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  • I Really consider this program the best program I ever used! => consider having a look at this webiste for Free Gift Cards :

  • We have been using jbilling for some time now. Provides whole array of billing features and very extensible. Due to it's modular design new features can be added relatively quickly and easily.

  • Very clean UI. User Friendly. Aesthetically pleasing. Perfectly customizable for my small business.

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  • Excellent tool for any kind of billing. Customization allows to convert application into desired application easily.

  • jBilling is in my opinion most user friendly as well as extension friendly openSource billing system. You can setup Subscription billing, pre/post paid billing the day one of your download. Extending jBilling by configuring a custom plugin and testing is just 30 minutes job. The latest release of jBilling also comes with Meta Fields feature which takes away the pain of customizing jBIlling entities (Customer, Product, Plan, Order etc) with business custom fields, thereby reducing the time for goto production. The latest 4.0 Enterprise Edition offers world class pricing support and the Telco Edition offers world class Mediation and Rating support and increased throughput with scalable mediation platform. Price Modeling on the system is taking the spreadsheet from the business team, uploading it to jBilling. Since these prices may be in thousands or 100s of thousand records, once can set up jBilling to create a Route and Nested Route based on these prices, which enhances the pricing performance in jBilling. The Telco Hosted takes away the pain of hosting jBilling locally at all. One just needs to know how to administer jBIlling and start using a PCI compliant jBilling instance for production where you charge customer's live, completing the Order to cash cycle for your business.

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  • jBilling is easily the best deal out there when it comes to an advanced billing system. For those in need of subscription and event-based (CDR) billing capabilities, there isn't a single option available on the market that is more cost-effective. In addition, the open source framework enables you to take full control and customize it to suit your needs. No black box here! It isn't difficult to figure out exactly how things work. Overall an excellent system that is far less expensive in terms of TCO than other software with the same (or even less) features; gives total visibility into all billing processes. NOTE: This software requires some technical skills in order to get it up & running, as installation and configuration are somewhat involved. That said, if you aren't afraid to roll your sleeves up and tinker, this software is definitely worth a serious look... it easily handles almost any billing use case you can throw at it.

  • The greatest aspect of JBilling is the support for customization that the company has. Allowing clients to have the product they desire. Give it a try!

  • Very easy to customize system for billing. I was able to create a billing solution in less than 2 weeks. The standard grails development environment and the plugin system made customization fast and easy to develop after some time to catch how they work. Creating more API to integrate with my existing system was also a piece of cake with the grails web services.

  • JBilling 3.0.2 Community Version(CE) has many bugs. Most critical is VAT (Taxation bug). This is a show stopper for using CE version in any production even for small ISP. The community forum is useless and non responsive. Unfurtunatelly. Otherwise, it could have been a very nice open source billing system

  • Wow! It's excellent application!

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  • Nice tool thanks

  • Excellent work.

  • Does what it should.

  • Documentation is one of the most important feature of good software. ---------------------------------- No question software is great. But not useful if it doesnt fulfill a simple task. Cannt get it working. No Help, poor documentation. I am trying to figure out how to download invoice as pdf for couple of days, but in vain. Error message says "Refer user guide". Nothing is mentioned in user guide about setting pdf output. Disaster! I ask them "PLEASE IMPROVE YOUR DOC". Even I dont see FAQ??? So thumbs up for software and thumbs down for poor doc/help.

  • This billing framework has a lot to offer - what I love most about it is that it can integrate with almost any system you throw at it. I've been using jBilling since version 2, and jBilling 3 is even better!!

  • jBilling is a great application - if you've got complex billing processes and have had trouble finding software that will accomodate you, look no further -- jBilling has the most flexible billing API ever!

  • nice intuitive gui will dig dipper into this and try into our site

  • They have very poor documentation for WSDL Communication , on web site documentation for intermediate user, not for entry level user

  • JBilling finally should help SMEs forget about the basics of billing and concentrate on flexible, timely services to market knowing the billing element will just work.