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  • I have been using jGnash for over 8 years. I find it perfect for my limited needs in tracking various small payments and issuing monthly PDF statements. It is reliable and simple to use, maintain and upgrade. Backup is done automatically at the end of every session. I only once had to restore following corruption (if I recall correctly it was years ago and due to a power outage) and it was quite easy to do. In summary, excellent package, thanks for producing and maintaining it.

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  • Easy to understand and not overloaded. Flexible account management. All possible money operations covered. I work with jgnash over a year and I think it's the best free tool for home finance.

  • excellent programme. But When I try to use separate files for separate financial years i.e. in my country April to March, The budget exercise is fixed from January to December. It should be flexible to coincide with my financial year. And also I am unable to import reminders from previous file. Kindly give a solution

  • I have used this app in many incarnations for over 6 years now, way back when it was small (2MB). I'm sad to see it grow so big. It is not the svelt little program I used to carry around on my 64MB Lexar Jump dirve. It used to be one java jar, now it is a whole suite and I doubt that it would even fit. I'm currently on version 2.12.0 (30MB) and getting ready to update to 2.13.5 (41MB). That being said, my flash drive is now 4GB so that isn't as big an issue, but I do save my data files to a TrueCrypt volume that lives on DropBox, so size still matters. I keep track of my checking, saving, assets, stocks and retirement accounts (13), my joint accounts with my wife (4) and my custodial accounts for my uncle (4). It is great to have a tree architecture to organize all the accounts. It is amazing to be able to transfer stuff from account to account without jumping through hoops. I love the reminders! For debts with variable amounts, I usually just set the amount to 9999.99 and then accept everything, and my balance stays RED until I fill in the actual amounts. But at least I get a reminder, and all in one place I control. I don't have to login to every account all the time to figure out what's due. I never use: the reports. budget manager, check printing, or server/client facilities. This app does take some accounting knowledge but Cavenaugh has personally answered many of my questions.

  • I have tried a number of finance packages and this is the only one to do everything I need. I don't have particularly complex accounts but I do have more than 1 to look after and I do like to keep things organsised; the ability to nest accounts is fantatic. It is quick to setup, learn and manage and is still very powerful. The tool is updated often and along with bug fixes wishes are often included.

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  • Thanks for Jgnash, it's good!

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  • After using this program for six months, I don't have any complaints. Anyone can probably learn it without knowledge of bookkeeping, except maybe for some non-intuitive concepts like prepaid expenses, undeposited funds, and split transactions. For example, if you bought both groceries and toiletries on one receipt, it would be more accurate to represent the purchase using a split transaction to separate the expenses. But YMMV, and bookkeeping is hardly a perfect science. I mean, you can prorate a utility bill over its billing period, but it's still just an estimate, you don't know how much was actually used in any particular time period.

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  • very good project, thanks!

  • This is a really good project!

  • How can I use this software in iPad ? Is there finance software for iPad if there is let me now pls

  • Love jgnash

  • Great project, thanks!

  • Excellent work.

  • Stable, powerful, yet still easy to use. Cross-platform is a lifesaver!

  • I tested almost all popular softwares related to controlling personal finance. And I can say that jGnash is the best.

  • Very good.Clean, objectiv, portable, definitly the easiest. Just missing the budget module wich, i think, is already on course. Congratulations!!

  • Simple, easy and good enough for a home based and small business

  • This is the best open source personal finance manager. Fast, robust, and does double entry accounting right (and I am a CPA). One person mentioned you cannot launch it from your menus. False - and he doesn't know anything about Java apps. You can add it to your Ubuntu menus (I did) and reference the .jar file to start it up. This blows GnuCash and KMyMoney away.

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  • the code source is really clear. Internal quality makes jGnash stable & robust

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  • Такая же как все, но плюс русская локализация

  • Best personal finance FLOSS you can get.

  • simple and functional.