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  • Nice C-based GUI library. Only 3 things I can complain about (v3.23): * Naming convention inconsistencies. Some functions and attributes are long/full (preferred), while others are short/abbreviations (not preferred). Some examples: (1) IupDialog and IupLabel vs IupFileDlg and IupAnimatedLabel (no abbreviation in the Iup*Label set). (2) Attributes IMAGE, IMAGEPOSITION vs IMINACTIVE, IMPRESS, IMPRESSBORDER. * String-based vector format inconsistencies. Vectors representing positions and sizes have the format "X,Y" and "WxH" respectively, while those representing colors have the format "R G B". Would be nicer if they all would stick to one single format, being "A B ...", "A,B,...", or whatever. My personal opinion. * In my Win7 Home Premium 32bit system, depending on widgets/attributes a dialog is initialized with, the mapped window is smaller and distorted (the body having less width than the title/caption bar) UNTIL I either resize or reposition it by click-and-drag (by as little as 1-pixel in both cases) upon which it suddenly is displayed correctly. https : // https : // Remove the spaces in the previous links.

  • Exceptional! I've finally found a non-bloated cross-platform GUI library for C! Keep up the great work!

  • A great ANSI C library!

  • Excellent product, very underrated. Updated regularly, very simple to use, permissive license. Perfect! Thanks for the library. Edit: I wrote "restrictive" instead of "permissive". Must've been very tired. MIT Licensed.

  • 90% perfect for what I wanted, certain global attributes are still missing such as DEFAULTFONTFACE, DEFAULTFONTSTYLE or even CWD but that can be dealt with simply enough, if you're looking for a cross-platform solution that can be compiled easily then this is by far the best option. I'm using it for a memory editor which by nature needs the fastest speeds it can achieve which IUP does quite nicely.

  • Solid and lightweight. Probably one of the few toolkits that supports natively straight C. The Lua binding, however, is what I really came for.

  • This is one of the best software I have ever used for media files. Its very easy with lots useful features.

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  • Simple for use. Powerfull. I LIKE IT. I hope it will get wrapper for FREEBASIC.

  • thank you iup

  • Nice and Easy to use.

  • good job

  • very good project