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  • Yes tool is looking good. But am facing with some problems I have installed ITOP and i have installed SLA extension also even though after creating an Incident and User Request SLA was not getting attached with the ticket can anyone please help me on this how to configure SLA in ITOP's.

  • iTop is perfect for a small budget ITSM project The customization mecanism is also very easy and safe to use Thanks Combodo

  • Combodo really have something special in this product. They get what an IT Manager needs to know about their environment and how all the components fit together. Having iTop has been a fantastic asset to our department. The only complaints I have for them is their interface is a bit dated, their community support is lacking, and their extensions need some attention. But functionally this product is wonderful, particularly the TeemIP module. Keep up the great work!

  • Fantastic job guys, I use it for years and it's always improving. Thank you

  • I have a question. Why does this program say that param 'memory_limit' with a value of -1 in my php.ini file is too small and ask for at least 33554432? As it's known for php developers and according to php manual the value -1 is the biggest value. It means there's no limit. It is just little bit annoying to change my php congifurations every time when i setup itop projects, as i've set up memory_limit to -1 so that it would be proper for everything.

  • I have 18 years of web design (including CSS/JavaScript), OO Perl programming, and Linux systems administration experience. I have written more than one web app in my time, and plenty of DB-driven applications. The good: * The user interface, once you get used to it, is fairly simple and very clean. I generally like it. * The PHP objects appear to be well organized, with good modularity and good object extension. * You can import batches of objects as CSVs. * It has internationalization language files. The bad: * Not all CSV imports work. For example, the FunctionalCI <-> Document Link CSV import fails. This is particularly glaring in 2016, considering that you can find people asking for help with that back in 2014. * The database has zero key constraints on it. None. Nunca. Nada. * I have no idea where lookup values (such as Operating System family names) come from. The base table has a list of IDs, and that's it. If you use the right view (for example, view_OSVersion), they show up. * Linkages to FunctionalCIs are not obvious. There are lnk* tables for creating links, but sometimes you have to enter additional FunctionalCIs for the linkage type (for example, OtherSoftware <-> FunctionalCI linkages). The ugly: * The show create view syntax results. Seriously, if you look at it, you might go blind. Even after I reformatted it and edited it in vim with syntax highlighting enabled, it was nearly unreadable. * The support. All I get is Sourceforge and Google, and those aren't particularly helpful. I have mostly had to rely on reading the source, viewing the table and view creation SQL, and trial and error. The missing: * iTop brags that you can integrate it with other systems via ETL to pull data in from other sources. It turns out that that means you need a programmer (yours or one of theirs) to write custom software to do that. If you're doing something basic with it, or have a small operation, it is probably OK. If you want to automate anything (particularly linking CIs), be prepared for a heavy time and effort investment.

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  • V

  • I really love this marvelous product.

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  • All in all I think the product is good. What is seriously lacking is support. The forums are poorly monitored. You can see questions that have been asked in 2012 still not addressed. The documentation needs to be more detailed and up to date as well. The GUI is easily navigated and the performance of searching is good as well. CSV imports are sketchy mind you with some glaring bugs. All in all a decent toolset. With some time and effort it could be great.

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  • Very good software. This software provide a huge support for IT process and IT requiriments. We can alter the system to make ours and this customization its a lot easy and make the iTop biggest. Thank's for the idea and for this IT support software. Just need to have more attention in support for problems and issues and this forum discussion or by email.

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  • I manage a network with several hundred users. There was no form of IT management before installing itop. itop provided our IT department with almost everything we needed. The install was easy. Configuring things so we could manage tickets, contacts and devices was a bit tricky. Part of the problem was my lack of ITIL knowledge. Once I figured things out everything worked the way it should. We can track user request, contacts and devices. Not sure how we would survive with out this. The only downside is the lack of support. I even tried contacting the company. Instead of offering me some kind of support contract, I was redirected to the community support site. I was hoping I could get support for active directory integration. Haven't been able to figure this out. Other then those two issues, itop has worked out better than expected.

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  • Standalone is okay if you like manually inputting everything. No easy way (or documentation) on how to sync with other common systems (ocs/glpi/fusioninventory). Talend has some promise so you can transform the data and insert it into iTop but, makeing the relationships is a beast. For example, Inserting a computer and os and software are easy. Linking them all together is where you will start pulling your hair out. Doesn't seem to be any plugins for this either, ie: no community. For small shops with a little to track, this is okay but, if you are that small, this is overkill. No network scanning either....

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  • The system is complete and has an excellent design. Just need people's support department, provide answers

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  • 5 Star

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  • Great application, fully integrated, easy to customize and reliable We are using it for almost one year, it has my highest recommendation. Thank you very much to Combodo´s team, keep up the great work!

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  • Good ITSM/CMDB, you can easily do what you want

  • 4 star

  • We use this in an enterprise solution for service management: from opening incidents ticket, problem reports, service request and change management. A very good tool. We are about to use the CMDB portion of the tool to allow us to keep track of the inventory. I am pretty amazed that it is so easy to use especially since it utilizes the ITIL standards! :)

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  • Our datacenter operation team has been using iTop for a while, now. We are managing 9000 functional assets, and use iTop as a ticketing tool. We chose this IT operation tool based on performance and flexibility. We've been happy ever since. - We are constantly improving on the standard datamodel by implementing our own extensions, adapting the tool to our specific requirements - We are integrating iTop with external systems (Active Directory synchronization, and monitoring platforms) with ease. - The support we received from Combodo was top-notch. The developers are very responsive through the community portal. - iTop can be easily adapted to whatever you want. Out of the office, I am using iTop to manage memberships of a small association. The drawbacks: - It takes a bit of a learning curve to get up to speed with all the functionality. - Documentation was a little weak, at least until version 2.0.0 appeared. It's been constantly improved by the Combodo team ever since. Highly recommended.

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  • iTop is the best ITSM tool, we can depend on it in your Production Environment.

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  • Itop is the best! Thanks.

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  • Great stuff.

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  • Thanks for good program!

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  • its the best ITSM software, we are in Production for more than 6 months

  • Itop works excellent.

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