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JPARSEC Manager --------------- (C) Copyright T. Alonso Albi - OAN (Spain), 2008 - 2009. Introduction ------------ This software contains a library of advanced astronomical computations and a program (JPARSEC Manager) to manage any aplication developed with the library. This is the main user front-end to the library. It runs on the Java 2 Platform. The package includes a Java Runtime Environtment (JRE) version 1.6 for both Linux and Windows. The software has two parts: the library itself, that can be used to create powerful astronomical applications, and the manager system and the rest of applications with GUIs created with the library, that can be installed, updated, and executed directly from the manager. The software (JPARSEC library, the manager, and the associated applications) are distributed under the terms of the GPL license. A copy of this license is included in the distribution. This software contains third party libraries, that in some cases have been modified to extend or improve it funcionality. This includes the JFreeChart, SGT, and JMathPlot libraries, that are installed on /lib subdirectory inside the distribution. Modified source code is included in the corresponding files jcommon-1.0.16.jar, sgt_v30.jar, and jmathplot.jar. The source code for JPARSEC library is included in jparsec.jar, and the source code for the JPARSEC manager and its associated applications is included in the .jar files located at the main directory and the subdirectories of the corresponding applications. More information for developers is available at Install instructions -------------------- You should have a file called install.jar. The only requirement is a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 1.5. Linux: execute the command java -jar install.jar. Windows: double clic on the file. An interactive installer will appear that will help in the process of selecting destination directory and installing the software. Proceed with care when selecting the appropriate JRE for your operating system. Launch instructions ------------------- * Linux: execute If this doesn't work, you may have to make it executable first. If the distribution does not contain a jreLin directory a java JRE 1.6 must be previously installed and the .properties file properly configured. The jreWin subdirectory can be deleted if the application is not going to be used in Windows. The typical execution command (from the program main directory) will be ./jreLin/bin/java -classpath manager.jar:jhall.jar org.oan.manager.LaunchApplication * Windows XP: double clic en exec.bat. A java JRE 1.6 must be previously installed if the distribution does not contain a jreWin directory. The jreLin subdirectory can be deleted if the application is not going to be used in Linux. The typical execution command (from the program main directory) will be .\jreWin\bin\java -classpath manager.jar;jhall.jar org.oan.manager.LaunchApplication * Mac: untested, but should work. You can create a launch script similar to the linux one, if any change is required. Compatibility between Windows XP/Linux (and maybe Mac) is ensured provided that you install all and don't delete any of the jre subdirectories of those platforms. Just copy all the contents to the new computer/operating system and execute the adequate script. Anyway, the program is daily used and tested mainly in Linux, Windows support (specially in new versions like Vista or 7) is not guarranteed. In the first execution the rest of the installation process will start. Meanwhile you should read the documentation before proceeding to installing the available models and programs.
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