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9/13/2013 - combined code and docs into one archive to reduce confusion 8/7/2013 - Corrected String.right method - Added Array methods stdDev, skewness, sampleSize - Corrected Array.unique method - Added Number.pow method - Added Query.ReImportSQL method - Corrected maximize method for EmbeddedBrowser and EmbeddedSection - Added maximize method to Rectangle, RoundRectangle, Picture - Corrected SetList method - Corrected ExportToExcel method - Corrected Pivot.ExportTable method - Corrected fonts for ActiveDocument.ProgressBar 10/30/2012 - Corrected*Case methods. - Added String.toIRColumnName method. - Added Application.JSON object. - Added ActiveDocument properties ReposPath and Folder. - Added ActiveDocument methods ClearResults, ExportData and createEmail. - Added maximize method to EmbeddedSection and EmbeddedBrowser objects. - Modified Shape.SetList method to return the number of seconds it took to set the list. - Updated ActiveDocument.ExportData method to use Section.ExportToExcel more efficiently. - Updated Section.ExportToExcel method to handle exporting Pivots better. See updated documentation. - Changed logging from using the Logger object (which doesn't work reliably) to using the Console. - Added the Pivot.ExportTable method. - Added the sortAppend method to Results and Tables. - Added getSelection and setSelection methods to Limits in AppendQueries. - Added the ActiveDocument.PartitionFilter class. - Added the ActiveDocument.RadioButtonGroup class. - Other minor bug fixes. 10/7/2011 - updated Section.ExportToExcel() 8/18/2011 - added the Calendar class 3/14/2011 - added Column.Parent and Column.toArray to all columns in a Results or Table section (requires ActiveDocument.loadObjectMethods() to run after loading scripts or creating new sections). - Shape.SetList() can now take an Array or a Column - other minor bug fixes - renamed file to IRFramework.js - added String.toPascalCase(), String.toCamelCase(), String.toUnderscoreCase(), String.toDashCase(), and String.toSentenceCase() and modified String.toProperCase(). These aren't perfect. If you find solutions to problems, please contribute.
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