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  • If you are able to make a way to minimize windows INSIDE the client itself without them covering half of the screen, it's a 5/5 for what it does. I took a test today through this program and most of the time when it was required to open a web page (NCBI for example) it covered half of my screen with no way to hide or minimize it. If it were possible to create a way to organize these pages it'd be 5/5.

  • Thanks for good program!

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  • My advice is to make every student (client) has his own password, because it is possibly that someone take someones else exam :(

  • great program ! thanks a lot ! very funtional and easy to use some possible updates that i d like to see : - possiblility to enter mathematical formulas in the questions/answers (at least subscript and superscript for chemistry compounds) - enter pictures for answers - change the points alloted per questions - have open questions and not just multiple choices

  • Really nice project! Thanks

  • It's excellent software! Very good!

  • Hola, Es fácil de usar para generar y realizar los test. Sin embargo, me gustaría saber si se puede exportar la BBDD a otro formato para poder generar certificados para los que han aprobado (excel, por ejemplo). Gracias

  • excellent application.

  • Universal, stable and intuitive way to manage computer exam. Many thanks to author!

  • Es un programa completísimo, y encima gratuito, le falta pulir algunas cosillas, pero es el mejor software para prepara test que he probado. Mis mas sinceras felicitaciones a Michael Tomlein.

  • very good programm but i have a small problem.the questions appear in random order although the fact i give them numbers.why is this happerning please help because its very confusing!thank u!

  • Es un gran software, lo recomiendo bastante, sobre todo para los maestros y a actualizarnos a hacer los tests, sera cansado hacer la base de datos, pero al final sera sencillo aplicar el examen

  • Great software that makes networked computer testing across platforms easy! There's even the availability of printing questions and answers in a hard-copy format.