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JasperStarter-1.0.1-Setup.exe 2013-01-29 32.0 MB 2013-01-29 37.3 MB
jasperstarter-1.0.1-bin.tar.bz2 2013-01-29 34.0 MB
JasperStarter-1.0.0-Setup.exe 2013-01-13 30.5 MB 2013-01-13 35.6 MB
jasperstarter-1.0.0-bin.tar.bz2 2013-01-13 32.5 MB
JasperStarter-1.0-RC2-Setup.exe 2013-01-03 30.2 MB
JasperStarter-1.0-RC1-Setup.exe 2012-12-28 38.2 MB
jasperstarter-1.0-RC1-bin.tar.bz2 2012-12-28 39.7 MB 2012-12-28 44.2 MB
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JasperStarter Files

JasperStarter distribution files have the following naming convention:


Version number for production releases:


Version number for release candidates - should be ready for production but needs some testing from YOU ;-) :


Version number for testing releases - not for production use:



  • bin - means binary distribution
  • setup - Windows Installer

Choose your favorit archive type. The content is equal in each archive.


Content of a distribution archive:

bin/            - executable binaries for Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, etc.
docs/           - JasperStarter documentation in html format
jdbc/           - place for your jdbc drivers (jar files)
lib/            - needed libraries

Please don't touch the structure of the directories or JasperStarter will not work.

For further information see inside the distribution archive.

Source:, updated 2012-12-28