JavaBot is a project for people to easily implement their own IRC bots. Java, being an easy language to learn and program, is well known among a lot of people. By implementing this project in Java, it allows programmers from all over the world to implement their own IRC bots without much effort and quickly.

Although not as quick as other services, these bots are fully customizable due to their open source nature. Multithreading support may come, but there is no promise that it will arrive.

JavaBot is still in a primitive mode and there are not as many features as other bots. We are currently trying to find Java developers to help us out. If you want to help us out, send any admins a message.

This project is managed without any funding, and is created solely for the purpose of helping others. If you like this bot, please spread it around the web and link others to this page. Thank you.

Our github repository is at


  • Status addition commands (halfop, op, etc.)
  • Status removal commands (dehalfop, deop, etc.)
  • Tester and non-tester mode - good for developers. Quit works in tester mode but for non-tester mode it is the function, cycle. NOTE: You must have owner status in order to forcequit the bot.
  • Kick and ban commands. Ban command comes with kick too,
  • IP lookup for domains
  • Games (5x5 version of tic tac toe, flip a coin, dice)
  • Code is organized into neat code in seperate classes.
  • ...More is coming... If you would like to add a feature, please join us as a member! We accept anyone for the role of developer or tester.
  • == This bot is still in a primitive mode, so functions are not as plentiful as others ==

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