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  • rasteredge the best pdf creator, create pdf from word asap

  • Thanks for good libs. You save my day :)

  • very good.

  • My poor review is mostly based on the bad licensing and pricing that I am only now learning about. Technically the library is just fine, it works and does what it should, although it is rather complicated. The bulk of my poor rating has to do not only with the switch from FOSS(MPL/LGPL) to AGPL with commerical license fees that are very high, relatively outrageous pricing as compared to other utility libraries. WebLogic itself is on the order of $10K a pop. iText wants a couple of thousand or so for each production server and a thousand or so for each development server, plus developer machine licenses (where as WebLogic {even under Oracle} gives you free developer licenses, not so with iText). A somewhat large project with a mix of production, QA, and development servers in addition to developer machines can quickly add up to many thousands of dollars. We will be eliminating iText from our code and abandoning it all together ASAP.

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  • Some problem with the license, more problems with the extremely bad actions removing die old jars - I say thanks to maven reps! Very bad docus - ok, the guys want money for their books! No one would ever buy one when the documentations where better...

  • Nice :-)

  • iText used to be an excellent tool and perhaps feature-wise still is. But it is no longer dependable as of version 5.x (the licensing has changed to AGPL making it not free for commerucial use). If you are already commercial and ready to pay to license and use version 5.x for the benefit of support, consider what happens tomorrow if they make more license changes and deny you features for some unreasonable reason. They have already done this once. Dont fall into that trap. If you are a small company or an individual with a fully non-commerical app today and you are thinking use of iText 5.x wont harm you today since you pay nothing now. Do consider what if someday you want to make a paid version of your sw with extra features? Bam. You end up coughing up USD1000 to USD5000 ANNUALLY (or even more depending on your scale of use). Eitherway, you really dont want to mire your company's or your own personal future by using a software now ownded by someone with a vendetta. This is because this opensource project (created from multiple contributors from the public) has been hijacked by an individual who then made knee-jerk, unreasonable change to licensing terms as of version 5.x (no longer free for commercial use). If someone in the iText team wanted to make money out of this, they should have made the license in such a manner from day one instead of allowing it to be popular and then hold a knife to your throat for using it. Or at least made a premium version of iText with a new license while keeping the basic one available and fully supported. But they have taken steps to ensure that all the previous free OPEN SOURCE versions are not easily accesible to the mainstream by deleting the jars off the sourceforge website, using flimsy excuses. They would have deleted the code too but sourceforge doenst allow that (they could move out of sourceforge and delete the project though). And more importantly the scorn and discouragement by the iText "OWNER" and official "support" for those who use any previous versions which are free for even commercial use. All this is against the spirit of open-source. Note: You could still download the free version source code from this site (thanks to sourceforge - use the tag 2.1.7) and build the jars yourself. Or get the last free version ready jars at github: ymasory/iText-4.2.0.

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  • The good: You can make quality PDFs, with images, special art (drawing) and do not have complicated JAR dependencies. The bad: The most grotesque and sloppy API I've ever seen in my life. It works, but you will spend weeks trying to understand and eventually will hate having to do dozen steps where you could do only one.

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  • I use this software. Thank you for your work.

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  • propietary software.

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  • it works great! I had to get used to this program!

  • has always given me the power of choice, not to mention superb results.

  • The most awesome and easy cleaning tool I've ever seen.

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  • not so good as I expected

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  • i like it very much. easy to use and amazing. I love it!

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  • has always given me the power of choice, not to mention superb results.

  • I loved it. Great works and no problems.

  • While I have nothing against the license, the owner has gone to long lengths to obfuscate just exactly what the license requirements are. But the worse thing about this project is that break practically every design pattern (or embraces every anti-pattern). The API calls are horrid with dozens of calls for performing one simple task (e.g. load an HTML document from a stream and output). Or try and use an XMLWorkerHelper and load CSS. I really wouldn't use this API for anything and feel like I want my lost time back. :(

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  • Long used, good software. However with several annoying bugs.

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  • Very like this project

  • All around wonderful. Thanks guys, this tool is a "must have"

  • License sucks (it's NOT an free or open source license as documented) - company history unclear - intellectual property handling strange - old versions can not be downloaded any more.

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