basic frame to see my pictures in with no superfluous distractions. This software does it just lovely, nice and simple design.

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  • Awesome. I was looking for a tool that would just let me view images. Nothing more. Looks like Windows 10 Photos can't do it (no full screen except for slide show, and broken navigation). This one can. And even more than that, it doesn't get in my way when I view my photos, which is far more than I'd expect. Lacks image browser, but do we need it when every decent file manager can act as one?

  • Best of the best, faster image viewer for windows.

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  • Fast and useful

  • This is just the one I've been looking for.

  • Fantastic simple tool, perfect for viewing and small corections (rotate, crop, color adjustement, change perspective) as well as excellent resampling of bloated JPEG files. I would love: a command to batch-resample JPEG files from command line or GUI

  • Simple to use, intuitive image editing software.

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  • Nice

  • perfect non-intrusive viewer. No installation - just unpack and go. Maybe for very-very beginners it is too challenging to find the .exe but anyone who can navigate and extract files will not have a problem with this. And a damn site faster and simply fewer clicks than the windows8.x default image viewer. I quite like windows8.x but often I wonder whether Microsoft has major shares in mice cos it really needs more mouse clicks to do things than in windowsXP.

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  • While JPEGView bills itself as an image viewer, and it does that impressively well, I have found it quite useful for other tasks. It's great for tweaking the luminosity of my photographs, particularly in brightening shadows and darkening highlights. Of course, other software do that too but JPEGView 1.0.33 offers the greatest ease and flexibility. Particularly nice is seeing the histogram dynamically change as one moves the various sliders.

  • Simply the best image viewer for Windows

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