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Essential Data structures in Javascript

Collection of essential computer science data structures in Javascript. Plus some additional nifty datastructures coming in upcoming versions.

Contains basic data structures

  • Node (aliases UnaryNode) A simple node structure consisting of value, and link to next item.

    var a= new Node();
    var b= new Node();
    var c= new Node();


    b.next(null); // [Optional] This is by default

    // Now traverse the nodes using their links
    var t= a; // Start with first node
    while(t!== null) {
    t= t.next();

    Calling value() without any parameters acts like a getter to read values
    Calling next() behaves in the same way

  • BinaryNode
    Extension to Node giving access to previous

  • TernaryNode (alias TreeNode)
    Similar to BinaryNode except next is referred to as right, and previous is referred to as left

Plus some advanced data structures

  • Stack (aliases LinkedList, LIFOQueue)
    Stack is the most basic form of data structure that uses Node and provides a list into which items are pushed on top, and poped off from top.
    push, pop happens on same end providing you with a simple LIFO (Last In First Out) list of items. At any time, you can use isEmpty to check is list is empty.
    Alternatively, you can also use read-only size to determine how many items are currently in the list.

  • Queue (aliases FIFOQueue)
    Queue is another basic form of data structure representing a list into which items can be pushed on one end, and poped off the other end. This gives you a nice list of items that can be queued for LIFO (Last In First Out) processing.
    Similar to Stack, both isEmpty and size are available.

  • Dequeue (aliases Deque, Deck)
    A double-ended queue is an advanced data structure which allows push, pop from whichever end you want to. This advanced data structure provides you with a list into which you can pushFirst, or pushLast and you can popFirst, or popLast.
    To handle complex operations, at anytime you can check isEmpty, or size to determine items in the list for processing.

No external dependencies on any other libraries. To use in your page,
<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src="core_data_structures-1.0.js"></script>
A minified version is available too in case you choose to
<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src="core_data_structures-1.0.min.js"></script>

Aliases allow you to use user-friendly names to represent these data structures. Few intuitive aliases are already provided. In Javascript, everything is an object, hence you can store & retrieve any type of Javascript object onto the Stack, or Queue.

For advanced ease of use, some synonyms are allowed within these data structures as below
shift is synonymous to push on a Stack, Queue and their aliases.
unshift is synonymous to pop on a Stack,Queueand their aliases.enqueueis synonymous topushon aQueueand it's aliases.dequeueis synonymous topopon aQueue` and it's aliases.

Please feel free to use, suggest, augment as long as you honor the LICENSE.

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