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Java Cobol Lexer v 1.0 8/March/2010 Contents -------- 1. jCobolLexer.jar The lexer itself. That's all you need to use in your project. 2. Source code for jCobolLexer.jar. 3. Javadoc for jCobolLexer.jar. 4. jclexer.jar Test program for jCobolLexer.jar. Run it using: java -jar jclexer [option] cobolSourceFile where option is: -t Print the token list. -s Print the reconstruct cobolsource from token list. You can compare it to the original cobolSourceFile. Warning: reconstructed source include trailing spaces where required (multi-line strings and pseudo-text). 5. Source code for jclexer.jar 6. test.cbl A fixed format cobol source file for testing. Bugs ---- Email me: Pichilemu, Chile.
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