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  • I use the Jstar variant of JOE for just about all my writing. My fingers are hard-wired for WordStar keystrokes and JOE is about perfect. The only feature I would like to see added is soft (dynamic) carriage returns -- so text would flow for PDF or importing into word processors. Using the "flowed" option in the configuration file (then replacing space/carriage returns with spaces) is a pretty good workaround for this (at least for writing, not sure how well it would work for programming). Still I'll take Jstar with no "dynamic" carriage returns over anything else.

  • It was my preferable text editor under Linux. Wonder it is available for Windows too.

  • Easy, fast and small.

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  • The best editor ever

  • I use wordstar keys from CP/M, I love this editor...

  • A very versatile editor.

  • English is not my native language, so forgive me if I make some mistake... ;-) Simply the best: I'm a minimalist and I love Nano, but now I go for Joe. I use Jupp+Joe, so I can have joe and invoke Jpico, Jmacs, Jstar, all updated to 2014. There are many other command line editors (Vim, Emacs, MCEdit, Ne, Diakonos...) but Joe is the best. Great Job!

  • I've used JOE for years, and love it. Great command-line editor, and my go-to scripting tool.

  • Superb...simple, and my editor of choice. I can't understand why anyone might choose VI or Emacs over this.

  • Been using Joe for some time, just love it...., simple and efective. Thanks for that!

  • I ❤ it !

  • Been using Joe for practically all my coding work. I am a fan! :)

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  • very good project, thanks!

  • Really nice project! Thanks for your job!

  • very good project

  • convenient text editor!

  • Small, simple, fast, unpacks lots of things, easy and small install... I just love this program and use it for years now. Never had any problems with it. Highly recommended!

  • Very very good. Using for a long time.

  • Typically the first thing I install on any new PC

  • I use this every single day!

  • Works great in Windows

  • Been using it for ages. Very, very useful.

  • It is good to have apps available when the computer you are working on doesn't have that type of app installed.

  • This is an excellent tool. I have used it for a while now and I have had no issues.

  • Awesome job, thanks a lot for showing

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