The Java Curses Library (JCurses) is a library for developing text terminal based applications using Java programming language. It is implemented as a Windowing toolkit similar to AWT, but built upon the UNIX "curses" windowing system.


  • Console based windowing toolkit
  • Multicolor console output
  • Recognize single keystrokes (PG-UP, PG-DOWN,......)
  • Supports Windows and Linux, both 32 and 64-bit versions

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User Reviews

  • Never use another. Nice and simple.

  • Many thanks to the developers!

  • This project is definitely useful, and has a good start, but the code needs some love before it can be used for anything serious. The inablility to asynchonously interact with the UI event loop makes multithreaded programming with this library unsafe. For example, if you have a program that performs some asynchronous activity and wants to display its current status on the screen, there is no way to get the UI event loop to unblock from its call to getch() and safely modify the widgets. You just have to modify the widget state from your own UI thread and hope that the user doesn't choose that moment to hit a key.

  • Great projects, thank you for posting!

  • Very nice app :)

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C, Java