JamVM is a new Java Virtual Machine conforming to the JVM specification edition 2 (blue book). It is extremely small - stripped on PowerPC ~110K, Intel 80K. However, unlike other small VMs it supports the full spec, inc. object finalisation and JNI.

JamVM 2.0.0 released on 30th July 2014

JamVM 2.0.0 is the first release of JamVM with support for OpenJDK.  Although
IcedTea already includes JamVM with OpenJDK support, this has been based on
periodic snapshots of the development tree.

This release supports OpenJDK 6, 7 and 8 (the latest).  With OpenJDK 7 and 8
this includes full support for JSR 292 (invokedynamic).  JamVM 2.0.0
with OpenJDK 8 also includes full support for Lambda expressions (JSR 335),
type annotations (JSR 308) and method parameter reflection.

In addition to OpenJDK support, JamVM 2.0.0 also includes many bug-fixes,
performance improvements and improved compatibility (from running the OpenJDK
jtreg tests).  The following is an edited list of the top ~100 commits (out
of 300+) in date order (most recent first).  The list has been categorised
into those affecting OpenJDK only, GNU Classpath only, and both OpenJDK and
GNU Classpath (All).

- OpenJDK: JSR 292: show full anonymous/lamdba class name in stack trace
- OpenJDK: JSR 292: resolvePolyMethod race-conditions
- OpenJDK: JSR 292: Free callsite linked-list on class GC
- OpenJDK: JSR 292: Fix for invokedynamic resolution (must be per callsite)
- OpenJDK: JSR 292: constant method handle can be signature polymorphic
- All: More command-line compatibility options
- OpenJDK: Use correct thread group function when thread dies
- GNU Classpath: update JamVM's version of VMAccessController
- All: Check ClassBlock padding at VM initialisation
- GNU Classpath: Update GNU Classpath ClassBlock padding
- OpenJDK: Make ClassBlock padding dependent on OpenJDK version
- OpenJDK: JSR 292: Fix RepetitiveLambdaSerialization jtreg test
- OpenJDK: Fix compatibility issues on different Unixes
- All: Explicitly initialise java.lang.Class
- All: Optimise ClassBlock structure
- OpenJDK: JSR 292: anonymous class resolution to itself
- OpenJDK: JSR 292: anonymous classes should use host_class permissions
- OpenJDK: JSR 292: findInvokeDynamicInvoker fix exception handling
- OpenJDK: JSR 292: Fix CallStaticInitOrder jtreg test
- OpenJDK: JVM_NewMultiArray: element class may be an array
- OpenJDK: jtreg test java/lang/reflect/Array/ExceedMaxDim
- OpenJDK: Fix Local/Anonymous class checks
- All: Fix race-condition in constant-pool resolution code
- OpenJDK: JSR 292: MethodHandle constant-pool refs may be resolved
- OpenJDK: JSR 292: bootstrap method args error handling
- GNU Classpath: race-condition in thread detach
- GNU Classpath: fix threading issue in lookupLoadedDlls0
- All: Race condition in setting up imethod table
- All: GC: Several minor performance improvements
- OpenJDK: Add support for CallerSensitive
- OpenJDK: JSR 335: handle interfaces when resolving a method
- OpenJDK: sun.misc.Unsafe: additional methods get/putAddress
- OpenJDK: JSR 292: enable for OpenJDK 7/IcedTea 2
- OpenJDK: JSR 335: invokeinterface check in method resolution
- OpenJDK: JSR 335: implement "bridge" methods for Mirandas
- OpenJDK: JSR 335: interface methods - handle multiple defaults and conflicts
- All: Fix invokesuper check in invokespecial opcode
- OpenJDK: JSR 901: VM support for method parameter reflection
- OpenJDK: JSR 335: VM support for lambda expressions
- OpenJDK: Implement JSR 308: Type Annotations
- All: Re-work internal storage of annotation data
- OpenJDK: JSR 292: update intrinsic cache after GC compaction
- OpenJDK: JSR 292: initMemberName: handle constructor
- OpenJDK: JSR 292: implement MethodHandleNatives::expand
- OpenJDK: JSR 292: resolveMemberName: throw LinkageError
- OpenJDK: JSR 292: intercept LinkageError when linking callsite
- OpenJDK: JSR 292: handle fields in findMethodHandleConstant
- OpenJDK: JSR 292: enable only when configuring for OpenJDK8
- OpenJDK: Implement fence methods in sun.misc.Unsafe
- OpenJDK: JSR 292: implement intrinsic cache
- OpenJDK: JSR 292: use internal opcodes for intrinsics
- OpenJDK: Very simple field injection framework
- OpenJDK: JSR 292 Lambda access control jtreg tests
- OpenJDK: Garbage collector changes for JSR 292
- OpenJDK: Yet more JSR 292 jtreg tests
- OpenJDK: Set anonymous class protection domain
- OpenJDK: JSR 292: all jtreg tests now pass
- OpenJDK: First commit of OpenJDK8 JSR292 support (invokedynamic)
- OpenJDK: Do not put version number in libjvm.so SONAME
- All: Changes for Raspbian (Raspberry Pi)
- All: Add extra compatibility options
- All: When suspending, ignore detached threads that have died
- All: Update stubs generator to handle ref returns
- All: Ref return values from JNI methods need to handled specially
- OpenJDK: Implement classlibCheckIfOnLoad() on OpenJDK
- OpenJDK: OpenJDK 7: make thread states JVMTI compatible
- All: Add OpenBSD/sparc to list of recognised hosts
- All: Make command line compatibility options table-driven
- OpenJDK: Skip Java-reflection-related DelegatingClassLoaders
- All: Generic JNI stubs for common JNI method signatures
- All: Add support for armhf
- OpenJDK: Fix OpenJDK enclosingMethodInfo()
- All: "Fix" handling of CLI bootclasspath options
- All: Correct thrown exception by bootstrap loader
- All: Fix threading of references list during compaction
- All: Fix class GC with classes containing Miranda methods
- All: Propogate initialisation errors to top-level
- OpenJDK: Extra sun.misc.Unsafe functions
- GNU Classpath: Fix VMThread.join
- OpenJDK: Initial implementation of JVM_FindClassFromBootLoader
- All: Fix callJNIMethod on i386 with -fomit-frame-pointer
- All: Fix backwards cache conflict resolution code
- All: Unify command line options parsing
- OpenJDK: Implement remaining OpenJDK Array reflection interface
- All: Base default min and max heap size on physical memory
- OpenJDK: Fix reflective array access
- All: Rewrite integer divide overflow check
- OpenJDK: First set of changes to support JamVM/OpenJDK on MacOS X
- All: Handle integer overflow on i386/amd64
- All: On ARM, force interpreter to be built in ARM mode
- All: MIPS: 64-bit and interpreter inlining by default
- OpenJDK: Fix bug in JVM_NewMultiArray
- All: JNI compatibility options and error printing
- OpenJDK: Nasty compaction bug with OpenJDK classloader tables
- All: Native return types smaller than an int must be handled specially
- All: Add MIPS support for inlining
- All: Update arm.h for ARMv7-A
- All: Linux implementation of nativeJVMPath()
- OpenJDK: Changes to VM to support different class-libraries
- All: Fix for LNEG with stack-caching enabled on 32 bit machines (seen on ARM)
- All: Fix for I2L on MIPS
- All: Fix getMethodParameterAnnotations when there are no annotations
- All: Fix constructorParameterAnnotations
- All: Initial version of JNI stubs generator
- All: Support for JNI stubs (signature specific fast invoke)
- OpenJDK: Implement JNI RegisterNatives (first change for OpenJDK)
- All: Add JNI 1.6 to supported versions returned by JNI onload

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